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Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette

Wedding Thank You Notes Etiquette

Thank you notes are perceived as being one of the last stops of the wedding train. In a way, they are, but in order for you not to drown in envelopes, hand cramps, envelope moisteners, and gift lists, some thank you cards can be done along the way. For example, your bridal shower thank you notes should be sent out within a week, with a special note or gift to whoever hosted. Also, when you get gifts that come in the mail, you should go ahead and write your thank you note right after you open the wrapping. So what happens when you wait till after the honeymoon to send out your thank yous? Well...then you got to get a move on!

What time frame to write your thank you notes?

Some people say that newlyweds have a year after their wedding to send out all their thank you notes, and while you can consider that year mark as that absolute deadline, it is best to get them out within the first four months after your wedding. Like I noted above, thank you's for bridal shower gifts, those who hosted celebrations, or otherwise assisted with your wedding, should be sent out within two weeks.

Fuchsia/Orange Damask and Crest Thank You Cards

What do you say in a thank you note?

Even if the gift or service is coming from someone that you may not be one hundred percent chummy with, the number one concern with a thank you note is to be genuine. This means using a stationary that is not pre-written or fill in the blank. Furthermore, in your personalized note, don't exaggerate or overly gush about how their gift is your favorite, especially if its not. Then, on the other hand, don't inform them that you are returning their gift because they were the fourth person to give you a crock-pot. Simply give your appreciation for the thought and time in which they have supported your new adventure. For guests that gift you with money or gift cards, if you know how you are going to use the money, feel free to tell them. 


Peacock Feather Thank You

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Spotting Easy Invitation Kits

Do it DIY with Easy Invitation Kits

Easy Invitation Kits

No one starts a search for invitation kits looking for a difficult or clumsy experience. The goal is always to find a beautiful invite for the right price, but it’s also important that you won’t go through fifty bucks of stationary before you figure out how to print the damn thing. Easy invitation kits are a must-have in the DIY wedding world, and they key is to do your homework before you buy. Easy invitation kits are only easy in the right hands, and you want to make sure you’re really reading through the materials before you begin on your easy invitation kit adventure. For a really spectacular set of easy invitation kits, consider purchasing a stationary set that features not only easy invitation kits, but save-the-dates, table numbers, programs, menus, and place cards. By bundling these items together, easy invitation kits make your entire wedding, and all of the accompanying stationary, cohesive and stylish.   So how do you spot easy invitation kits? Check for kits that offer complimentary tips and tricks for printing the materials. Make sure you’re always purchasing from a valid source and that all pieces in the kit are accounted for! You can always contact the seller of the easy invitation kits for more specific information.
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