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Wedding Showers are fun events

Wedding showers are fun events. If you are the one throwing the shower, then you have a lot of work to do. The first basic task is to decide when the wedding shower should be held. It should be on a date that is convenient to the guest of honor. If it is intended to be a surprise party, then you need to ensure that the guest of honor can make it to the party. Then you will need to decide on the venue and the guest list for the shower. Once that is done, you need to decide on the theme of the shower. The invitation of the shower must follow the theme. The invitation needs to have all the relevant information. It must contain who and what the shower is for, the time, the date, the venue, and the phone number of the hostess. If you want the party to be a surprise one, the make sure you mention it on the card so that your guests do not tell her. You can create your own invitations or choose from the existing ones available at the shops. It depends on your time and budget.
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