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A Photo Booth as a Guest Book

Wedding Photo BoothA wedding photo booth is perfect for your fun and flirty wedding! Photo booths are a great way to encourage your guests to document their memories for you on your special day. Many brides and grooms will even use a photo booth in lieu of a guestbook!

How it works:

A photographer with a Polaroid camera snaps a picture of your guests as they come in or throughout the night in front of your backdrop. Then, your guests sign their picture and slip it in a photo album or hang it on a clothes line display!

Why people love it:

It really is a great way to capture who was at your wedding; keeping the name to the face of that distant relative that you don't know too well. Plus, guests have the opportunity to have some fun with it, making the picture silly or more personal than their name scribbled down in a book. Add in some props and your guests will not be able to help but have fun with it!

Top Three Photo Booths

Wedding Photo Booth backdrop Nautical Photo Booth Beach Wedding Photo Booth

Check out all our photo booth back drops here and tell us which are your favorites in the comment section! 

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Real Wedding Features!!!

Wedding Collectibles Real Wedding Features Ruffled Handcrafted Sonora Wedding Real Wedding Featured on Ruffled. Photo By: Joleen Willis We are so excited to announce that we are now taking submissions for real wedding features on our blog. We love working with brides and now we want to see the final event. By submitting to be featured you will not only inspire us as we develop products, but also soon-to-be brides as they are delving into their wedding planning and accessorizing journey.

What We Are Looking For

  • Brides that love their wedding and want to share their favorite aspects and vendors with other brides!
  • If you strayed from tradition or were creative in a particular aspect of your wedding decor we want to know about it!
  • If you stayed traditional, we still want to hear about how you did things. We love traditional weddings!
  • High quality photos. A picture is worth a thousand words here! We want to see photos that really show off the beauty of your wedding.
  • What you wish you knew when you started planning your wedding and other tips and tricks you picked up along the way.
  • If you used a Wedding Collectibles product, we want to hear about it and see how it turned out!

How to Submit

It's easy! Just follow the link below and fill out the questionnaire. Click here to submit your real wedding! If your wedding is selected to be featured, you will then be contacted with further instructions regarding your photo submission. We look forward to hearing from you!
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New Trends in Wedding Photography

When the two of you hire a wedding photographer, you probably have a few specific must-have photo ops in mind: your first kiss as a married couple, the first dance, the cake cutting- but what about some of the newer photo shoot options in wedding photography? Will you opt for your photographer to capture the "first look" between you and your fiancé/fiancée before the ceremony? How about something a little more personal the morning after?
These extra wedding photo opportunities are showing up with more frequency on the wedding scene, but here's my opinion regarding which ones to try and which ones to skip:

The Engagement Photo Shoot
More and more couples are looking to have a little fun with their engagement photo shoots, copying scenes from movies like "UP" or visiting some of their favorite places in their home towns, but is it a venture worth the expense?
Yes. Some photographers will throw in an engagement photo shoot as a part of a larger package, and it's a fun opportunity to score some high-end professional photos of you and your fiancé/fiancée in non-wedding attire. Even if it isn't part of a package, it's still an expense that's worth the photos you'll end up with. You can really show off who you are as a couple, have a little fun, and use those photos for save-the-dates or Christmas cards. Take this cool opportunity to go to an arcade, the local arboretum, or even your favorite A&W - anything goes. Just make sure you check up on photo restrictions of your favorite venue first.   The First Look Before the Ceremony
Though some couples hold to the tradition that a couple shouldn't see each other before the ceremony, traditions aren't for everybody. In fact, many couples have said that doing a "first look" (meeting with your betrothed before you walk down the aisle) is a great way to ease your nerves before you walk down the aisle. But if you're going to do it, should you have your photographer there?
Honestly, you won't even notice the photographer, but you will wish you had a picture of your face when you do the first look. It's a moment worth documenting and you'll always regret not having photos of every special moment during your wedding day. It's not a hassle for your photographer to add a "first look" to the list of "must-have" shots (like group photos and the first kiss) during the day, and you'll be glad you asked for them.   The Morning After Photo Shoot
A new trend in intimate wedding photography (more so even than the boudoir shoot) steps right into the couple's bedroom or hotel on the morning after their wedding. Some couples have now opted to have a photographer present during their first hours as a married couple in order for their bliss to be completely documented. Though the resulting photos tend to be tasteful in that nobody goes for the full-frontal shot, the sexiness is implied.
Unlike the first look, this is one intimate moment that will probably end up more staged and creepy than sweet and sentimental, and it's not exactly an album you can keep on the coffee table. As exciting as this sort of photography sounds, you can't possibly imagine how much you won't want to deal with another set of pictures on the morning after your wedding. Sleep in and skip this photo op.

