Funny wedding cake toppers

Wedding cakes are an important part of the wedding decoration. It is the centerpiece in the table and attracts a lot of attention. So it doe make a lot of sense to order a cake that is special. You can use funny wedding cake toppers to attract attention. Humor is always popular. So you can try it safely. The best place to get your cake topper is from the bakery that bakes the wedding cake. If you feel that the choice is not too great, then you can always take a look at other places both online and offline. You can get your cake topper custom made to reflect your own personality. By poking fun at yourself, you do not risk offending anybody. For a custom made cake topper resembling you or your spouse, you need to have some good quality digital pictures of both of you. You can scan them and send it to the sculptor who will work accordingly. A funny cake topper is a great way to break the ice. Not everyone in the wedding will know each other. A good laugh can get them staring a conversation.