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10 Instrumental Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

Jonathan Ong Photography The wedding entrance where the ceremony is held at, is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of a wedding and it definitely creates a romantic atmosphere while fills the guests expectation; therefore, it is important to take your time and carefully choose the perfect song for that moment when all eyes will be on you.   Choosing the wedding ceremony music may simple; yet, it is not. Our recommendation is not to wait until the last moment to decide for a song or you might end up regretting your choice. Without a doubt, walking down the aisle is a tremendously special and emotional moment, which is why it is so important to identify what music you want to be played. We have created a list of 10 instrumental songs that are perfect for that unique moment:
  • The first proposal is the classic Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" in C major. It may be too classic for some people. However, it may be dreamy—and a must—for some other.
  • We continue with another classic: Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. It is a very suitable melody for the wedding entrance due to its romantic and delicate nature. It is very used in religious weddings.
  • A very emotional song is “The Moment” by saxophonist Kenny G. It makes of any wedding ceremony a magic and passionate event.
  • A song that really gives Goosebumps from start to end is the instrumental version of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.
  • “May it be” by Enya in its instrumental variety is another song that will perfectly suit your entrance. It is much more emotional when played with flute.
  • A song that works perfectly to walk down the aisle is “The Rose” by Amanda McBroom but in its instrumental version. There is a great one played by violinist Andre Rieu.
Soundtracks are a great choice for wedding ceremonies. Usually they are instrumental and appropriate for the entrance since they are emotional and inspiring. Here are our favorite ones:
  • “The Main Title” of The Cider House Rules is a sweet, slow paced and romantic song.
  • “The Ludlows” of Legends of the Fall. Who didn’t fall in love with the movie and that song?
  •  A very emotional song is “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” of the Lion King Movie. Especially when performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London.
  • Finally, a romantic, emotional and inspiring song is “Married Life” from Up.
What do you think? Which one do you like the most?
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How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

It may seem kind of self serving to say, but wedding accessories are very important when it comes to fully developing your wedding theme or style. If all of your accessories are a mish-mash of what you borrowed from other people, your wedding may begin to look a little mish-mashed. Of course, if you are looking to create a more eclectic style, then by all means, go for it; it is a great way to save money. Otherwise, you are going to want your wedding accessories to be hand picked, just for you and your wedding dream.  When developing your wedding theme and style, there are four areas of your wedding that your accessories are essential: The bride, the ceremony, the table centerpieces, and the cake. Whether you are on a budget or not, these or the four sections of your wedding that you want to pay extra attention to.
  1. The Bride  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding Let's face it. When people go to a wedding the first thing they want to look at is the bride. Not to objectify her, but she is the center-stone to the whole event. The bride and her dress. Your choice of wedding dress will heavily influence the tone of the wedding. For example, if you choose to wear a ballroom gown, but are having a bohemian theme, the two styles will clash. Then, you have to decide on how to do your hair and what bridal accessories to wear. These accessories will make or break your wedding look.
  2. The Ceremony  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding There are of course a lot of different aspects of the wedding ceremony that are going to affect your wedding theme or style. The location is of course key, but it is often what you do with that location that is going to really establish you in your ceremony. And really, there are a lot more wedding accessories that go into the wedding ceremony than many people realize, many of which depend on what traditions you are upholding. For example, you may need to decide on a unity candle, SAND JAR, flower baskets, or a  ring pillow.
  3. Reception Centerpieces  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding In terms of reception decor, the centerpieces are going to be HUGE in establishing your theme or style. Taking the 1920's Inspired wedding that is featured on the Ruffled blog as an example, this bride's centerpiece is very simple, but the long stemmed vases and the mod styled center mat evoke that 1920's feel more than if she had just a regular rounded vase and a plain white table clothe. The center mat is probably what gives the 1920's vibe the most and is even reminiscent of the great american novel based in the 20's, The Great Gatsby. So, as you prioritize your reception decoration budget, be sure to pay attention to your centerpieces with what flowers, vases, candles, table numbers, place settings, and any other unique ornaments you wish to use.
  4. The Cake Vintage Romance Sonoma Wedding The cake stands as one of the focal points of pretty much any reception and you are adhering to the tradition of cutting the cake, then you know it will end up at center stage, making the cake's design and accessories very important. Cake accessories that you will be choosing from will mainly be cake toppers, but may also include flowers. Wedding cake toppers are a great opportunity to establish your wedding theme, and as the cute bunny toppers in the photo above demonstrate, do not need to be completely traditional. Really, there are cake toppers made to work with almost any wedding theme and style.The wedding cake topper you choose is often reflective of your couple personality too and is one of the few wedding decorations that not only symbolize your love, but can also last beyond the wedding as a keepsake.
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Sprucing Up the Aisle Runner

