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A Few Tips Concerning Wedding Table Numbers

Making Visible and Vibrant Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding Table Numbers

There are several ways couples communicate seating arrangements during their wedding receptions. As ceremonies are generally open seating (aside from the first few rows, which are reserved for immediate family, per generally accepted etiquette), those arrangements are of little concern for a bride hunting for wedding table numbers. No, the wedding table numbers you’re undoubtedly looking for are for the reception part of the day. Without a well-organized seating chart, it’s possible that your reception to devolve into anarchy. Often, guests slide chairs around crowded tables or a few stragglers are left with few or no dining partners when couples eschew seating charts or wedding table numbers. It is in your best interest, and is commonly expected by guests, that wedding table numbers will be a part of the evening. When you’re chosen a seating chart, you are no doubt now wondering how to organize or present your wedding table numbers. While there are countless ways to do it, there is one rule you should try to follow: make your wedding table numbers easy to see and clear. Literally anything else goes. Wish to name your tables instead of number them? Also fine, though it might get confusing if you have a large banquet hall. Like with wedding table numbers, it is most important that your guests can see them, and that they’re easy to spot across a crowded room.
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Keeping a Safe and Secure Wedding Reception Card Box

A Stylish Wedding Reception Card Box

Wedding Reception Card Box

If you’re preparing for a wedding, you may be thinking about the necessity of a wedding reception card box. A wedding reception card box generally sits near the front of your reception space for the benefit of your guests, often on or near the wedding gift table. Though many brides think of it as an aesthetic and traditional convenience, a wedding reception card box is also a safety concern. While wedding crashers are rare, especially when you’ve taken the necessary precautions to keep them out, a little peace of mind on the night of your wedding is worth a lot. So what steps should you take to be sure that your secure wedding reception card box is as safe as it could be, especially with the gifts and irreplaceable sentiments given to you by your guests nestled within?   Your best bet is to locate your wedding reception card box in a secure spot within your reception venue. Think of keeping it near the back of the space, rather than the front, or in a place frequented by event staff. There’s no reason that your wedding reception card box shouldn’t be both an aesthetic marvel and a safe place for the cards and sentiments of your wedding guests!
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