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Funny and novel wedding cake toppers

Just as the moment of taking vow by bride and groom is special, the moment of cutting a wedding cake too is special, as it gets stored in the album of cherished moments for a lifetime. The wedding cake is made special for bride and groom by its unique accessories and presentation. The figurines of bride and groom as wedding cake toppers are presented in a unique way to truly reflect the love of both to each other.
Wedding cake toppers come in various styles and showcases different themes ranging from elegant figurines to funny and novelty wedding cake toppers so as to meet the taste of every wedding couple. If you are a fun loving person and want to add some humor and fun to your wedding ceremony while cutting the wedding cake, you can choose from a wide collection of funny and novelty wedding cake toppers.  The collection of novelty wedding cake toppers include figurines of Disney couple in a wedding car, funny frog couple cake topper, western cow wedding cake topper figurine, motorcycle wedding cake topper figurine and funny wedding hot dogs kiss & make up cake topper figurine among others. If both you and your partner want to personalize your wedding cake by adding your own humor to it, it can be done on special orders too.
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Unique collection of stylish and attractive wedding cake toppers

The occasion of ‘wedding’ is a time of celebration which demands everything to be perfect whether it is decoration of the wedding venue or wedding cakes so as to celebrate the occasion to the fullest and store it into the memories forever.
What make a simple cake to be transformed into a special wedding cake are its decorative accessories, presentation and the fine selection of cake accessories, including wedding cakes toppers, wedding figurines and wedding bases who altogether contribute to make it a special cake for a special wedding couple. There is an incomparable category of wedding cake elements named as ‘bestsellers’, which is a unique collection of stylish and attractive wedding cake toppers, wedding figurines and wedding bases. Whether it is a cake topper or a wedding base, you can choose the one that suits your taste and interest out of the wide collection. African-American dancing couple wedding cake topper figurine, Cinderella castle cake topper, porcelain doves wedding cake topper figurine, porcelain heart with groom holding bride and elegant calla lily bride and groom, are some of the bestsellers whose names themselves reflect that these accessories have all the abilities to adorn the wedding cake to make it special both for bride and groom.
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Animal Wedding Cake Toppers can make your wedding unique

Wedding Themes can range from traditional to modern and even uniquely creative. As we know any wedding is incomplete without a cake, they hold special importance. Cakes are also made in unusual style and designs from traditional designs to the western designs, and among them animal wedding cake toppers are very much in demand.
Enormous choice of figurine of different animals like precious moments wedding cake toppers, butterfly wedding cake, cat and dog wedding cake toppers, teddy bear wedding cake toppers, kissing dolphin beach wedding cake toppers, dove wedding cake toppers, and hummingbird wedding cake toppers and many more are ordered by many people for their weddings. Any unique or specific design with desired weight, width and length cakes can also be prepared on special orders. Use of different kind of antique and stylish accessories as the topping makes it more attractive and eye catching. These can more be highlighted by lettering a very small jingle or pet name of the couples symbolizing the animal wedding cake. More gleams can be added by using all bright colors and sparkle. You will find a choice of various other designs of animal wedding cake toppers is also available and can also be personalized the way you want it to be.
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Contemporary and Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding cake is a very important and integral part of any wedding ceremony and if it is not beautiful, then it might not get the attention it deserves. What is important in the cake is the figurine or a symbol or a designer piece kept on the top of the cake. Contemporary and unique wedding cake toppers now can be take home as found memories of your wedding. The most common cake topper is a couple statues of the bride and groom may be in glass to add an elegant touch or in some non toxic material. Another idea for a cake topper which can sweep your bride off her feet is a reflective castle. It is made of clear glass and makes the bride feel like a princess who is waiting for her prince charming. Many couples prefer the traditional cake topper like the ones Celtic Claddaugh which represents union of two souls and is made of porcelain. You can think of more innovative and unique wedding cake toppers which are true reflective of your personalities, beliefs and attitude.
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Wedding favors- a great way to thank our guests!

Bride and groom will have some fond memories of their weddings but guests who attend many weddings like yours will forget your wedding one day. There is one way through which you can make it memorable for your guests by the medium of wedding favors. It is a gift given by bride and groom to their guests on wedding receptions. Brides and grooms choose the favors on their own which reflects their personality, choice and theme of the wedding reception. Even the wedding favors depend on the theme of the wedding as the bride showers and table center pieces did. If you plan to have a wedding on the beach, then ornamental shells makes a perfect wedding favor. Wines depending on the bride shower theme can also be gifted as wedding favors. But even green wedding favors have been candles, small candles, big candles, scented candles, handmade candles and just candles! They are also not very expensive which makes them a perfect wedding favor. But every bride and groom wants their wedding to be unique in every way, whether cake toppers or table center pieces or decorations or themes and even the wedding favors. They go for personalized wedding favors which have a touch of their warmth and memories. So, find out some innovative wedding favors here.
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Themed wedding cake toppers must for a theme based wedding.

