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How Much Do Weddings Cost?

How Much Do Weddings Cost?

Weddings cost money. It doesn't matter if you're planning the biggest wedding of the year or if you're doing a courthouse wedding and going out with your closest friends for dinner to celebrate after. It costs roughly $75 to get married at your local courthouse. Add in $15 dollars for your marriage licence, maybe $50 for a simple nice dress, and $100 for dinner and you're looking at a wedding coming under $250.00. Courthouse Weddings Cost Photo by: Michelle Walker Photography   If you're looking to spend as little as humanely possible on your wedding, a courthouse wedding is a good place to start. However, everyone's dream wedding is different and come with different budgets.

How Much Do Average Weddings Cost?

Average Cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $12,343.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $300.00
  • Limo Service: $800.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $3,500.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $2,559.00
  • Wedding Dress: $1,357.00
  • Groom's Tux: $197.00
  • Wedding Cake: $450.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $2,141.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $300.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $750.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $7,000.00
The total average cost of a wedding: $31,697.00 

The Low Budget Wedding

Low end cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $640.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $100.00
  • Limo Service: $220.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $450.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $323.00
  • Wedding Dress: $120.00
  • Groom's Tux: $120.00
  • Wedding Cake: $125.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $189.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $60.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $150.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $400.00
The total cost of a typical low budget wedding: $2,897

The Pull No Punches Wedding

Weddings Cost Glam High end cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $20,000.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $650.00
  • Limo Service: $1,800.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $9,750.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $4,500.00
  • Wedding Dress: $2,600.00
  • Groom's Tux: $2,600.00
  • Wedding Cake: $1,000.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $4,200.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $1,050.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $1,300.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $13,000.00
The total cost of typical high budget wedding: $62,450.00

Plan Within Your Budget

While these numbers come from various bride surveys and market trends, remember that they represent the typical and average. You can make more room in your budget by forgoing some of these items or if you have personal connections to vendors, you might find yourself a deal. A lot of couples looking to save may even have an outdoor, backyard reception, forgoing any venue costs. Additionally, keep in mind that there a million little small details to account for. For example, wedding accessories like cake toppers, wedding garters, and table center pieces, while not big purchases will still add to you total costs. Whatever your dream wedding is just remember that a wedding that stays within budget is always going to be less stressful.  
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Does a Wedding Cake Topper Need a Base?

The most basic answer to this frequent question is no. Cake topper bases are more often than not only used for aesthetic appeal. So the question you should ask yourself is do you want your cake topper to have a base? Bases can add an element of creativity, elegance, and even fun. But, depending on your cake topper and the base in question, it may add a formality that you are not looking for. At Wedding Collectibles we provide cake toppers with and without bases and bases that can be used with your choice of cake topper. It is the DIY of wedding cake toppers. Click here for bases that can be mixed and matched with any wedding topper.

There will be some cases where a base is required or a base cannot really be used. For example, if you are purchasing a glass cake topper, it is required to have some sort of base or stand for safety concerns, such that we do not sell glass figurines as cake toppers unless they have a base. Please note that acrylic cake toppers will often look like glass toppers, but do not require a base, so please be sure to read the product descriptions if you are unsure.

Action Wedding Collectible

 The Secret Life of Pets film

Then, many of our monogram cake toppers and action toppers cannot be used with a base because they are made to be held to the cake through the use of prongs. For example, in the wedding cake topper above, the climbing groom has prongs in his hands and feet. This assures that the figure will stay where you want it, though it won’t exactly work as the best collectible on your mantle and it has no need for a cake topper base.

 The Secret Life of Pets film

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What is the Difference Between Porcelain Cake Toppers and Resin Cake Toppers?

So...What is the Difference Between Porcelain and Resin?

This is a common question at Wedding Collectibles because most wedding cake toppers are going to be made of one or the other. To answer this question I will go over the qualities of both, noting some pros and cons of each. It is important, however, to know that whether you should buy a porcelain cake topper versus a resin cake topper will depend more on what is important to you. Porcelain  Porcelain Cake Topper Porcelain is a ceramic material made similar to the way that glass is made, involving heating or firing of material such as clay.If it breaks, you will notice that the texture of the broken surface will feel powdery, demonstrating that the material is made of smaller materials or grans. However, unless it is dropped or hit with something it isn't going to break. Porcelain is a material that doesn't ware away or in anyway disintegrate. These are known for being a high quality cake topper. Why?
  • Porcelain lasts longer. The color and shape won't fade or distort (unless you drop it and it breaks!)
Like most things, there are some disadvantages to Porcelain cake toppers as well.
  • The major disadvantage is that is can't hold edges very well. What this means is that if the edge or detail is too thin, it will collapse on itself. If you have a porcelain cake topper, you do not need to worry about this happening. This would only occur while making the figurine, meaning that it limits the kind of details you are going to find in the cake topper.
  • Expensive Material. High quality porcelain cake toppers do tend to be more expensive, but not necessarily out of budget. If you are looking for a long lasting keepsake, porcelain is well worth the money!
Resin  Resin cake toppers Resin or Stone Resin is an increasingly popular material for wedding cake toppers and figurines. Why?
  • Resin can be intricately detailed, meaning that your cake topper can have more detail.
  • It can be cheaper than porcelain, but still maintain a similar look.* (See exemption in Cons below!)
Some Cons for Resin cake toppers
  • Resin actually yellows over time, so if you buy a resin cake topper you may find the white to be looking a little less...white. If you display it in an area that has a lot of sun, your cake topper will easily be yellowed within a year. Whether it sits in the sun or not, it will yellow, the sun just speeds up the process.This is why if you plan on your cake topper being a keep sake that you will have around for a lifetime or more, you may want to look at something other then Resin.
  • The cost is increasing! Resin is most basically a high grade plastic. For a long time this meant that the cake toppers could be made at a lower cost, but the cost of this material is going up. Making the cost difference between Resin and Porcelain to not be so much of a difference.
You will find wedding cake toppers made of both materials because you can get a high quality cake toppers with each. Whether one is better than the other will depend on what you want to focus on. If you are looking for a top of the heap porcelain cake topper, Lenox is known for producing high quality porcelain. Then, one of the most popular makers of resin cake toppers and figurines that you may be familiar with is Willow Tree. Wedding Collectibles carries both of the above brands and produces our own. We work diligently to produce the best cake toppers at an affordable price. You can trust that affordable, in our case, will not mean sloppy work.

If you have any more questions on these difference please feel free to post below or give us a call!!

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