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Apps Every Couple Needs to Survive the Wedding

Though there are many apps aimed at brides who are frantically searching for some organizational tool to make their lives easier, it’s hard to weed out the one-trick ponies from the actually useful. The right Apps, be it for iPhone, Android, or otherwise, can really guide you along during the planning and design process on your march toward the altar, but how will you know what to look for before you know what’s out there for the frazzled couple looking for a break? Instead of googling “Wedding apps”, try these (completely free!):   The WedHappy App
If you want the end-all be-all “wedding organizer” app, make it WedHappy. This simple organizational App keeps your tasks organized, suggests frequently-used wedding tasks you may still need to complete, sets up a general timeline for wedding duties (updated to your calendar, complete with customizable timely reminders), and rounds it all out with a satisfying pie chart of completion that will keep you focused without making you feel overwhelmed. The free version of WedHappy never overloads you with useless novelty crap, and I’m sure most brides will be very thankful for that. The best part is that WedHappy allows you to link up vendors with contacts from your phone to keep everything just a little more organized. I could do away with the “achievements” you unlock when you complete a certain number of tasks, but it doesn’t get in the way enough to be noticeable. The RedLaser App
Most brides know about the apps provided by some retailers for registry building (think Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Pottery Barn), but RedLaser is different, as it remains unaffiliated. It can not only scan bar codes and give you product information, it also compares prices to nearby retailers and any available online deals, working to find you the best price. It logs away previously viewed items, provides UPC info, and even shares a varied assortment of online reviews. While this is an all-around helpful tool, it’s particularly awesome for brides looking to save money any way she can during the wedding planning process. When you’re unfamiliar with the world of the products you’re buying, knowledge is power. This app also reads QR codes, if the rest wasn’t enough to sell you.  

Color ID
Originally a tool for the color blind or artists looking for a bit of inspiration, Color ID allows you to point and click at any color nearby with your device’s camera. Just focus the shot on the color you like, and it identifies the industry standard color for you. Snap a photo and the image, along with the identifying color, is stored away with the rest of your photos. Artists like this App for inspiration; it serves the same purpose for brides.
This is a great App to use when you’re starting your hunt for color palettes. Log accessories or other items that inspire you and save the colors for building the aesthetic for your big day!

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Keeping a Safe and Secure Wedding Reception Card Box

A Stylish Wedding Reception Card Box

Wedding Reception Card Box

If you’re preparing for a wedding, you may be thinking about the necessity of a wedding reception card box. A wedding reception card box generally sits near the front of your reception space for the benefit of your guests, often on or near the wedding gift table. Though many brides think of it as an aesthetic and traditional convenience, a wedding reception card box is also a safety concern. While wedding crashers are rare, especially when you’ve taken the necessary precautions to keep them out, a little peace of mind on the night of your wedding is worth a lot. So what steps should you take to be sure that your secure wedding reception card box is as safe as it could be, especially with the gifts and irreplaceable sentiments given to you by your guests nestled within?   Your best bet is to locate your wedding reception card box in a secure spot within your reception venue. Think of keeping it near the back of the space, rather than the front, or in a place frequented by event staff. There’s no reason that your wedding reception card box shouldn’t be both an aesthetic marvel and a safe place for the cards and sentiments of your wedding guests!
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Tips for Elegant Wedding Signage

Complimenting your Wedding Signage

Wedding Signage

Though there are many wedding decorations that you will utilize on your big day that send a subtle, non-literal message, sometimes you just want to say it with words. Wedding signage does just that. Whether it’s a banner above your getaway car, an aisle runner, a poster for your ring bearers, or a message in love spelled out in bunting, wedding signage is becoming very popular and is popping up in weddings of all styles all over the country. The trick with wedding signage is to keep it simple and not go overboard. Wedding signage should say what it needs to say in few words, and should be complimented well by less-literal wedding messages, such as complimentary colors and other decorations. Your wedding signage can be DIY or professional, but it’s important to keep it from looking arts-and-craftsy. Wedding signage is a delicate project, so this is one you might want to leave to the printer. Wedding signage is also wonderful at other wedding-related events, such as bachelorette parties and wedding showers. Present worded bunting or an elegant banner to welcome your guests, just be sure to observe the same stylistic guidelines. You want all of your wedding signage to be sophisticated and chic!
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Bringing an End to Wedding Planning “Phone Tag”

