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Favors and Send-Offs: Wedding Recessional Sparklers

A Recessional Alternative: Wedding Recessional Sparklers

Wedding Recessional Sparklers

When the bride and groom retreat to their wedding getaway car after the ceremony or reception, it's always fun to have the guests throwing rice, flowers, or any other number of colorful accessories. The effect is beautiful in pictures, and most of your guests will love to be a part of a lighthearted wedding tradition. There are some venues, however, that aren't so keen on allowing things thrown about willy-nilly, even if it is for a wedding. Wedding recessional sparklers help add a beautiful sparkle of color to your wedding day without any of the mess that venues get so testy about. Wedding recessional sparklers come in a variety of colors and styles; you don't have to stick with the traditional shower of rice or birdseed as you make your way off into the sunset.   My favorite types of wedding recessional sparklers are the ones that serve as both a send-off to the bride and groom and a favor for your guests. Wedding recessional sparklers that come in fun shapes (such as hearts and stars) make for great gifts for those who have come to witness your marriage. Place out two wedding recessional sparklers at each place setting - one for the send-off and one for your guests to keep. Everyone will love the sentiment of wedding recessional sparklers on both the day of your wedding and for the next firework occasion - maybe even your anniversary!
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