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Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

Inspiration abounds for wedding planning when the days are shorter, there's a chill in the air, and the trees change from hues of green to gold and rust.It’s Autumn; and wedding designers and brides are falling in love with three popular autumn wedding themes that really shine during this festive season. autumn wedding themes

Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

  • “Fall in Love” Theme - Traditional but dynamic, this theme works great for backyard budget weddings!
  • “Let Love Grow” Theme - This Fall cactus theme is trending in the wedding-sphere. It is unique and opens up a warm desert color palette to play with.
  • “Perfect "Pear"' Theme - Earthy and sweet this is another trending theme for brides-to-be.
"Fall in Love" Wedding Theme
This one is a long time favorite for Fall weddings. The falling leaves, festivities of the season, and chill in the air are all great inspiration for a cozy intimate wedding and reception. The soft beiges, browns, and oranges are timeless and perfectly festive for this time of the year. For creative and budget conscious couples, utilizing pumpkins and fallen leaves in DIY decor can turn out spectacular at your reception. Must Have: One of our favorite trends for this theme is the dessert bar or party favors. S'mores are a really fun and tasty treat to give your guests as a thank you for attending! Or why not have a s'more bar at the dessert table? Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Smores Favors autumn wedding theme inspiration
"Love Grows Here" Wedding Theme
Let’s face it, we don’t always think of that green spiky succulent when planning the decor for a wedding, but it's actually a totally romantic wedding theme! This hearty succulent is the perfect depiction of love that thrives despite the "dry times" in life. And, it's trendy! The cactus theme is taking over the design industry, and it's hit the wedding-sphere! It looks beautiful when paired with a rust, copper, and teal color palette. Must Have:  Desert weddings lend themselves to some pretty spectacular sunsets and clear night skies. What is more romantic than a reception with stargazing?! Don't forget to provide some warm blankets and hot drinks for your guests! Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Cactus Favors desert fall wedding theme
Perfect "Pear" Wedding Theme
Pears are the royalty of the fruit kingdom making this wedding theme as sophisticated as it is sweet. It's no wonder it's made it as one of the top three autumn wedding themes. One of our favorite color palettes includes the deep rich hues of purple and crimson accented by the marigold coloring of the pear. It's also a no brainer on what to give your guests as favors: a delicious dessert pear!  Must Have: It was the Greek poet Homer who called pears a “gift of the gods.” Pears are celebrated around the world when paired with cheese and wine. Consider hosting your guests to a pear and wine tasting the week of your wedding! Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Pear Favors autumn wedding themes
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What You Need for Your Guest Book Sign-in Table

On your wedding day, you will be greeted by people you love, friends, family, people that are friends of your family, people that you knew ten years ago that are invited to your wedding because they were a great influence on your life once. The chances of your remembering and holding dear each greeting, face, and sweet well wishes, is slim to none. That is why the wedding guestbook was invented. The traditional guestbook is one that just allows guest to sign their name, allowing you to remember who was there. Though there are plenty of brides that still use this traditional guestbook, many have chosen more creative options or options that encourage guests to give advice and write out their well wishes for the bride and groom. On the Wedding Collectibles blog, we have talked about how to set up the perfect the perfect sign in and gift table (which you can find by following this link), but we wanted to take a closer look at the nitty gritty of what you need for your guestbook and sign in table. 
So let's take a look at a basic check list. What your Guest Book and Sign in Table Needs
  • A cute/ creative guestbook that suites your wedding style.
  • 2 pens, or silver/gold sharpies for those matte black pages, for signing
  • An extra pen, or silver/gold sharpie for those matte black pages, for signing
  • A cute pen holder that matches or coordinates with your guestbook
  • A welcome sign
  • A sign or card with instructions for those guestbooks that are more out of the box
  • A table cloth that matches or coordinates with the linens throughout the reception.
  • A photo of the bride and groom
  • Any other decorative items that will help you establish your wedding theme at a glance.
  • * If you are ordering a guest book, you may want to purchase an extra, back up guestbook from a local store that can be used as a "just in case the order is delayed". If you buy it close to the wedding, you can even return it to the store if you do not use it.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="252"]Creative Guest Book Table Photo: Ruffled Blog - Birmingham Botanical Gardens Wedding  [/caption] This cute couple got creative with their guest-"book" with mad lib styled note cards that guest filled out and then placed in the decorative bird cage. To find other cute and creative guestbooks check out our Top 10 Guestbooks blog!    
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Real Maryland Wedding With Trevor & Emily

