Daring and Fun: Sexy Cake Toppers!

Sexy Cake Toppers Add Passion to your Big Day


Sexy Cake Toppers

  For the bride and groom who don’t believe that the coy embrace of the traditional cake topper is quite enough for their big day, there are always sexy cake toppers. Sexy cake toppers may give your grandmother a heart attack, but they provide a unique opportunity to showcase your passionate love for one another on top of your unsuspecting wedding cake.   Perfect for bachelorette parties, anniversary bashes, or (if you’re brave enough) the big day itself, sexy cake toppers are a fun alternative to the more traditional options. Sexy cake toppers are hardly trashy or in bad taste, they’re usually just the right amount of flirty and fun, sometimes portraying the couple in a genuine moment of affection (who doesn’t want to pinch their groom’s butt on such a special day?). Sexy cake toppers are a great way to show your guests just how much in love you are – and that the physical side of your love is something to be embraced! (Just double check that “Can Not Attend” your prudish aunt sent you!).   Sexy cake toppers are available for more than just the huggy-kissy bride and groom – if you have a passion for provocative dance, sexy cake toppers are here for you too! Keep your sexy cake toppers for years after your nuptials to remind you just how much you love to love one another – even publicly!