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Andres and Andreas’ Wedding Reception

Andrea and Andres’ wedding reception was held at a private estate in the hills near the church where they held their ceremony. While the bridal entourage took pictures in the expansive backyard overlooking the beautiful California skyline, guests mingled at the front of the estate, entertained by live mariachi music and light cocktails. The wedding, from ceremony to reception, had an old-world feel that came across beautifully in the décor, food, style, and venue. The backyard was transformed for the Muller wedding (with the family even re-landscaping part of it for the lounge), featuring a polished wood dance floor with floating pink lanterns, a lounge at the fringe of the party, and several family-style tables adorned with flowers and food. The small orange trees that peppered the dance floor, combined with the blooms floating in the permanent garden fountain, helped create a perfect setting for the laid-back, family wedding. The white guest tables were draped with blue-green burlaps and lined with bunches of spring blossoms such as roses, ranunculus, parrot tulips, garden roses, and other similar blooms atop hunks of driftwood. Blooms were also found in mason jars that had been painted in a chic, vintage style (with a pale blue drip around the rim of each jar). Escort cards, table numbers, and menus all matched in style and color, and coordinated beautifully with the other stationary that led up to the event: programs and invitations. The focus of the wedding was definitely the dance floor – it was full of guests throughout the duration of the evening – though most people did find time to make trips to the bar (where margaritas and wine dominated the menu) and to eat the delicious dinner prepared by famous Orange County food truck, Barcelona on the Go. Guests also indulged in one of the event’s several cakes, featuring flavors such as succulent chocolate, tiramisu, and red velvet. The reception space was filled with color throughout the entire evening. Pinks, oranges, whites, yellows, and greens faded to a warm glow as the lanterns became the primary focus of the evening. It looked as if this backyard was meant to host Andres and Andreas’ reception!

Styling by Sugar and Fluff

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A Wedding Photo Album is the Real Deal

Share Your Day with a Wedding Photo Album


Wedding Photo Album

With the kinds of technology available to brides today, some brides may be ignoring the time-honored keepsake of the wedding photo album. And who could blame them? From prints of you wedding showing up in your inbox the day after your nuptials, to “sharing” them immediately with just a point and click, the wedding photo album might look like a relic of weddings past. It may feel old-fashioned to have a lace-covered wedding photo album on your coffee table or tucked away on your bookshelf, but don’t discount it just yet; A wedding photo album still has a place in your home.   A wedding photo album is a timeless way to preserve the images of your wedding for generations to come. Formatting on your Macbook may come and go, but as long as you keep it safe, your wedding photo album will last forever. Don’t trust your computer with all the images of your day - You might be only one coffee spill or virus away from losing them all.   A wedding photo album also allows you the creative opportunity to design your wedding photos to create an experience for whoever looks through it. Many years from now, when your great-great-grandchildren are looking through your wedding photo album, they’ll feel more connected to you than if they had to search through old computer files for singular images. Share your day in a tangible way with a wedding photo album.
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Looking good in your wedding photographs

Your wedding went without a glitch. But when it came to your wedding photographs, then you looked awful. So what can you do to ensure that you look good in your snaps? The first step is to hire a good photographer. Do not be stingy in that area. Wedding snaps are souvenirs for life and you should not compromise on that front. Do not opt for complicated or gawdy hairstyle and veil. You will be busy the entire day and will not have time to check the mirror. So if your hair style goes haywire, then you will not know it and your photographs will be awful. Make sure your mascara is waterproof or else they will start melting the moment you cry. You will definitely not want black eyes on your wedding day.  Also avoid powder based eyeshadow. Avoid glossy lipstick as you will eat it up. You can use a matt shade and apply a coat of sheer lipstick atop. Make sure your make up is soft and natural. Too harsh makeup will make you look awful. Stick to soft shades of pinks and browns. Ensure that your foundation does not cake. Black and white photographs have a soft feel to it.
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Get the best wedding photographs

Wedding photographs are something that can be cherished throughout your life. You can even show your grandchildren your wedding photographs. Thus, it is necessary that you hire a good photographer who will not compromise on quality. These are the photographs that need to be preserved for life. If the print quality is bad, you will regret later. You might want to explain to your photographer what are the things and moments you would want to capture. Make sure you hire a professional. You will need to see a few samples of his work before you decide to finalize one. If you want him to capture any special moments along with the key wedding moments, then give him a brief before hand. There are so many special moments in a wedding between the bride, the groom and their family. The more observant your photographer is, the better for you. You will be busy on your special day. You cannot give instructions on that day. So it is better that you give a brief before hand. If required, you can also jot it down in pen and paper and hand it over. Your photographer may be a professional but its your wedding and you call the shots
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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is extremely important for you. You would want to cherish the memories for life. So it is important that you have photographs of the event. These photographs will provide you with immense enjoyment many years later. You will remember how everyone looked and how much they enjoyed. They are your treasured moments and need to be captured. Hence chossing a wedding photographer that can capture your precious moments vividly. You will have to choose someone who is well versed and has expertise to handle weddings. Try and look at various sources and then zero in on the right person after suitable considerations. Once you have chosen the person, it is important that you meet and brief the photographer personally. Ask him to show you the samples of the pictures he has taken. You can judge suitably from his work whether he will be good for you or not. You must also see the quality of his prints. Do not compromise on the print quality. The photographs will need to last a lifetime.
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Wedding Albums For a Lifetime Of Memories

You have planned everything for your special day – from the menu to the decorations to the guest list and others. You have even decided on your trousseau. So wouldn’t you want to preserve the moments for life? Don’t forget to book a professional photographer for your wedding. Your photos must come out as good as you look. Insist on best quality prints. After all this is something that will be cherished for a lifetime. Do not bother to pose or anything. Make sure that you smile and look happy. That would not be too difficult as you will be super happy that day. Once you get the snaps, preserve them in a good album. Design your wedding album in a way that will reflect your personality. Every image must be given the space and uniqueness it needs. Do not just cram up your album with as many snaps you can. Your album must have a few number of photos but they should be the best ones you have. The first page is the entry to your album. So that should have the best snaps available. Try and layout your snaps as creatively as you can. Many years letter when you go through the albums, you will realize how important it is to have a good album.
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