Sprucing Up the Aisle Runner

1) Personalization Personalized Burlap Aisle Runner with Equestrian Monogram Making the aisle you walk down personal to you for your wedding day is a great way to really make that ceremony all about you and your love. Some couples may feel a little lost in all of the traditions, so adding personal touches really are key to making something as traditional as walking down the aisle a completely unique to you experience. Some ways to do this is to order a runner with your names or initials on it, or to even write out your love story from the first day you met all the way down to "I Do". However you choose to do it, be sure to pay attention to the tone of your wedding. For example, a hand written -though adorable- love story may not hold up its own in a more formal environment. 2) Cute Quotes

Classic Aisle Runner

Adding a cute quote or sweet sentiment to your aisle runner will still be like adding a bit of you to it and make it more personal, but it takes a little pressure off you to be the center of attention even on the floor you walk on. So if you are looking for a little something extra and romantic without having to bare your sole and love on an aisle runner or have your name on it, then adding a sweet quote is probably what you are looking for! If you like the idea of a quote AND adding your love story or names, then do both! What is fun to is that you can always use different materials, fonts, and colors, that will help you make it fit your wedding style.

The key to wedding planning is to not limit yourself to what other people have done, but to also use what other people have done as a learning tool. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? So you don't have to reinvent the aisle runner to make it different to you, just do a little sprucing. 

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Musts for a Beach Themed Wedding


 Musts for a Beach Themed WeddingWhy a Beach Wedding is an Affordable Option

Summer is just around the corner, and if you are living in sunny California, it may even feel like summer now! If you are newly engaged and planning for a Summer wedding, you may be considering a romantic wedding on the beach. Even though the beach wedding style is often considered laid back and relaxed, there is still a lot of planning and careful touches from how to do your hair for that beach humidity to keeping those centerpieces from looking like a tourist shop ( unless that is the way you want to go!) that you will need to pay attention too. Here are some items to help you keep your beach wedding theme cohesive, classy, and full of that summer love'n! 1. Lets start with you!

Wedding Collectibles - Aqua Bead Foot Jewelry

When a lot of brides dream up a beach wedding they think of effortless curls, soft flowing bridal gowns, and their bare feet in the sand. Now, think back to the last time you were at the beach. What did you feet look like at the end of the day?? Not exactly the cleanest look? There are three things we would like to suggest for your barefoot wedding plans. First, get a a pedicure! Might as well start with your absolute best foot forward and start off with clean, manicured toes. Second, have wet wipes available . This way after the ceremony and before your reception you can wipe down your feet. This would be particularly important if you do not have a lot of time in-between the ceremony and reception.IMPORTANT: Don't wipe you feet down and then stick them directly back into the sand: You need to wait till they are completely dry again or else you will just have sand stuck to your feet! And lastly, bare feet does not necessarily mean you feet must be 100% bare. In other words, accessorize with some bling! Foot jewelry works wonderfully with a beach themed wedding because it adds to that easy beauty and almost bohemian tone that the soft waves and sand invite. The foot jewelry pictured above, our "Pearl and Rhinestone", or our "Shell" foot jewelry would be a perfect addition to your beach wedding. 2. For the Ceremony: Wedding Collectibles - Beautiful Mother of Pearl Shell Ring Pillow You won't need too much beach decor if you are having your wedding ceremony at the beach because ....welll...what more do you need than the rolling waves, soft sands, and sunset in the background? What you can do is use beach themed items for the ceremony. For example you can have sea shells or smooth rocks line your aisle way instead of flower petals and starfish will always add a unique and romantic touch. Also, you can add a seaside touch to the traditional items in a ceremony such as the ring bearer pillow, the unity candle, or for the sand pouring. 3. At the Reception: Wedding Collectibles - Tropical Breeze Cake Topper There are going to be a lot of ways to incorporate your seaside wedding theme at your wedding reception, but one that you really cant skip on is the wedding cake and wedding cake topper. If you have a beach theme running throughout and then you have a plain Jane wedding cake with a traditional wedding cake topper it will have the similar look as if someone wore a business suit to go to enjoy the beach. Plus, a beach theme provides you with a fun opportunity to get creative with your wedding cake topper.      
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Questions and Concerns for your Wedding Officiant

