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5 Ways to Have a Cinderella Themed Wedding

5 Ways to Have a Cinderella Themed Wedding

When you dream of feeling like Cinderella on your wedding day, it’s going to be all of the little details that truly make that dream come to life. For everything from the cake toppers to the guest book, we’ve got a variety of items that will help make your Cinderella themed wedding come to life. Each item is available to customize, making your Cinderella day even more unique to you and your Prince Charming.

Happily Ever After Wedding Cake Topper

We love this Happily Ever After wedding cake topper for a variety of reasons. It’s the perfect way to start your Cinderella themed wedding - from Prince Charming kissing your hand, to the Cinderella ball gown, this wedding cake topper really covers all the details. It’s also customizable with your wedding date at the top! We have a variety of Happily Ever After cake toppers available - view additional Cinderella wedding cake toppers here.

Fairytale Coach Guestbook

One of the first things your wedding guests will see when they enter your ceremony is your guestbook table. Make it memorable and start your Cinderella themed wedding off right with this Fairytale Coach Guestbook and matching gold pen. Adorned with a gold coach with diamond accented wheels, your guests are sure to feel like they are in the presence of Cinderella.

Cinderella Coach Toasting Flutes

Sip champagne like royalty with these Fairy Tale Wedding Toasting Flutes. They are accented with a fairy tale coach with crystal wheels and an ivory organza bow. Available in Gold or Silver, these glasses add just the right amount of princess touch to your perfectly manicured hand.

Fairytale Coach Ring Bearer Pillow and Flower Girl Basket

The children you chose to walk down the aisle before you will be thrilled at these gorgeous fairytale items they will get to hold all day long. Carrying on the Cinderella theme, this Flower Girl Basket is adorned with the gold plated Cinderella coach and diamond wheels. The Ring Bearer Pillow has the same decorations, and also includes a satin bow.

Fairytale Coach Wedding Cake Serving Set

To compliment your wedding cake topper, this Fairy Tale Coach Wedding Cake Serving Set can help carry out your Cinderella themed wedding. Continuing with the emblem of the gold plated coach with diamond wheels, it also includes a satin bow around each item. The acrylic handles give it an extra princess touch and the stainless steel blades make it easy to use.

Fairytale Coach Wedding Unity Candle

The Unity Candle is used to symbolize two becoming one in the wedding ceremony, and this candle set is the perfect addition to your Cinderella themed wedding. This set comes with all three candles pictured and is adorned with the gold plated coach and satin bow. It is available in Silver or Gold. As beautiful as it is, the gold candle holder not included.
These are just a few of the many ways to incorporate a Cinderella theme throughout your wedding day. All of the above items can be ordered in silver or gold, and you can also choose from a variety of additional fairytale cake toppers from crystal to porcelain. If you need help or a custom idea, please reach out to our customer service team who can work with you to find the perfect match.
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Finding and Ordering your Wedding Ceremony Candle

Begin your Wedding Ceremony Candle Search Early

Wedding Ceremony Candle

Traditionally called a “unity candle,” a wedding ceremony candle is an important and elegant part of any wedding. You and your significant other will have no trouble at all finding the wedding ceremony candle of your dreams, but you do have to start looking early. If you want a custom or particularly specialized wedding ceremony candle, you will be able to find it, but it may take special ordering on the part of the provider. Even though a wedding ceremony candle doesn’t seem like a particularly important item to order early, you’ll want to plan ahead for anything specialized. Many couples also don’t realize that a wedding ceremony candle will not be available for certain types of shipping during the warmer months, as melting can be a definite problem! Though you may want to begin your wedding ceremony candle search in physical stores, you will almost always find more specific and specialized items online. As with any of your specialized wedding accessories, the right wedding ceremony candle isn’t a last-minute decision. It will be featured in many a wedding picture, so you want to be sure everything is just right!
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Don’t Overdo a Simple Wedding Unity Candle

A Simple Wedding Unity Candle: Far From Bland

Simple Wedding Unity Candle

  Your unity candle should hold a special place in your heart and in your household – it is the physical and symbolic representation of your union and your new married life: two lives joining together into one. You don’t want it do be just any candle that you could pick up at a drugstore on your way to the ceremony, but it’s probably just as likely that you don’t want something that is so covered in monograms and glitter that it outshines the rest of your ceremony. Your best bet is a simple wedding unity candle. A simple wedding unity candle doesn’t show off with too many things that jingle and sparkle, but it will emphasize one or two special decorations that denote it as YOUR simple wedding unity candle. One charm will do for the perfect simple wedding unity candle. And don’t think that weddings utilizing a particular theme are out of luck in the hunt for a simple wedding unity candle. You can find a beautiful simple wedding unity candle for every kind of wedding – from goth to country – without getting too flamboyant in the unity ceremony department. Find a simple band or singular charm to accent your simple wedding unity candle and you’ll be good to go.
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