What You Need for Your Guest Book Sign-in Table

On your wedding day, you will be greeted by people you love, friends, family, people that are friends of your family, people that you knew ten years ago that are invited to your wedding because they were a great influence on your life once. The chances of your remembering and holding dear each greeting, face, and sweet well wishes, is slim to none. That is why the wedding guestbook was invented. The traditional guestbook is one that just allows guest to sign their name, allowing you to remember who was there. Though there are plenty of brides that still use this traditional guestbook, many have chosen more creative options or options that encourage guests to give advice and write out their well wishes for the bride and groom. On the Wedding Collectibles blog, we have talked about how to set up the perfect the perfect sign in and gift table (which you can find by following this link), but we wanted to take a closer look at the nitty gritty of what you need for your guestbook and sign in table. 
So let's take a look at a basic check list. What your Guest Book and Sign in Table Needs
  • A cute/ creative guestbook that suites your wedding style.
  • 2 pens, or silver/gold sharpies for those matte black pages, for signing
  • An extra pen, or silver/gold sharpie for those matte black pages, for signing
  • A cute pen holder that matches or coordinates with your guestbook
  • A welcome sign
  • A sign or card with instructions for those guestbooks that are more out of the box
  • A table cloth that matches or coordinates with the linens throughout the reception.
  • A photo of the bride and groom
  • Any other decorative items that will help you establish your wedding theme at a glance.
  • * If you are ordering a guest book, you may want to purchase an extra, back up guestbook from a local store that can be used as a "just in case the order is delayed". If you buy it close to the wedding, you can even return it to the store if you do not use it.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="252"]Creative Guest Book Table Photo: Ruffled Blog - Birmingham Botanical Gardens Wedding  [/caption] This cute couple got creative with their guest-"book" with mad lib styled note cards that guest filled out and then placed in the decorative bird cage. To find other cute and creative guestbooks check out our Top 10 Guestbooks blog!