If your wedding will be non-traditional, you may be a little fuzzy about the details of your wedding ceremony. You probably have a good idea about what you want the end result to look like, but have you taken the time to sit down and flesh out the details that are actually important to you and your almost-spouse? If you’re getting ready for your first meeting with your officiant, or you’ve just now realized that you should probably email her and set one up, here are some concerns you should bring with you:   Unity Ceremony?
This is a good talk to have after you’ve secured a venue of your ceremony. If you have your heart set on a unity ceremony that involves margaritas and open flames, and your venue has a blanket ban on alcohol and candles, you may need to rethink what you do for the bulk of your ceremony’s run time. If you’re ditching the idea of a unity ceremony bu you don’t have any other traditions you’re sticking to, discuss what the meat of your ceremony will contain. Advice? Vows? Stories? Readings from noted authors of the first half of the 21st century in America? Write down a list of the important points you want to hit on in your ceremony and make sure you and your officiant are clear on them. Ordainment Laws?
This is especially pertinent if you are being married by someone recently ordained in your state. Whether they printed a hasty ordainment online so that they could perform your marriage, or they just recently started practicing in your area, make sure you know well ahead of time if it’s legal for them to marry you and your dearest heart. Some states do not recognize ordainments awarded in an online venue, so check with your county clerk’s office for specifics, and make sure all paperwork is filled out well ahead of time. You would hate to have to return those centerpieces just because you didn’t get the paperwork stamped a month in advance.   Vows?
Especially if you’re having a secular ceremony, the vows are a detail that aren’t written down anywhere for you, even if you think you know exactly what you want to say. If you’re hiring an officiant, they should already be asking you specific questions about your vows. If you’re using someone fresh-faced and wide-eyed, this is another detail that needs to be figured out right away. Are you and your beloved exchanging personal vows? Will you share them beforehand? Will you recite vows that you are fed by your officiant? This quick chat will also remind you and your fiancé that writing your vows is not something that should be left until the last minute. Get started now!
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Andres and Andreas’ Wedding Reception

Andrea and Andres’ wedding reception was held at a private estate in the hills near the church where they held their ceremony. While the bridal entourage took pictures in the expansive backyard overlooking the beautiful California skyline, guests mingled at the front of the estate, entertained by live mariachi music and light cocktails. The wedding, from ceremony to reception, had an old-world feel that came across beautifully in the décor, food, style, and venue. The backyard was transformed for the Muller wedding (with the family even re-landscaping part of it for the lounge), featuring a polished wood dance floor with floating pink lanterns, a lounge at the fringe of the party, and several family-style tables adorned with flowers and food. The small orange trees that peppered the dance floor, combined with the blooms floating in the permanent garden fountain, helped create a perfect setting for the laid-back, family wedding. The white guest tables were draped with blue-green burlaps and lined with bunches of spring blossoms such as roses, ranunculus, parrot tulips, garden roses, and other similar blooms atop hunks of driftwood. Blooms were also found in mason jars that had been painted in a chic, vintage style (with a pale blue drip around the rim of each jar). Escort cards, table numbers, and menus all matched in style and color, and coordinated beautifully with the other stationary that led up to the event: programs and invitations. The focus of the wedding was definitely the dance floor – it was full of guests throughout the duration of the evening – though most people did find time to make trips to the bar (where margaritas and wine dominated the menu) and to eat the delicious dinner prepared by famous Orange County food truck, Barcelona on the Go. Guests also indulged in one of the event’s several cakes, featuring flavors such as succulent chocolate, tiramisu, and red velvet. The reception space was filled with color throughout the entire evening. Pinks, oranges, whites, yellows, and greens faded to a warm glow as the lanterns became the primary focus of the evening. It looked as if this backyard was meant to host Andres and Andreas’ reception!

