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2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

Sneak Peak: Ashley + Anthony’s Wedding All of the time when people think about weddings they first think of the bride and then of the mother and the bride and how exciting it must be for the mom, but there are a lot of daddy's girls out there and fathers that would even surprise their daughters with how excited they are for their daughter. Father's have a tendency of showing a little extra emotion on the day of his baby girls wedding. We want to help you highlight the role he has in your wedding and in your life. Here are two simple ways to help you let your father know what he means to you!

  1. Gift him With Special cuff links to Proudly Wear on the Wedding day.Father Of Bride CufflinksCuff links are a perfect way to give your dad a little something extra that designates him as the father of the bride. You can bet that he will wear these proudly and may even find an excuse to wear them at his next business meeting or with his Sunday best!
  2. Give him a sentimental wedding handkerchief.
From the Bride to her Father Wedding HandkerchiefThis sweet and traditional gift is not just for the bride, but is also traditionally given to members of the brides family and even bridal party. The above wedding handkerchief includes a special poem from the bride to the father that is sure to cause your dad to actually need that handkerchief!  
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Selecting the Perfect Groom Gift

A Groom Gift to Remember

Groom Gift

The key to selecting a great groom gift is to think about practicality. (Most) men don’t wear jewelry or revel in the fine scents of bath salts – they want to use their groom gift immediately – be it with the grill, on their bar, or in their game room. A groom gift should have some sort of purpose. Yes, it can be pretty, but that can’t be everything. Think about gifts such as wine racks or beer mugs as a groom gift, but add some personal and masculine flair. For the wine rack, select a contemporary optical illusion emblazoned with his monogram, or find a massive beer stein with Celtic knots, or one engraved with his name (or even the name of his favorite team). If he can consume something with it, grill something with it, or otherwise use it in his day-to-day activities, you’ve found yourself a wonderful groom gift. Textures of choice for the perfect groom gift are glass and leather. They both are found abundantly in practical gifts while remaining elegant and classy (plus, they’re highly durable and can last a lifetime). Make sure that the groom gift you find for the future groom in your life lasts as long as his marriage will!
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Groomsmen Gifts Offer a Manly Touch of Gratitude

Say it Manly with Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

It's not just the bride and her team that pull together the big day; groomsmen play just as big a role in the celebrations. Groomsmen organize the bachelor party, act as moral support through the planning process, and most of all - they stand up for the groom as he marries his bride. Show your appreciation for their support by offering them male versions of bridesmaid gifts: groomsmen gifts! Unfortunately, buying groomsmen gifts isn't as simple as stamping his name on a necklace or treating him to a spa day. How do you find groomsmen gifts that are the right balance of appreciation and masculinity? There are three go-to tips for finding the right groomsmen gifts: make sure he can wear it, drink with it, or grill with it. Groomsmen gifts are all the more appreciated when they're useful. Grilling tools never go unappreciated, and neither do beer mugs. For the fancier class of groomsmen gifts, consider cuff links, pocket watches, or flasks cased in leather. If it shines, holds beer, or is made out of the skin of an animal, chances are good that your groomsmen will never forget your groomsmen gifts.
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