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Ideas for Wedding Shadowboxes

Supplement Frames with Wedding Shadowboxes

Wedding Shadowboxes

So your wedding day is through and now you’re compiling memories for every album, scrapbook, and frame that you’ve collected since your engagement. But now you’re noticing that there are many memories that can’t be flattened between the pages of something two-dimensional: your bouquet, favors, confetti, handkerchiefs… – the list goes on. You should start collecting wedding shadowboxes to display these beautiful and invaluable items. Wedding shadowboxes are beautiful contributions to your home, and in addition to showcasing memorable three-dimensional items from your wedding, wedding shadowboxes make storing these items for posterity much easier. It’s the things your future progeny can see and feel that will connect them to your wedding day; wedding shadowboxes keep the items you love most from being lost in moves and garage sales.   Wedding shadowboxes also make wonderful gifts, especially post-wedding. Think about saving some of the little things from the wedding you attend of a loved one (escort cards, favor labels, rose petals, etc), and put together wedding shadowboxes as future anniversary gifts. The wedding shadowboxes you present to your loved ones will be a welcome surprise and will definitely find a place of honor in their home for years to come. Pair photos of beautiful memories with the items involved with wedding shadowboxes.
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Magical mementos that will cherish the precious wedding memories for years to come

 There are several precious pieces that should ideally form of your wedding day collection. You would like to purchase as many as them, but cost is sometimes a constraint. However, a truly affordable online interface for acquiring wonderful wedding collectibles has done away with all your budget worries. You can just visit the Web-based platform, search for items of your choice; pick and choose them depending on your tastes and theme. That’s all you need to do! The rest will be taken care of by the system. To simplify your task, we are suggesting some nice wedding accessories. ON top of the list is Starlight photo album. Literally thousands of beautiful sparkling beads are deftly applied in mass glisten on this very, very special album by Lillian Rose.  It can hold up nearly 100 of your precious photographs (4" x 6" size). The Starlight photo album has 14 1" lines on each page for remarks. It’s a great keepsake! We suggest you also consider ‘Infinite Love’ (Circle of Love) couple wedding picture frame. The captivating wedding figurine has a deft contemporary twist on a typically traditional element featured on a picture frame. It holds a 5x7 photograph. Just picture this lovely couple topping your wonderful wedding cake. Won’t that be a great combination? The frame sure will add a unique touch to your wedding celebrations. It will serve as a memento that cherishes the precious memories for years to come.
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Wedding album in a scrapbook

A scrap booked wedding album is a novel gift that will be cherished by the couple for ages to come. You can include photos of memorable moments in the album. It has that much needed personal touch. The album must start with the photos of the bride and groom along with their names and the date of the wedding. Then you can include the snaps of the wedding in chronological order. You can use the wedding theme and color combination if you wish to. You can also include photos of the couple dating if you want to add your personal touch. You can include the bridal shower and bachelor party snaps too. You can story board the entire sequence of events. This will make the album look very interesting. There is a lot of scope for creativity. You will just need to let loose your imagination. Make sure you capture every moment of the wedding and the guests properly. If you do not want the gift to come as a surprise, it is wise to inform the couple what you are planning to gift the. This way, they might want to cancel their deal with the wedding photographer.
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Scrapbook album can be a perfect gift

A scrapbook wedding album is a very good gift for the couple. It adds the special touch that is not possible with a traditional album. Designers can use elements that are unique to the couple and create a piece that will be cherished by the couple for ever. The album starts with the couple’s image along with their names. Then it goes on to present the wedding in chronological manner. The book uses a variety of colors and styles. But that does not mean that the same kind of color and style will recur throughout. Many albums usually start with a ‘his’ and a ‘her’ page and then gradually moves to list the wedding in a chronological manner. Some couples may also include photos of their courtship period. Others may feel that the album should only be restricted to courtship photos only. The wedding photos may include showers, rehearsal dinners, bride walking the aisle and so on. Overall there are a wide variety of options to experiment with the album. You can try out different ideas to make it unique.
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Wedding Albums For a Lifetime Of Memories

You have planned everything for your special day – from the menu to the decorations to the guest list and others. You have even decided on your trousseau. So wouldn’t you want to preserve the moments for life? Don’t forget to book a professional photographer for your wedding. Your photos must come out as good as you look. Insist on best quality prints. After all this is something that will be cherished for a lifetime. Do not bother to pose or anything. Make sure that you smile and look happy. That would not be too difficult as you will be super happy that day. Once you get the snaps, preserve them in a good album. Design your wedding album in a way that will reflect your personality. Every image must be given the space and uniqueness it needs. Do not just cram up your album with as many snaps you can. Your album must have a few number of photos but they should be the best ones you have. The first page is the entry to your album. So that should have the best snaps available. Try and layout your snaps as creatively as you can. Many years letter when you go through the albums, you will realize how important it is to have a good album.
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An Alternative To Wedding Albums

There are various products that are available that can serve as an alternative to wedding albums. One of them is the revolutionary Coffee Table Wedding Photo Book. This consists of wedding photographs of your choice that are printed on your choice of Kodak lab print or digital offset paper. The pages are then sewed and bound in the form of a book. They are called coffee table books as they are bound in such a way that when they are opened, they open flat just like the glossy glamour magazines you get in salons. The second alternative is Video DVDs. With the advent of DVDs more and more couples are opting to document their wedding with sound and video. You can customize your video the way you want. This method is the cheapest option. However, whichever option you choose, you need to get a signed release from your photographer. He must give you permission to use those images. If you are intending to use these alternative options later, then make sure you get the permission before hand to save on time. Some couples buy their negatives on the spot to save future hassles.
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Wedding Albums, Scrapbooks, and Picture Frames for eternal memories

Wedding is one of the most momentous episodes of our life. Almost every body of us have photographs of our wedding and we all want to preserve these memories, keep them cherished, and at the same time, display them in an attractive and elegant way. Wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames are a perfect solution for this. Some people like to display them in albums, while others in photo frames or in scrap books. Photographs are timeless, they are forever and each cherished photograph is able to speak out a thousand words. Some times, you may want to share your memories and joys with others, and at that time, wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames are the ultimate choice. You can either display your favourite snap in a unique picture frame, or fill up your photo album with them, or make them more personalized in a scrap book. You can find a extensive collection of individually designed wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames, ranging from contemporary and modern ones to the traditional ones. With the use of the finest quality of fabrics, crystals, ribbons, beads, laces and porcelains, these specially designed articles will help you to relive your wedding moments.
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