Styling by Sugar and Fluff

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Andres and Andrea’s Wedding Ceremony!

Andres and Andrea could not have asked for a grander or more beautiful venue for their wedding vows, as the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Catholic Church provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s personal and emotional ceremony. Draped in rich browns, deep purples, and ethereal whites, the colorful complexity of the church was ideal for the simple décor: white bunches of baby’s breath tied with silky pink ribbons on the ends of each of the pews. The use of beautiful spring blooms throughout the rest of the ceremony, highlighted in the attendants flower crowns and the bride’s colorful bouquet, was very suited to the season. By integrating berries and greenery into her bouquet and the boutonnieres of the groom and groomsmen, the bride gave guests the impression that she had just picked and arranged the flowers herself. The bride was stunning and gorgeous as she approached her future husband with her father to a soft, sung rendition of “Pie Jesu.” The guests had been treated to equally powerful and beautiful organ music as they filed in to the pews before the ceremony, and the musical mood was maintained through the recessional. The delicate white fabric of Andrea’s dress bunched at the hip and wrapped daintily to the side, begging the same whimsical feeling as the blooms dapped delicately throughout the pews and halls of the church. The bilingual (English/Spanish) ceremony itself was steeped in an abundance love and genuine familial affection, and was led by an officiant with whom both the bride and groom had a deep personal relationship that had been forged during their time in college. The full Catholic mass was glued together with lessons of love and gratitude, and a special tribute to the parents of the couple. The ceremony concluded with a unity candle lighting and communion taken by both the couple and their guests. Guests waved Andres and Andrea off as they boarded a beautifully decorated classic car and rode off into the hills for the reception.   Next Time: Andres and Andrea’s Spectacular Wedding Reception!
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Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

There are few experiences in a person’s life scarier than speaking publicly. For those who are lucky enough to be reciting unchanging religious vows at their ceremony, you may never know the pulse-quickening anxiety of unfolding a piece of college-ruled paper and pouring your heart out to your fiancé and your entire family. Writing your wedding vows doesn’t have to be a last-minute sprint of clichés and random applications of the phrases “partner” and “love.” If you really want to write your own vows, try to follow these tips to get you started: Tell a Story
Nothing is more adorable than a quick anecdote during a couple’s wedding vows. It says what you love about each other without leaving you stuck with the word “love” a thousand times. Everyone knows you’re in love; you don’t need to tell them over and over. Instead, show them with a story that represents your personalities and why you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Stories also help to avoid repetition. This story-centric way of writing is also helpful if you’re thinking about adding a list of promises to your vows. Be specific in your promises, and remember that humor is always welcome!   Short and Sweet
Short vows are sweet vows. Of course, if you’re having a Catholic ceremony or some other lengthy religious service, this obviously isn’t an option. Lucky for you, your vows are already written in stone. For the rest of us, simplicity and brevity can be very important. The longer you talk, the less emphatic your vows tend to be. Keep it short as you’re sharing your love with the world – you have the rest of your life to say what you couldn’t fit onto that index card.   Avoid Quoting
There’s nothing wrong with including a song lyric that has some special meaning to you and your sweetie, but compiling your vows of nothing but snippets from “The Vow” or “27 Dresses” makes those sentiments someone else’s, not yours. You want to express your feelings to the love of your life, not somebody else’s. No one is expecting you to turn into Shakespeare when you open your mouth at the altar, so don’t be so worried about your linguistic prowess. Just say what you feel in whatever words you have.   Remember, your vows are your own and there is no wrong way to write them. The best you can do is relax, open your heart, and keep it short!
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Announce Her Entrance with a Wedding Aisle Runner

