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Designing and Finding a Script Monogram Cake Topper

A script monogram cake topper is a great way to lend a touch of class to the fluffy wedding pastry of your choice
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Classic and Timeless: A Charming Cake Topper

Your Prince Charming Cake Topper

Charming Cake Topper

Who says chivalry is dead? If you believe that you and your betrothed are a Disney happy ending waiting to happen, crown your perfect fluffy wedding cake with a charming cake topper. While modern and artistic cake toppers are all the rage for many contemporary couples, there’s something timeless and classic about a good old fashioned charming cake topper. A charming cake topper might feature a traditional bride in groom in a moment of innocent tenderness, but many a tiny plastic couple will be frozen in eternity during a moment of classic chivalry. A kiss on the hand, a courtesy, a bow: a charming cake topper highlights the traditional and tender nature of your fantasy relationship.   A charming cake topper will make a lovely keepsake for your long wedded years, and could find a home almost anywhere in your house. Keep your charming cake topper on the mantle, among your assortment of fine china, or even as a trinket on your bedside table. Keep your charming cake topper as a reminder of how much of a fairytale marriage you hope your relationship will be in the long and doubtlessly blissful years ahead.   If you’re thinking of purchasing a charming cake topper as a gift, be sure to give it with plenty of notice for the bride and groom. A charming cake topper is made slightly less charming if it’s sharing pastry real estate with someone else!
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A Seasonal Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

Subtlety and Class in an Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

  Autumn is upon us, and that means finding the little last-minute details and items you need for your fall wedding. One of those is bound to be a serving set for your wedding cake (or other wedding dessert), why not make it an autumn wedding cake serving set? An autumn wedding cake serving set serves the general function of any other knife and server, but the theme will better reflect the look and feel of your wedding day. Even if you're not playing very heavily into the beauty of the season, any fall wedding can benefit from a timely autumn wedding cake serving set. An autumn wedding cake serving set reflects subtlety and class. You will never find cartoonish autumn leaves and turkeys on an autumn wedding cake serving set.   The keepsake value of a seasonal serving set (in this case, specifically an autumn wedding cake serving set) is not to be ignored either. An autumn wedding cake serving set will serve as a reminder to you and your spouse for years to come just what it looked, smelled, and felt like to be married during such a magical season. Find an autumn wedding cake serving set that fits the look of your day, and I promise it's not a decision you'll ever regret.
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Preparing for the Season: Winter Wonderland Cake Toppers

Winter Wonderland Cake Toppers: Embrace the Off Season!

Winter Wonderland Cake Toppers

Though it’s still a few months away, winter is an inspiration for brides who are organizing and designing a late-year wedding. And why not? Winter is glossy, bright, and offers opportunities for fireside receptions and adorable fluffy muffs for your bridesmaids. It’s also a great opportunity for winter wonderland cake toppers. How are winter wonderland cake toppers different from your average wedding cake perch? Winter wonderland cake toppers feature a heavy saturation of frosted white and often utilize an abundance of glass and ceramic. They’re beautiful, delicate, and specific to the season. While I don’t recommend sporting winter wonderland cake toppers during the summer months, they aren’t usually out of place between October and February – a time block that is underutilized by brides.   Consider booking a winter wedding – for the sake of the beauty of the season and the beauty of a full wallet. Many venues under-book during these months and the prices will usually fluctuate in your favor. Even if the prices don’t change, your chance of finding something last-minute is greatly increased during the winter months. Winter wonderland cake toppers look even better in a prime venue that didn’t break the bank!
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A Pregnant Wedding Cake Topper Combines Two Reasons to Party!

Celebrate with a Pregnant Wedding Cake Topper

Pregnant Wedding Cake Topper

Marriage is an event that people may experience at different times in their lives - and that includes times when other changes may be taking place as well! A pregnant wedding cake topper is a wonderful way to commemorate two life-changing events coexisting together. Instead of hiding or ignoring your impending little one on your wedding day, you have a chance to celebrate it with the help of a pregnant wedding cake topper! A pregnant wedding cake topper will often feature a groom admiring his bride's pregnant belly as they both rejoice in their love on their wedding day. A baby is a celebration, and a pregnant wedding cake topper combines two important celebrations into one decoration!   A pregnant wedding cake topper is a great way to congratulate someone one two joint reasons for celebration in one gift. Remind them that you are in full support of their love, and that you want them to be reminded of that love for as long as they keep and display their pregnant wedding cake topper.   A baby bump is a beautiful addition to any wedding gown - why wouldn't you get excited and celebrate it with a pregnant wedding cake topper? You may not be able to indulge in your own champagne toast, but you get something better at the end of the night: a beautiful new family. Get excited with a pregnant wedding cake topper!
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Playful and Elegant: Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers

