Wedding album in a scrapbook

A scrap booked wedding album is a novel gift that will be cherished by the couple for ages to come. You can include photos of memorable moments in the album. It has that much needed personal touch. The album must start with the photos of the bride and groom along with their names and the date of the wedding. Then you can include the snaps of the wedding in chronological order. You can use the wedding theme and color combination if you wish to. You can also include photos of the couple dating if you want to add your personal touch. You can include the bridal shower and bachelor party snaps too. You can story board the entire sequence of events. This will make the album look very interesting. There is a lot of scope for creativity. You will just need to let loose your imagination. Make sure you capture every moment of the wedding and the guests properly. If you do not want the gift to come as a surprise, it is wise to inform the couple what you are planning to gift the. This way, they might want to cancel their deal with the wedding photographer.