A Wedding Aisle Runner for your Wedding Day

Wedding Aisle Runner

No matter the venue, only one wedding staple truly announces the arrival of the bride: the wedding aisle runner. Tradition dictates that the official wedding aisle runner is saved until the bride makes her grand entrance, though placing it beforehand is hardly taboo. Care should be taken in the rolling and unrolling of the wedding aisle runner; dictate one or two ushers whose job it is to transport the wedding aisle runner and keep it clean and out of the way. Personalized wedding aisle runners are worth keeping (and thus worth keeping clean!). Accenting your wedding aisle runner with flower petals, candles, and other season accessories will make the bride’s grand entrance even more spectacular, but don’t forget to warn the ushers about the obstacles! The right wedding aisle runner can really pull together the feel of your wedding ceremony, and personalized ones can even fit the theme and/or color scheme of your whole wedding. A decal can turn a plain wedding aisle runner into an accessory to your island getaway, and a wedding aisle runner with lines of wording of your choosing can be the marker into your new life together as you enter and exit the ceremony space. Your guests won’t make any mistake about whose wedding they’re at with the right personalized wedding aisle runner!
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How can your dream of a magical wedding ceremony turn into a reality?

The concept of a wedding of one’s dream can indeed have varying connotations to various people depending on their tastes, budget and temperament. A dream wedding can mean different ideas to different prospective brides. For example, one bride may want to have a stage set for large, lavish cathedral wedding with all the associated formal trimmings. Contrary to this, another bride might be envisioning a compact, less elaborate ceremony on the beautiful beach settings. The bride would want it to be complete with unique wedding favors, which jell well the dreamy beach theme. No matter what one’s dream wedding idea encompasses, it will have to make space for apt wedding accessories. Sans them no dream wedding will ever be complete. What you need is a full-fledged Web based platform offering wonderful collectibles. With every type of quality wedding accessory made available at attractive rates, such an avenue on-line will allow your long cherished dreams of a magical wedding ceremony to turn into a reality.  Won’t you love to proudly display a unique collection of fantastic wedding favors, wedding cake topper, wedding figurines and a host of wedding accessories on your wedding day? This can be achieved with a comprehensive wedding collectibles resource that you can access just at the click of a button. You can compare various products from the same category to make a suitable selection. The process, in itself, is exciting enjoying.
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Your wedding vows

Writing your wedding vows all alone can be a tough job. It is better to sit with your partner and let your ideas flow together. The best way to start is to think of the weddings that you have attended and the vows that were taken. That will give you a starting point. It is best for you to discuss why you are getting married. That will give you good ideas. Think about what both of you mean to each other and how you feel for each other. This is a good place to start. Try and express your feelings to each other. This way, you will have enough ideas for the vows. The wedding vows can consist of your fears and hopes and dreams. It can be anything that you wish to say to each other. The only criteria are that, it should flow from your heart. Once you are ready with what you want to write, you m ust document your feelings so that you do not forget it. Wedding vows are extremely important. They define how your life together will be. So you must give it utmost importance.
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Wedding Unity Candles and Candle Holders

One occasion, which unites two individuals and their families together is the Wedding Ceremony. The memories of this ceremony are cherished for life time. To make it perfect one has to meticulously plan everything, even the smallest detail. The ritual of lighting the wedding unity candle symbolizes coming together of two families. The bride and groom light the flame to make it one. 
One must plan and choose wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment your ceremony in advance. These are readily available and can also be made to order. You can personalize wedding candles and holders by putting your name, date of wedding and other details. The range of design and style is unlimited. Special attention is paid in the selection of fabrics, quality of ribbons, flowers and other accessories. These wedding unity candles and holders can be used and reused again and again to celebrate many more anniversaries and occasions to come.
You will be tempted to choose to buy beautifully crafted candles like Scalloped white bridal lace covered in beautiful roses, Delicate lace adorned with pearls & topped with pearl trim, Pearl edged white lace with satin & pearl flowers with ribbon accents, White satin embossed ribbon bands, with organza & pearl flowers, Organza white & silver striped ribbon with silver flowers & silver wedding bands and Checkered satin bands with a knot of pearled flowers and many more.
Light the best candle of your choice and make your wedding beautiful.
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