When your wedding planning gets into full swing, you will learn quickly how frustrating it is to become trapped and entwined in several never-ending games of vendor phone tag. It will often seem like no one is ever around when you need them, and they will only ever call you back when it is least convenient. Games of phone tag usually begin with a few apologetic voicemails with a hasty return number, but can quickly turn irritating when you find that you’ve gone weeks without directly catching the person you need to reach, and you’ve learned nothing that is vital to your planning process. A woman can only handle so many “Sorry I missed you, you can reach me at…” messages before she throws a rock through a print shop window. Don’t do that. Instead, try one or both of the following techniques:   Call and Email While phones are your best bet for reaching a real live human when you’re trying to rush through wedding tasks, there is something to be said for a good, solid email. Either of these mediums alone often isn’t enough, however. On their own, forgetting to respond to an email or a voicemail is pretty easy, but one of each is harder to miss. One will help to remind your audience about the other. If they receive a voicemail from you, they may or may not remember to call you back. An additional email bumps you back up the priorities list – at least some of the time. Leave a specific voicemail, and follow up with an email that sounds something like “Just following up concerning my call to your business earlier this week; I look forward to hearing from you about…” Short, simple, and friendly. Just don’t overload their inbox!     Employ Specificity
When you don’t reach your hopeful audience after a few phone calls, start leaving more than just your name and number on their machine. If you’re a potential customer, give them a reason to be more eager to reach you – specifics about the service you need and the information you need from them. If anything, you’ll receive a counter message that is more than just their name and number; it may even be pertinent information for you! That way, you may not need to waste any more time chasing them down. If you are already using the services of the audience you’re trying to reach, a specific message helps to guarantee that a return message will contain any of the information you need, such as cake topper pricing or shipping details. Even if you’re both too busy to catch each other, the game of phone tag gets a little more productive with the application of a little specificity. May your game of phone tag reach a swift and satisfying conclusion!
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A Subtle and Classy Bridal Bracelet for the Big Day

A Bridal Bracelet for Posterity

Bridal Bracelet

Though many brides spend months compiling their outfits and accessories for their big day, the entity that is the bridal bracelet is often ignored. A bridal bracelet makes a wonderful addition to any bride’s wedding attire, and they’re often striking and inexpensive while still maintaining the classy composure that a bride expects of her wedding jewelry. The right bridal bracelet will add to your outfit without distracting from it, and it makes a wonderful keepsake after the fact that you can pass down for generations to come. While styles in dresses, earrings, and even necklaces may come and go, a simple and beautiful bridal bracelet will likely stay in style for years to come. Finding this magical bridal bracelet is easier than you think, and finding pieces to compliment your color scheme is even easier. The most common color and material combos for the right bridal bracelet are white and silver, be it in pearls, rhinestones, or clasps, and combinations of these things will always produce a memorable but subtle bridal bracelet. Consider a bridal bracelet that will stick with your throughout the day, but will be easy to remove if you need to. A Tiffany’s-style clasp is ideal for this, and most conformers to the typical bridal bracelet style are equipped with it.
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The Limitless Opportunities of Custom Toasting Glasses

Finding the Right Custom Toasting Glasses

Custom Toasting Glasses

When you prepare your various wedding accessories for your big day, hopefully a set of beautiful hand-crafted custom toasting glasses will be among your various odds and ends. Custom toasting glasses are absolutely essential to a contemporary wedding celebration, and they make spectacular mementos for posterity. While there are custom toasting glasses that go the extra mile and serve as a service for the engraving of your and your partner’s names, but that isn’t all that custom toasting glasses are. These flutes, goblets, mugs, or any other drinking receptacle that fits your fancy are custom in that they belong to you, and they were used on your wedding day. Simply choosing the pair of glasses that fits your preferences as a couple makes them custom toasting glasses. Many custom toasting glasses are equipped with “bride” and “groom” already printed in a fancy manner across their sides, but some choose to adorn this designation in a more creative manner. You will often find custom toasting glasses with their own veil and bow tie, or frosted dinnerware. Some custom toasting glasses even come with custom color ordering – your imagination seems to be the only limit to their flexibility!   Many couples choose to keep their custom toasting glasses among their other glassware, and many others still display them proudly on the mantelpiece. It seems that they only inappropriate way to use and keep your custom toasting glasses is by not ordering them at all!
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Compiling a Breezy Summer Wedding Guestbook

