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Lovely Personalized Wedding Vases

Wonderful, Whimsical, Personalized Wedding Vases


Personalized Wedding Vases

Creating your own centerpieces for you wedding reception can be difficult and frustrating if you're a newbie. The empty space within the vase is often hard to overcome, and something about the blank side of glass just isn't personal enough for you. Never fear, hypothetical flustered bride! Personalized wedding vases are the answer. Personalized wedding vases allow you to fill your reception space with color and sparkle while simultaneously adding touches of personality to your day.
Personalized wedding vases can either be engraved with your names or wrapped with color and text, depending on your preference. The benefit of "wrapped" personalized wedding vases is color uniformity. Your wedding colors can be synched up to your personalized wedding vases to create a more unified look and feel to your guest tables, dessert tables, and any other tables you can cram into your event space. Personalized wedding vases may feature your monogram, names, wedding date, and any theme you might be playing with for your wedding day. Use the colors of your personalized wedding vases to compliment the blooms within for brilliant (and simple!) centerpieces.
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