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Simple step-wise ideas for a tiered cup-cake

An attractively arranged tiered cup-cake is a regular feature in many of the wedding ceremonies. In fact, it has become quite popular over the years. It continues to be very much in demand. Here are simple step-wise ideas for a tiered cup-cake: Step 1: Use your chosen cake or cup-cake recipe. Take a cupcake pan for gently pouring the batter. If the pan is lined with paper cups, you will experience ease in removing. Step 2: Bake and freeze the same - flat on a cardboard or plate. Instead of baking, you may buy it from a store. Based on your choice, you may buy or bake a traditional cake for the purpose of placing on the top tier. Allow it to cool, and place on a round cardboard. Now put it into the freezer. Step 3: Bring out the frozen cupcakes as well as the traditional cake just a week or so before the all important wedding day. Step 4: You may now opt to decorate the tiers the way you desire. This will allow you to use your creativity to impress the guests. Step 5: Buy or make the toppings. Add the same to the cupcakes as well as the traditional cake. Now, freeze for one more time.
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Useful tips for a tiered cup-cake

Eager couples often buy the tiers and decorate them along with the cup cake toppings on their own. This allows them to customize their wedding cake, according to the theme of the celebration that they have chosen. We have already checked in brief some basic steps for a tiered cup-cake. One apparent benefit they offer is the opportunity for decorating the tiers according to your choice. Here are additional useful tips for a tiered cup-cake:
  • First and foremost, do not forget to freeze the cupcakes as well as cake and topping well in advance before the wedding day.
  • Next important piece of advice is to measure the tier as well as the cupcakes carefully to work out how many you actually need. Ensure that you place them close together. This will allow a better cake look.
  • Miniature type of cupcakes looks great instead of regular one. It fills out the tiers better than the latter.
  • Instead of baking, buy a single layer cake, and miniature or plain regular cupcakes. Freeze and then ice them.
  • Carry the frozen cakes and also the Tier, to the wedding dinner venue. Place the frozen cakes carefully on the Tier, and decorate it as desired. Avoid using freshly baked cake or cupcakes. If they are kept frozen, it will help them remain firm until the coffee and wedding cake time.
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Looking out for a Wedding Cake?

When you decide to get married a series of thoughts start flashing in your mind. How would you like to dress, what will be the guest list, where would you love to go to celebrate your honeymoon? It’s an exhaustive list. Before you walk down the sacred aisle with your fiancé to make a wedding vow, you must coolly think and make a list of your choices. Amongst these thoughts, the choice of wedding cake should top your list. Many couples think in the traditional ways. But those who want to give unique special touch to this precious occasion experiment new ideas. To experiment begin with the Wedding Cake – totally non-traditional version! The Cup cakes! These can be decorated with designs of your choice. You can inscribe each guest’s name individually on cupcake and put on their tables. You will surely delight your guest with this idea. These can even be packed in the take home boxes. The guests will not have to wait in a queue for dessert and will have the choice to eat now or later. Children will be too happy to have these cupcakes in their tiny hands. They come in a variety of flavors, and can really tickle the taste buds. The cupcake will definitely make you both and all your guests remember this as a novel item of your Great Wedding!
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