Meet The Couple When asked about their first kiss, Emily simply stated, "It was awesome, perfect, and in a hammock." This, almost completely, describes the relationship between Trevor and Emily. These two love birds met in Utah in January of 2011; her first memory of Trevor being him "showing off" on the piano playing "Great Balls of Fire" during a church choir practice.They began dating in August of 2011 when Emily invited Trevor to go running with her. It wasn't long after that until they, and anyone within two feet of them, knew that they were meant for each other.  In a way, Emily's sweetness and Trevor's (sometimes described as annoying by his siblings) habit of knowing everything about just about everything, strikes a balance between the two, making it easy to love one another.

Bride and Groom

Trevor proposed to Emily at a picnic at the Corona Del Mar beach. His family can remember his eagerness as he whisked her off to this specially planned picnic after an 8 hour drive from Utah to California to visit his family, unable to wait another day. Mormon Temple The couple was married six months latter in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's Maryland Temple on May 4th.

Little Details

Sunflower Bouquet For her bridal's Emily used big sunflowers that really just match her beaming personality. Then on her wedding day her bouquet was made of Lily of the Valley and were arranged by a close friend. She wanted to keep things simple and pretty, so her colors were sage green, cream, and coral pink. She had her bridesmaids pick out their own dresses in cream and had her family dress in cream also. Harkness+Fenn+Temple+Wedding+1-1840666961-O copy Wedding Family The ceremony was the most important part for them and as Emily indicated, "It went perfectly". They were most grateful to have so much family and friends present, especially since they decided to have the wedding in Emily's hometown in Maryland and all of Trevor's family were on the west coast. Bird Cake Toppers At the reception they had these adorable bird "you and I" cake toppers and a cake trimmed in Lily of the valley. DPP_0002-1843659015-O copy At the reception, they upheld quite a few of wedding traditions including cutting the cake, the father daughter and mother and son dance, the first dance, and even a money dance! They also did a bouquet toss and a garter toss, both were caught by the maid of honor and the best man! Father Daughter Dance First Dance Garter Toss Wedding Tradition Wedding Photos They even included a poster cut out of Trevor's brother who was unable to attend the wedding since he was serving a mission for his church. This is a great way to have those important family members who can't make it to the wedding feel like they are a part of everything!

A Second Reception

Then, because the families lived on opposite coasts, the couple had a second reception or open house at the Fenn's residence in California so that more of Trevor's family and friends could attend. Just Married Wedding Photos576876_428164607215836_1442390054_n 560444_427969863901977_480844459_nInstead of cake, they decided to serve mini pies! They were made by a personal friend of Trevor's mother. Wedding Reception The reception decorations were done by family and friends, as were the photography at both wedding receptions. 533188_427969767235320_1210805609_nWedding Reception To The Present Now the happy couple has just recently celebrated their second year of marriage, Trevor is nearing the completion of his first degree, and the two are expecting a baby girl this July! A big thanks to Trevor and Emily for sharing their wedding with us and with future brides. We wish you all the best! Share your wedding with Wedding Collectibles and let us tell your story and share your wedding ideas!
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How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

