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How to Create a Classy Christmas Wedding

How to Create a Classy Christmas Wedding

How do you bring the festive spirit of Christmas to your wedding day without all the cliché? The key is to design a wedding that is Christmas "inspired", not Christmas themed. This wedding photographed by Volvoreta Bodas, in Madrid Spain has all the charm of a Christmas wedding. Truly, it's merry and bright and the perfect example of how to have a festive holiday wedding without being so obvious. There are … areas to pay attention to when you plan your classy Christmas wedding and it starts with the venue.

The VenueTraditional Christmas WeddingWhen considering where to have the ceremony it is appropriate to look at hosting the event at a church or cathedral. It’s elegant, it’s traditional, and it nicely caters to the religious themes of this holiday. This couple was married in the Church San Fermin De Los Navarros. Look at how amazing the vaulted ceilings are. Between the beauty and striking presence of the cathedral walls, art, stain glass windows, and lighting, you really don't need to do much designing. There are a few florals on the front stage. Along the aisle are poinsettias and a long red runner.

The Reception Table SettingChristmas Wedding Tables

The guest tables at the reception are some of the most fun design elements of any wedding. It brings together class, etiquette, and creative florals. For this Christmas wedding, the couple wanted to do a Christmas theme that was modern; getting away from the rustic elements so frequently seen with this type of theme. Plus, the structural red berry vine brought in serious color and shape to the reception tables. Along the table they included the traditional poinsettia flowers and an elegant place setting.

The Bridal AccessoriesChristmas Wedding Bride Style The bride's style is charming and minimalistic. We LOVE these little velvet shoes with a satin red bow. Its the little pop of color all brides crave and is a sweet nod to all the Christmas gifts we all share this time of year. Next, the hair piece she is wearing is a mixed metal foliage and floral design. Ultimately, adding a little silver and gold to your wedding look is a classy way to handle Christmas without putting a bunch of mistletoe in your hair!

Christmas Wedding Guest Fashion Christmas Wedding Guest Tips

You know what the secret to having a classy Christmas wedding really is? Invite your fashionable party friends and dance the night away! This time of year people dress up in the colors of the season and it will make your reception look amazing! For example, this couples reception party was filled with lots of drinks and laughter. Their guests all looked fabulous in rich greens, reds, and blues! Check out all the colors, accents, fabrics, patterns, and accessories worn by their friends and family!
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Top 5 Winter Wedding Themes

One: A Winter wonderland

A beautiful winter wedding in Rochester, New York by Alexandra Elise Photography, held at The Wintergarden by Monroe's. Planned by Arobesque Design Studio. A classic for winter weddings for sure with icy blues, prim whites and every shade of grey. Winter wonderland weddings can be full of fantasy and magic and pretty easily accomplished with a simple color scheme, barren branches, and anything that shimmers! That may be over simplifying it, but it does tend to be the bread and butter of any winter wonderland wedding.

Two: Light and Airy Winter Wedding

white wedding bouquet  for a winter wedding Winter weddings bring with it the brisk air, cool colors, and a white blanket of change. Even if you don't live where it snows, there is an undeniable sense that everything is just different. This theme is more of a feeling than anything. It is captured by using a pale and somewhat monochromatic wedding colors, modern accessories, and simple styling. Three: Christmas Christmas tree farm - photo by Alicia King Photography Not everyone celebrates the Christmas holiday and not everyone loves it, BUT for those that do, it can be the perfect touch of magic for your winter wedding. The nice thing about a Christmas theme wedding is that it really lets you play up to the idea of magic, wishes coming true, hope, giving...I could go on and on (SPOILER: I love Christmas).

One trick pony?

Plus, there are many different variations of what a Christmas wedding could look like ranging on focusing on the nativity to Christmas from different cultures to Rudolph the red nose reindeer. All of which can be done without being over done - giving you a classy, magically, pure joy filled kind of day. Four: New Years for a Winter Wedding New Years Eve Party Ideas for Home: Get a luxury Table Setting New Years Eve Party Ideas for Home New Years Eve Party Ideas for Home: Get a Luxury Table Setting Room Decor Ideas Room Ideas New Years Eve Party Ideas Table Setting Luxury Interior Design Luxury Dining Room Design 6 Another holiday to use to bring some age old holiday magic to your wedding, New Years! This is great if you want glitz, glam, and a bit of a party-like atmosphere. And as the above picture shows, the New Years look doesn't have to be cheap party hats and music makers (though we think those can be totally fun party favors!). What's more is that you can only really have a new years themed wedding on or pretty dang close to New years. Five: Cabin in the Woods this is just SOOO amazing! Cabin rustic barn wedding pews wood ceremony There is something warm about the sight of a log cabin, blanket by snow. It makes people think of snuggling by they fire, drinking hot chocolate, and reading their favorite book. It is the kind of image that just works well with the dream to grow old together, laughing with the grand kids running around. This makes it a perfect winter wedding theme (and venue!),
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The Winter Wedding: How it is the Most Romantic Season

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Winter Wedding Wonderland There are a lot of Brides that will decide to have a longer engagement in order to avoid a winter wedding. Perhaps they have always had their heart set on that spring wedding, but I would bet they may only be seeing winter as the wet, cold, gray, and maybe a little sad, season. But there really is something magical about winter. Try and think about the first time you saw snow. If you grew up with snow, you might not be able to pin point it, but the feeling people get as they watch the soft snowflakes dance down and kiss their lashes and cheeks, is truly unforgettable. Winter is the time of year that forces you to realize how much love you have. We often describe love as a feeling of warmth we have inside our chest, a feeling of renewed exhilaration, and even a childlike giddiness. The cold of winter let's you feel that warmth in your heart. As you cuddle with your special someone watching the snow or rain fall, the warmth between you can feel like it seals you together. Winter is a time that people (and your guests!) will come closer together. Winter Wedding A Winter Wedding: Add That Cuddly-Love Touch
In winter, the air becomes crisp, giving you the physical manifestation of what exhilaration feels like. As you drink in that crisp winter air, it feels your lungs with a feeling of a fresh start. Despite the fact that the flowers are closing up and the leaves have fallen, that winter air gives the feelings of the beginnings of something new because underneath those past blossoms is the rumblings of new roses. This is just like how as your single life comes to a close, your new adventure as a married couple begins. 

For brides that think of winter as a sad time of year, don't forget about the child-like joy it inspires. There are snowball fights, sledding, hot coco, snowman building, and the building excitement of Christmas day. This can inspire your wedding to be light and playful, and full of a joy that is pure. 

Winter could be said to be the most romantic and love inspiring season of the year!         

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