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Sprucing Up the Aisle Runner

Sprucing Up the Aisle Runner

1) Personalization Personalized Burlap Aisle Runner with Equestrian Monogram Making the aisle you walk down personal to you for your wedding day is a great way to really make that ceremony all about you and your love. Some couples may feel a little lost in all of the traditions, so adding personal touches really are key to making something as traditional as walking down the aisle a completely unique to you experience. Some ways to do this is to order a runner with your names or initials on it, or to even write out your love story from the first day you met all the way down to "I Do". However you choose to do it, be sure to pay attention to the tone of your wedding. For example, a hand written -though adorable- love story may not hold up its own in a more formal environment. 2) Cute Quotes

Classic Aisle Runner

Adding a cute quote or sweet sentiment to your aisle runner will still be like adding a bit of you to it and make it more personal, but it takes a little pressure off you to be the center of attention even on the floor you walk on. So if you are looking for a little something extra and romantic without having to bare your sole and love on an aisle runner or have your name on it, then adding a sweet quote is probably what you are looking for! If you like the idea of a quote AND adding your love story or names, then do both! What is fun to is that you can always use different materials, fonts, and colors, that will help you make it fit your wedding style.

The key to wedding planning is to not limit yourself to what other people have done, but to also use what other people have done as a learning tool. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? So you don't have to reinvent the aisle runner to make it different to you, just do a little sprucing. 

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