Finding and Making DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

Using DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

A DIY bride knows that any detail of you wedding is made even more special when you make it yourself. DIY wedding cake toppers are just the same, but you might want to skip trying to mold figures of you and your one-and-only out of clay. If you really want to make DIY wedding cake toppers all they can be, try to add something to an existing cake topper; add something that will take a regular cake topper and make it just for you.   There are many ways you can take generic toppers and make them DIY wedding cake toppers; you are limited only by your imagination. Many brides choose to combine figurines and toppers to make them DIY wedding cake toppers, such as adding figures of your beloved pets or preferred mode of transportation to the top of your fluffy pastry. While you haven't technically made these DIY wedding cake toppers yourself, the combination ends up as something uniquely yours. This also works for mix-and-match cake toppers. Finally, if you are truly crafty, make something uniquely yours as an accompaniment to your DIY wedding cake toppers. Build a bridge or ladder to connect two tiers of cake; use fondant to mold a seat for your figurines; go crazy! DIY wedding cake toppers are DIY for one reason: they came from you and your beautiful brain.