Planning for a Summer Wedding Guestbook

Summer Wedding Guestbook

The summer wedding season is almost upon us, which means all of you eager summer brides and searching for just the right touches and accessories to make your affair stylish and memorable. One important piece of décor that is often forgot until the last minute is the summer wedding guestbook. While summer weddings are often just as formal and elegant as their other seasonal counterparts, there is an air of something more casual during the warmer moths. Sleeves are rolled up, feet are dipped into the fountain, and ice cream melts a little faster in the hands of eager ring bearers. You should definitively find a summer wedding guestbook that mirrors the whimsy of the season. A summer wedding guestbook should have the capacity for an abundance of guests who are using their summer vacation time, but should also match the look and feel of your event. Seashells and neutral tones are popular for a summer wedding guestbook, but really, anything goes. During the warmer months, some brides opt out of the summer wedding guestbook all together and use guestbook canvas or signing stones – something different, but still simple and charming. For outdoor weddings and afternoon engagements, avoid heavy colors and fabrics such as black velvet or satin. You want to keep things light and fun with your summer wedding guestbook!
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Modernizing Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

Making Classic Wedding Cake Toppers New Again

Classic Wedding Cake Toppers

  More and more couples are reaching for classic wedding cake toppers as they design the perfect reception for their big day. Though contemporary and interpretive cake toppers are still setting the scene for today’s weddings, sometimes you just can’t beat the classic wedding cake toppers. Classic wedding cake toppers often feature a traditional bride and groom, or some other vintage figurine, in a pose that evokes images of traditional and vintage weddings. These classic wedding cake toppers have never gone out of style, and for good reason – nothing crowns a cake quite like a bride and groom. Recent social advancements have allowed for the bride and bride or groom and groom cake topper to take off, but the timeless element of classic wedding cake toppers defies gender. Same-sex and heterosex cake toppers share the vintage charm of classic wedding cake toppers. Of course, just because something is a classic doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a new way. If you’re opting for a cupcake dessert table or a candy bar in lieu of cake, you can still utilize the beauty of classic wedding cake toppers by adorning escort card tables or even your sweetheart table with their presence. Your guests will love the traditional element of classic wedding cake toppers with or without the addition of the classic tiered pastry.
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List Your Way to Wedding Glory

Organization is key for a well-managed wedding package, and a well-maintained to-do list can save a couple from last minute panicked phone calls and bulk orders that you really don’t need. In fact, couples often loose money when they don’t stay organized, as late fees and panicked bookings can really eat into the wedding budget and leave you with a wedding that wasn’t quite what you had pictured. Aside from your obvious to-do lists, here are three lists you, as a couple, should be keeping right now:   A List of Vendors
A list of potential vendors as you begin choosing and booking locations will make it much easier for you to compare prices and services that a notebook full of brochures and jotted down info on napkins and scratch paper. A list makes it easy to see immediate side-by-side comparisons, and once you’ve chosen vendors for your event, keep a list of who you’re using, what services they offered, what they’re providing, and the projection of the total cost, with tax and tip. While you should also keep your contract, a separate list will keep all of this information organized and ready for reference when you need it most.
After the big day, this list will be an easy reference guide for who has been paid, when they need to be paid by, and whether or not their end price was anywhere near your quote. This is the list that will save you money and protect you from scammers! A List of Addresses
It’s starting how often couples scramble for addresses and full names right before sending out save-the-dates or invitations. You should always take the time to be sure you’re sending out your stationary with accurate and recent information, as it can be difficult to keep up on the address changes and happenings of fifty families in the weeks leading up to your wedding in your head. Keep a running list of family addresses and relevant last names right up until your stationary goes out.
If you hear about a pending divorce or an adult moving out of his grandmother’s house, it’s important to log that information into an already-ongoing list to be sure that your guests are informed and aware, no matter what has recently changed in their lives as far as residence and reference goes.   A List of Gifters
There are several gift-giving occasions that lead up to the big day, and you will need to write and send out thank-you notes for all received gifts for each separate occassion. Guests realize that this isn’t the easiest task to pencil in during the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, but it would be tragic to forget who sent what when the time finally comes to sit down and get the notes out of the way. Some notes should be written before others, such as shower and engagement party notes, and an organized list keeps this from becoming a logistical nightmare.
Keep a tab of gifts received and log who they were from and for what occasion. Keeping different notes and lists will spell disaster for your organization later on. Trust me; this is one list you can’t afford to skip out on!