How to Develop a Wedding Theme or Style

It may seem kind of self serving to say, but wedding accessories are very important when it comes to fully developing your wedding theme or style. If all of your accessories are a mish-mash of what you borrowed from other people, your wedding may begin to look a little mish-mashed. Of course, if you are looking to create a more eclectic style, then by all means, go for it; it is a great way to save money. Otherwise, you are going to want your wedding accessories to be hand picked, just for you and your wedding dream.  When developing your wedding theme and style, there are four areas of your wedding that your accessories are essential: The bride, the ceremony, the table centerpieces, and the cake. Whether you are on a budget or not, these or the four sections of your wedding that you want to pay extra attention to.
  1. The Bride  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding Let's face it. When people go to a wedding the first thing they want to look at is the bride. Not to objectify her, but she is the center-stone to the whole event. The bride and her dress. Your choice of wedding dress will heavily influence the tone of the wedding. For example, if you choose to wear a ballroom gown, but are having a bohemian theme, the two styles will clash. Then, you have to decide on how to do your hair and what bridal accessories to wear. These accessories will make or break your wedding look.
  2. The Ceremony  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding There are of course a lot of different aspects of the wedding ceremony that are going to affect your wedding theme or style. The location is of course key, but it is often what you do with that location that is going to really establish you in your ceremony. And really, there are a lot more wedding accessories that go into the wedding ceremony than many people realize, many of which depend on what traditions you are upholding. For example, you may need to decide on a unity candle, SAND JAR, flower baskets, or a  ring pillow.
  3. Reception Centerpieces  1920s Inspired Knoxville Wedding In terms of reception decor, the centerpieces are going to be HUGE in establishing your theme or style. Taking the 1920's Inspired wedding that is featured on the Ruffled blog as an example, this bride's centerpiece is very simple, but the long stemmed vases and the mod styled center mat evoke that 1920's feel more than if she had just a regular rounded vase and a plain white table clothe. The center mat is probably what gives the 1920's vibe the most and is even reminiscent of the great american novel based in the 20's, The Great Gatsby. So, as you prioritize your reception decoration budget, be sure to pay attention to your centerpieces with what flowers, vases, candles, table numbers, place settings, and any other unique ornaments you wish to use.
  4. The Cake Vintage Romance Sonoma Wedding The cake stands as one of the focal points of pretty much any reception and you are adhering to the tradition of cutting the cake, then you know it will end up at center stage, making the cake's design and accessories very important. Cake accessories that you will be choosing from will mainly be cake toppers, but may also include flowers. Wedding cake toppers are a great opportunity to establish your wedding theme, and as the cute bunny toppers in the photo above demonstrate, do not need to be completely traditional. Really, there are cake toppers made to work with almost any wedding theme and style.The wedding cake topper you choose is often reflective of your couple personality too and is one of the few wedding decorations that not only symbolize your love, but can also last beyond the wedding as a keepsake.
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Fun Wedding Decorations Trend: Bunting and more Bunting

wedding decotationsIn our previous post, "Wedding Banner Trends: DIY Flower Garland", we mentioned the trend of bunting. The first time I heard of bunting, I was really confused, but once I saw a picture, like the one to the left, I realized I knew exactly what bunting was. You know, it is those triangle flag banner hanging things. Despite the difficulty in describing what bunting is, it ends up being a super fun wedding decoration and  a great banner style for a plethora of wedding themes.

Bunting can blend into just about any wedding theme as it easily customizable. It probably wouldn't be at home in a super formal wedding or at a church ceremony, but it works great with vintage themes, outdoor, country, travel themes, floral, and so many other themes and styles. This fun wedding decoration works across multiple platforms, but also adds a unique and cute look to your wedding decor that is just unexpected. Additionally, it is an easy DIY.

DIY Bunting Kits

DIY is the do-it-yourself mantra that is sweeping through weddings, but sometimes do-it-yourself can be overwhelming and more messy than productive. That is why finding a DIY kit for all your fun wedding decorations needs can give you a middle ground of doing it yourself minus having to figure out how to do it yourself. Bunting is a simple wedding decoration that can have intricate designs and print, but the put together can really be hassle free.

Fun Wedding Decorations

The paper bunting kits we have include 50 flag pennants, white satin hanging ribbon, a CD with templates, test printing sheets, and instructions. The whole goal is to help you create the unique look you want affordable and with the least amount of hassle.

And really bunting is just cute! They make a great filler decoration and pennants just seem to create a flirty atmosphere. They can be used in so many ways - be it at the cake table, as a cake topper, as reception decor, or at the bridal shower - making bunting one of the most fun wedding decorations. It just works for everything.

Which fun wedding decoration trends do you like best?

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