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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers: What to Choose?

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers It might be seen as a small touch in the grand scheme of wedding decor, but unique wedding cake toppers will make a big impression. Think about it. Those little figurines, monogrammed letters, or love birds, are standing in for you and your groom. Plus, the wedding cake is often a central point of focus during the reception, and that puts a spot light on whatever it is you have displayed on top of that fondant frosting.  Vintage Style Wedding Cake Topper Figurine  So, what is it that you want that cake topper to say? Will it be traditional? A sweet vintage set? A sassy sexy set? One with flowers, doves, lace, or glittering monogrammed letters? Traditional for the Traditional Bride Paper Roses Wedding Cake Topper - Custom Hair Colors! If you have been dreaming of a white wedding with those ruby red roses since you discovered that white fluffy wedding dress in your mother's closet, then a traditional set may be what your heart is set on. Traditional, however, doesn't mean plain Jane. There are a lot of sets that offer customization of hair color and ethnicity. Additionally, there are so many selections of topper bases that can include lace, handmade flowers, flower arches, and a variety of subtle (or not) touches of color.   Sweet, Adorable, and a Little Bit Vintage Are you one of those couples that when people ask how you met or are witness to your googly-eyed gazing, they are swept  away by how adorably in love you are (or gag because they just can't handle your lovey dovey cuteness? If so, you need an adorable cake topper to match. Some suggestions of sugary-sweet toppers are old-time vintage porcelain figurines. These may be the type of figurines that are in your grandmother's fine china cabinet, but when placed on top of a cake at your wedding, you can be sure to get an "awww" and "how precious!"  "I'll Love U 4 EVER" Car Wedding Cake Topper Another gag-me-adorable unique wedding cake topper style would be to find one that is as googly-eyed gazing as you and your groom! Try our almost too cute "A Kiss Above" cake topper, or the just as adorable "I'll Love U 4 EVER" Car Wedding Cake Topper! Sassy and Sexy for a Bride with a Spunky Attitude So, maybe you don't want your unique wedding cake topper to be overtly gushy or perhaps you want to mix it up more than what a traditional cake topper can give you. In that case, why not just GO FOR IT!  "Super Sexy Dancing" Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine There is such a huge variety of unique wedding cake toppers available, that range from the kind your grandparents used, to those that might make a conservative bride blush. Or if you want to stay away from the super sexy and just go for something fun and spunky, try looking into something like our Gone Fishing Mix & Match Cake Toppers, and guarantee some playful conversations and laughs at the reception.  Unique Wedding Cake Toppers truly are that one piece of wedding decor that make a decided statement about you and your wedding. And most importantly, all that matters is what you want.  Will you be traditional, sweet, or a little more on the sassy side?
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Daring and Fun: Sexy Cake Toppers!

Sexy Cake Toppers Add Passion to your Big Day


Sexy Cake Toppers

  For the bride and groom who don’t believe that the coy embrace of the traditional cake topper is quite enough for their big day, there are always sexy cake toppers. Sexy cake toppers may give your grandmother a heart attack, but they provide a unique opportunity to showcase your passionate love for one another on top of your unsuspecting wedding cake.   Perfect for bachelorette parties, anniversary bashes, or (if you’re brave enough) the big day itself, sexy cake toppers are a fun alternative to the more traditional options. Sexy cake toppers are hardly trashy or in bad taste, they’re usually just the right amount of flirty and fun, sometimes portraying the couple in a genuine moment of affection (who doesn’t want to pinch their groom’s butt on such a special day?). Sexy cake toppers are a great way to show your guests just how much in love you are – and that the physical side of your love is something to be embraced! (Just double check that “Can Not Attend” your prudish aunt sent you!).   Sexy cake toppers are available for more than just the huggy-kissy bride and groom – if you have a passion for provocative dance, sexy cake toppers are here for you too! Keep your sexy cake toppers for years after your nuptials to remind you just how much you love to love one another – even publicly!
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