The Versatility of Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers

Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers

Ocean lovers know why dolphin wedding cake toppers are so popular for couples throwing all kinds of weddings; dolphins are beautiful, smart, and encompass everything that a loving couple wants in a successful marriage: playfulness and fun! Dolphin wedding cake toppers are found at weddings in and out of tropical summer months, and though they’re popular with brides for destination and beach weddings, they are definitely not limited to those specific themes. Dolphin wedding cake toppers are as versatile as they are beautiful, and look especially elegant in glass.   Take special care with your glass dolphin wedding cake toppers, however – pack them carefully or risk losing a dolphin! Dolphin wedding cake toppers are wonderful additions to any wedding day not only for the animals they feature, but also for the shape these animals make when they’re positioned on toppers. Dolphin wedding cake toppers often show dolphins facing snout-to-snout – where an unmistakable symbolic ring takes shape. Just like your wedding bands, the circle that your dolphin wedding cake toppers resemble symbolize the eternity of your love. Dolphin wedding cake toppers are a beautiful symbol of love and fun, and they fit weddings of all kinds!
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Everyone loves Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers!

Sweet Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Long gone are the stoic forward-facing bride and groom figurines of yesteryear’s wedding industry. Today’s wedding cake toppers come in a variety of forms and functions, and there are a growing number of sweet wedding cake toppers dominating the market. Sweet wedding cake toppers embrace the reality of marriage and the lighthearted feel of a wedding day. Instead of a bride and groom looking forward morosely, the bride and groom (or groom/groom bride/bride) of sweet wedding cake toppers play and embrace one another. Finding sweet wedding cake toppers that emulate the playful nature of your relationship is easier than ever.   My favorite sweet wedding cake toppers are those that play with the shape of the table or cake in question. Sweet wedding cake toppers may sit on the edge of the pastry, lean seductively up against it, or otherwise interact with it in a more realistic manner. Your sweet wedding cake toppers can be molded and shaped to fit any environment. Sweet wedding cake toppers also make wonderful gifts for the special couple in your life. Instead of figurines standing unemotionally on the edge of a mantle, sweet wedding cake toppers look as if they’re actually enjoying their time wherever they end up. The couple will project love and happiness in their home when the focal points of their living space are sweet wedding cake toppers.
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Finding and Making DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

Using DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

A DIY bride knows that any detail of you wedding is made even more special when you make it yourself. DIY wedding cake toppers are just the same, but you might want to skip trying to mold figures of you and your one-and-only out of clay. If you really want to make DIY wedding cake toppers all they can be, try to add something to an existing cake topper; add something that will take a regular cake topper and make it just for you.   There are many ways you can take generic toppers and make them DIY wedding cake toppers; you are limited only by your imagination. Many brides choose to combine figurines and toppers to make them DIY wedding cake toppers, such as adding figures of your beloved pets or preferred mode of transportation to the top of your fluffy pastry. While you haven't technically made these DIY wedding cake toppers yourself, the combination ends up as something uniquely yours. This also works for mix-and-match cake toppers. Finally, if you are truly crafty, make something uniquely yours as an accompaniment to your DIY wedding cake toppers. Build a bridge or ladder to connect two tiers of cake; use fondant to mold a seat for your figurines; go crazy! DIY wedding cake toppers are DIY for one reason: they came from you and your beautiful brain.
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The Beauty and Versatility of Lovebird Cake Toppers