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Preparing for Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Prepping Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Writing thank you notes isn't everyone's favorite post-wedding chore, but it is a necessity that shouldn't be overlooked or put off for too long. Many guests expect thank yous, and many more will be very much appreciative of a timely one. Bridal shower thank yous have a less strict timeline than their wedding counterparts, but you still shouldn't put them off. Definitely send out bridal shower thank yous before the big day. Any shower gift you receive can be used immediately, so you don't have to wait until after the nuptials to send off proper bridal shower thank yous.   Bridal shower thank yous come in a variety of colors and styles, and are generally much more informal than wedding thank yous. Don't stress too much over formal wording either - guests don't need much more than a sincere note of thanks in your bridal shower thank yous!   If you're hosting a bridal shower and want to do the bride in question a big favor, make bridal shower thank yous easier on her my keeping a running list of guests in attendance, and what, if anything, they brought for the bride. Her bridal shower thank yous will go much faster and she'll definitely owe you one!
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Two Centerpieces: One Wedding

Assembling centerpieces, be it for a wedding or pre-wedding event, can be daunting. If you don’t have the assistance of a professional, your options at time seem limited. When you want to create two separate centerpiece visions for your wedding: one for the adults and the other for the oft-overlooked kids table, the task is downright scary. To ease your suffering, here are two of my favorite quick-and-easy centerpiece ideas, one for an adults’ table, and one that’s a little more kid-friendly:

Crayon Heaven
We’ll begin with the little ones. While this is technically a kids’ table favorite, no one will judge you for whipping it out during a particularly distressing Thanksgiving dinner next year. Everyone can use a little crayon therapy. Crayons and butcher paper, in any combination, will win over hearts at your next wedding function, including the big day itself! My favorite arrangement is a small terracotta pot filled with crayons and a table number sticking out of the center. If you can, use the same table numbers that you’re using for the main event.   A butcher paper table cloth will not only save your linens, but it will keep the little ones occupied until the parents are ready to turn in. Think about matching that style of the TWine bottle centerpiece (outlined below) by wrapping the terracotta pot in twine as well. If you want to combine the ideas, make it cohesive by presenting every place setting (children, adults, or both) with a set of twine-tied crayons.

The TWine Bottle
There’s nothing simpler and easier than a wine bottle centerpiece, and they always look elegant and fabulous, especially at weddings and wedding functions. The most elegant look (I feel) is to group several bottles of different sizes together and insert small tealights or other-shaped candles into the bottom. The easiest way to do this is to cut the bottom of the bottle off and use it as a candle cover. Don’t try to squeeze a candle in through the neck – it never ends pleasantly.   For a more involved and rustic wine bottle centerpiece, with the simple application of twine, a glue gun, and an afternoon with a few bottles of wine, you have a collection of wonderful and professional-looking wine bottles for close to no money. This would be a fun craft for a weekend with your bridesmaids! More in-depth tutorials aren’t hard to find if you’re having trouble!

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Wedding Cake Accessories for the Modern Couple

The World of Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding cake accessories aren't limited to just a bride and groom cake topper, like the wedding cake accessories of yesteryear. These confectionery compliments are becoming more and more stylish and advanced, and you can find almost anything you can dream of for the wedding cake of your dreams. Take cake picks, for example. More than just cake toppers, these wedding cake accessories are often single accompaniments that can be used independently or in conjunction with a primary cake topper. Cake picks are often shapes such as hearts or diamonds, and can be arranged either by you or your bakery to add a special something that makes any cake look polished and professional. Of course, there is still a place in the world of wedding cake accessories for the humble cake topper. In the world of wedding cake accessories, however, the cake topper has become much more advanced. If you like the bride + groom look, there is still a niche for you, but the rest of the couples who would likely eschew the traditional market have much more selection now than they did twenty years ago. There are wedding cake accessories that feature characters from popular cartoons, contemporary toppers, vintage toppers, toppers that feature combinations of flowers and crystals - the list goes on.   So don't feel limited during your hunt for the prefect wedding cake accessories; the selection is there. You just have to look for it!
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