Wedding is one of the most important occasions of our life and we do everything to make it special. With wedding, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wedding cake. They are central to any wedding and a lot of thought goes behind deciding a wedding cake. Wedding cakes always have a topper, which is very important part of the cake. Mostly our weddings are theme based, so themed wedding cake toppers are also must so that they complement the theme of the wedding. If you plan to have a wedding at a beach, which is less formal as compared to the ones happening in church, then you need to have a cake topper which reflects the theme of the beach. The shape of the cake can be kept the way you like it may be like waves of the seas and toppers can be in shape of star fishes or even turtles. These are not standard cake toppers so you might like to visit a bakery that bakes cake for kids. Las Vegas can be recreated in your cake topper if you plan a Las Vegas theme wedding. You can get a novel wedding cake topper which would highlight your fun side and will add a touch of humor to your wedding. Browse through our extensive collection of wedding toppers.
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Give traditional touch with ethnic wedding cake toppers

An occasion that comes in everybody’s life is their wedding for both women and men. And everybody wants to make it as special and memorable as they can. They want everything to be unique and extraordinary be it their costume, venue or even the cuisine. What makes the wedding special, is the extraordinary events that are placed on this memorable day. As a part of making this day special, wedding cake and its accessories like cake toppers play an important role as it adds sheen and patina to the occasion. And there are various ways to prepare a wedding cake; and it is usually made on special orders taking care of the customers’ choice. From so many varieties available, ethnic wedding cake toppers are mostly in demand. It has display of groom and bride standing arm in arm or groom grabbing the bride by her wrist while she trying to run away. It can be made more original by adding up heart shaped photo frame with bride and groom picture at the top of the cake. You can also chose from various traditional, graceful and humorous wedding cake toppers available. You can browse through our exciting range of ethnic cake toppers.
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Wedding Cake Toppers with Monogram Initials

It’s your wedding time and you cannot miss this opportunity to celebrate this grand occasion with a lavish and delicious cake. Make sure it is the centre of attraction with exquisite icing and equally impressive toppings. However, your cake is not complete till you get a fabulous monogram initials wedding cake toppers. One can find a large variety of wedding cake toppers such as gold, silver and rhinestone toppers with swaroski crystals. You can choose among the initials of your name or a heart shaped monograms that will be an ideal way of using a wedding topper. These designer wedding cake toppers will look at their best when placed on a grandiose cake that will remain the centre of attraction throughout the event. These sparkling crystals will add charm to the gala night of your wedding ceremony. You can go for monograms initials as love letters that come in all the alphabets or swaroski heart shaped cake topper as per your wish and ensure you an memorable and sparkling wedding. So, get the latest monogram initials wedding cake toppers for your wedding and enjoy the blessed harmony of conjugal bliss. Find more information about monogram initials wedding cake toppers here
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Make your wedding evening floral with wedding cake toppers

Cake topper is the most beautiful and attractive thing after your wedding dress on your wedding day. A recent survey revealed more than 75 percent of couples are using cake toppers on their wedding cake to give it a beautiful look. Everybody wants to get a unique, beautiful and an attractive cake topper which catches everyone's attention in the wedding. These cake toppers are made of plastic or crystals, but the most attractive one is floral wedding cake toppers. To add the glamour and class in decor of the wedding reception, select flowers that exactly match the color of bride’s bouquet. And to get the stunning effect, go for orchids or fresh roses to topple down the tiers of wedding cake. Your wedding cake topper should be something that absolutely reflects your taste. It can be decorated with the imaginative and innovative ideas used by you that would make a wonderful wedding cake topper. It would be chosen with intense thought because floral wedding cake topper can enhance the beauty of your wedding photo album and make it even more graceful. To add a little creativity in that, use some bright colored petals and leaves display on the wedding cake in order to make it more eye-catching. You can even use artistic candle to beautify the cake. Addition of floral wedding cake in your wedding could give the decor of your wedding reception a different feel. Browse through our collection of floral wedding cake toppers.
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Enchant your guests with Wedding cake toppers

Every couple wishes to make their wedding memorable. It is the wedding cake which is the main focus of attraction for guests at the wedding reception. It is not only the taste of the cake that lures guests but the décor too. A beautiful cake with beautiful ambience helps in making an impression on everyone present in the party. Moreover, it is seen as epitome of the couple’s love and romance. Hence, wedding cake toppers are one of the novelties that can be used as a memento for your wedding day. The bride and groom should choose a special wedding cake topper that is unique in its own way and should match personality of the couple. There is a wide range of wedding cake toppers to choose from and the list includes monogram, ethnic, sports and animals. There are some couples that choose comical wedding cake toppers as they are sure to attract the attention of the guests and entertain them too. Apart from the standard cake toppers available in the market, you can also personalize your wedding cake tops. Hence, if you are soon going to be wed and are looking for planning your wedding cake and its accessories, then check our latest and wide range of cake toppers.
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