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Top 7 Elopement Venues

Elopement venues to die for! Photo Credit: De Nueva Photography

When you elope today, it’s all about the location and Y-O-U!

While some family members may be offended with your decision to elope, it really is more about you and your future as a married couple that matters. So, make sure you have some fun shopping around elopement venues that will be best for you! In an interview with “Intimate Weddings” writer Gaelen, a newly wed couple shared their thoughts on the best part of eloping.
They said, “Daron and I got to spend the entire day together. Honestly, it was the most romantic day – and our photographer and videographer were there to capture it all. We had a blast and didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else.”
Wedding venues around the world are opening up to couples looking for these intimate, and totally instagrammable, ceremonies! Forget Las Vegas! Couples are exchanging vows all over the world in some of the most beautiful places on earth; and they are bringing their photographer friends with them!
Tip! Having a wedding video and lots of pictures to share from your adventure will help ease some family members hurt feelings of not being invited to attend your intimate wedding.
For example, these seven wedding elopement venues from around the world will provide the coveted snaps and humble bragging rights you’ve been looking for!
Tip! Keep in mind that even though you’re having a small ceremony, hiring a travel and event planner is important when choosing to marry outside of the country.

Here are our picks for the top seven elopement venues for eloping couples – there’s one for every continent!

First, Australia:

If you are looking for nuptials that perhaps conclude with surfing on the gold coast or exploring an ancient rainforest, check out Wildhearted and Hitched. They are a wedding planning business based in Queensland and specialize in small weddings. [embed][/embed]

Next up, Africa!

Dreaming of Africa? Mahali Mzuri has wedding event specialists ready to plan an exquisite Safari wedding for the two of you and up to 24 guests (if you choose to invite them!) [embed][/embed]

South America:

Get married at one of the New Seven Wonders of the World! Belmond Hotel. Machu Picchu. Really, enough said. [embed][/embed]

North America:

Next, channel your inner “wild man” and explore these unique treehouses in Washington state as an option for your secret nuptials. [embed][/embed]


You really can’t beat a tropical beach wedding. Check out the Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort. Truly, it's beautiful and an an award winning luxury hotel specializing in ceremonies large and small. [embed][/embed]

Next, Head Over to Europe:

Try on your glass slippers Cinderella because your perfect wedding destination is in France! For example, Peach Perfect Wedding planners have work romantic Chateaus and mansions, and other beautiful locations all over the country bringing you the fairy tale wedding you have been dreaming about. [embed][/embed]

Finally, take a look at Antarctica:

Looking for ultimate wedding bragging rights? Then, why not get married on a glacier in the Antarctic? Aurora Expeditions has hosted adventures couples getting engaged, married, or for their vow renewals! [embed][/embed]
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Kathleen & Garret's Vineyard Wedding

Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

A Real Wedding Feature: Kathleen and Garrett's Vineyard Wedding

For this real wedding, Kathleen and Garrett created their dream Vineyard wedding at Lake Oak Meadows. This gorgeous venue is located in Temecula, California. They chose it for it's serene beauty and the intimacy it creates. Take a glimpse into this real wedding for inspiration, as well as tips on how to make this real wedding your own.

The PhotographerBrooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

Brooke Hicken Photography captured this fairy tale wedding day. . To see her amazing portfolio check out her website here. Brooke Hicken Photography captured everything from the nervous-excited bride getting ready down to the impeccable wedding accessories that made this a picture perfect event. This gorgeous shot captures the simple elegance of this wedding. Featuring a jealousy inducing engagement ring and wedding bad, each representing the commitment this bride and groom decided to make. Having a wedding rings featured in your wedding photos is definitely on trend and Brooke Hicken Photography did not disappoint.

The Traditions Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

Kathleen chose a traditional route of getting ready with her bridesmaids wearing a beautiful bridal robe as she eagerly awaited slipping into her princess worthy wedding dress. Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature Here the bride and groom chose to have their first look captured privately, before Kathleen walked down the aisle. This is a choice more and more couples are making; it allows them a few quiet moments together before they declare themselves in front oftheir loved ones. Whether you choose to have that first look before or during the ceremony, the moment will be one you want to remember.    

Wedding Accessories

  Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature Next, wedding looks tend to come down to the little details. For example, the small candles laced with crystal and the stunning cake serving set help establish a look and feel of elegance. A similar look can be created with our "Glittering Beads" serving set. Or, take a look at our reflective lace candle holders that can be found by clicking here.

The Wedding Cake

Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

A wedding is often the crown jewel of a wedding look. Therefore, no real wedding feature would be complete without taking a look at the cake! This real wedding used a glass base lined with dripping crystal (talk about gorgeous!).  Kathleen and Garret's wedding cake is small and a blue ombre, but has defined color blocks. The wedding cake topper is what makes this wedding cake truly unique. If you want a similar look, this cake topper can be mimicked and made your own using Wedding Collectible's contemporary "Love Bird" cake topper.

As you are planning your dream wedding, what is your priority one?The photographer, the venue, the little details, or the cake?

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Looking good in your wedding photographs

Your wedding went without a glitch. But when it came to your wedding photographs, then you looked awful. So what can you do to ensure that you look good in your snaps? The first step is to hire a good photographer. Do not be stingy in that area. Wedding snaps are souvenirs for life and you should not compromise on that front. Do not opt for complicated or gawdy hairstyle and veil. You will be busy the entire day and will not have time to check the mirror. So if your hair style goes haywire, then you will not know it and your photographs will be awful. Make sure your mascara is waterproof or else they will start melting the moment you cry. You will definitely not want black eyes on your wedding day.  Also avoid powder based eyeshadow. Avoid glossy lipstick as you will eat it up. You can use a matt shade and apply a coat of sheer lipstick atop. Make sure your make up is soft and natural. Too harsh makeup will make you look awful. Stick to soft shades of pinks and browns. Ensure that your foundation does not cake. Black and white photographs have a soft feel to it.
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Get the best wedding photographs

Wedding photographs are something that can be cherished throughout your life. You can even show your grandchildren your wedding photographs. Thus, it is necessary that you hire a good photographer who will not compromise on quality. These are the photographs that need to be preserved for life. If the print quality is bad, you will regret later. You might want to explain to your photographer what are the things and moments you would want to capture. Make sure you hire a professional. You will need to see a few samples of his work before you decide to finalize one. If you want him to capture any special moments along with the key wedding moments, then give him a brief before hand. There are so many special moments in a wedding between the bride, the groom and their family. The more observant your photographer is, the better for you. You will be busy on your special day. You cannot give instructions on that day. So it is better that you give a brief before hand. If required, you can also jot it down in pen and paper and hand it over. Your photographer may be a professional but its your wedding and you call the shots
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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is extremely important for you. You would want to cherish the memories for life. So it is important that you have photographs of the event. These photographs will provide you with immense enjoyment many years later. You will remember how everyone looked and how much they enjoyed. They are your treasured moments and need to be captured. Hence chossing a wedding photographer that can capture your precious moments vividly. You will have to choose someone who is well versed and has expertise to handle weddings. Try and look at various sources and then zero in on the right person after suitable considerations. Once you have chosen the person, it is important that you meet and brief the photographer personally. Ask him to show you the samples of the pictures he has taken. You can judge suitably from his work whether he will be good for you or not. You must also see the quality of his prints. Do not compromise on the print quality. The photographs will need to last a lifetime.
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