Symbolic Lovebird Cake Toppers

Lovebird Cake Toppers

Finding the right cake toppers for your day can be difficult if you really aren’t interested in traditional toppers. If monograms or little people aren’t your thing, maybe the symbolic lovebird cake toppers are more your style. Lovebird cake toppers fit in perfectly at all kinds of events, from backyard barbeques to fancy loft affairs; every couple can appreciate the simple beauty of lovebird cake toppers. What makes lovebird cake toppers different from other animal pastry crowns is their symbolic meaning. Lion or flamingo cake toppers just don’t have the backing and tradition of lovebird cake toppers (but if that’s your thing, go for it!) Lovebird cake toppers look wonderful on cake tables, escort card tables, and even sweetheart tables – don’t feel limited in your placement of these figurines just because they end in the words “cake toppers.” If you’re thinking of gifting lovebird cake toppers to a special couple in your life, pass on how versatile these little figurines are. Lovebird cake toppers don’t have to be used as toppers; they make lovely additions to any home as another symbol of the couple’s undying love for one another. Lovebird cake toppers aren’t just wedding gifts; they’re gifts for any couple who adores tiny little nesting symbols of commitment.
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A Few Notes on Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

Selecting and Purchasing Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

The perfect wedding cake topper doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, it isn't hard to find cheap wedding cake toppers under fifty or even twenty dollars, if you know where to look. There are few things you should pay attention to (and some questions you should ask) when selecting cheap wedding cake toppers - in fact, any wedding cake toppers should be subject to a few basic questions. When you've found cheap wedding cake toppers that suit your style, taste, and budget (never settle - there's always something out there for any budget!), be sure to contact the seller if there are still any questions about the product that remain unanswered. Here are some things you should know before you buy:   - Make sure you know how wide your cheap wedding cake toppers are. If the top of your cake is too narrow, your cheap wedding cake toppers will topple right over the edge. Get the cake measurements from your baker and have them available when ordering your cheap wedding cake toppers. If the measurements aren't listed on the site, contact the seller and inquire. If you're purchasing your cheap wedding cake toppers before ordering your cake, the same is true - but in reverse!   - Make sure you know how much your cheap wedding cake toppers weigh. If you are familiar with the material (you can guess how heavy a topper will be if it's made out of plastic or porcelain and you have access to the measurements), you should keep them in mind when reporting to the baker. If you have any doubts, however, always contact the seller with any questions, comments, or concerns you have about your cheap wedding cake toppers!
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Pairing Desserts with Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Finding the Right Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Summer is here and it's in full swing! It's no wonder that this season is the most popular for weddings; it's warm, beautiful, and everyone is prepared to cash in vacation time. What you need to crown your perfect summer wedding are a few summer wedding cake toppers. Summer wedding cake toppers differ from your traditional cake toppers in a few ways. You might find some summer wedding cake toppers that feature the happy couple in some warm weather-friendly wear (if your wedding is outside, I can only hope you're not putting your groom in a stuffy suit). You may decide that tropical summer wedding cake toppers are more your style (picture starfish, seashells, and everything in between). Or you might find that the summer wedding cake toppers that really fit the bill are ones that follow a light, fun summer wedding color scheme. You can't go wrong with your selection of summer wedding cake toppers, and don't feel like you have to conform to traditional wedding cake for your warm weather event either. Many couple like to pair their summer wedding cake toppers with lighter refreshments for their guests. Have your summer wedding cake toppers crown a table filled with light pastries: think canoles, sweet bread, or even ice cream! No one will say no to an orange dreamsicle or fudge pop on a hot summer day, especially if they don't have to miss out on some beautiful summer wedding cake toppers!
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Hawaiian Cake Toppers: Wedding and Honeymoon!

You’ll Love Your Hawaiian Cake Toppers

Hawaiian Cake Toppers

The go-to destination for far-away, exotic weddings has always been and will always be Hawaii. Hawaii exudes beauty – what a perfect place for a wedding! It’s an extra plus if you’re an American couple looking for an exotic wedding locale; you don’t need passports! So if you’re packing your bags for a faraway getaway to the beautiful islands of Hawaii (or just looking for the look and feel of the islands at your wedding), be sure to find just the right Hawaiian cake toppers! Hawaiian cake toppers are exactly what you would expect from your typical beach toppers: ocean themes, seashells, palm trees – but they’re also so much more. If you’re looking for exclusively HAWAIIAN cake toppers, look for couple donning island drums, traditional hula fare, and leis. Hawaiian cake toppers will be great keepsakes to display on your mantle for years to come, and they’ll always remind you of the fun you had on your wedding day. The same is true if you’re looking for Hawaiian cake toppers as a nod to your honeymoon destination. You don’t need Hawaiian cake toppers just for Hawaiian weddings – they can be a clue to your impending vacation during your reception! Hawaiian cake toppers are a great way to tell your guests what you and your new spouse will be up to after you make your grand exit!
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