Themed wedding cake toppers must for a theme based wedding.

Wedding is one of the most important occasions of our life and we do everything to make it special. With wedding, the first thing that comes to our mind is the wedding cake. They are central to any wedding and a lot of thought goes behind deciding a wedding cake. Wedding cakes always have a topper, which is very important part of the cake. Mostly our weddings are theme based, so themed wedding cake toppers are also must so that they complement the theme of the wedding. If you plan to have a wedding at a beach, which is less formal as compared to the ones happening in church, then you need to have a cake topper which reflects the theme of the beach. The shape of the cake can be kept the way you like it may be like waves of the seas and toppers can be in shape of star fishes or even turtles. These are not standard cake toppers so you might like to visit a bakery that bakes cake for kids. Las Vegas can be recreated in your cake topper if you plan a Las Vegas theme wedding. You can get a novel wedding cake topper which would highlight your fun side and will add a touch of humor to your wedding. Browse through our extensive collection of wedding toppers.