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10 Instrumental Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

10 Instrumental Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

The wedding entrance where the ceremony is held at, is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of a wedding and it definitely creates a romantic atmosphere while fills the guests expectation; therefore, it is important to take your time and carefully choose the perfect song for that moment when all eyes will be on you.  
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Music to Walk Down the Aisle To

Your personal wedding march might not be one of the most pressing matters on your mind as you plan your nuptials, but it certainly isn’t a detail that should be left until the last second. Your options aren’t exactly numbered, but it’s worth it to keep a few things in mind while choosing the right tunes for your walk down the aisle: Does it fit your personal style?
If you and your fiancé spend all of your free time at metal shows where at least half of the audience leaves with blood on their leather vests, it might not be true to your nature to hire a concert pianist. That’s not to say that pianists aren’t a completely viable option, but it might be prudent to think long and hard about what sort of music represents your style. If you and your fiancé are huge fans of the Rolling Stones, there is no rule that says you can’t march up to the altar to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” though “Paint it Black” might make your future mother in law fall out of her chair.   Will it scare your family?
If your family is less than liberal about their musical tastes, and the last piece of contemporary music they heard was Ke$ha at the mall (and it ruffled some feathers), you might not want to start your big day off with a hearty rendition of “Poker Face.” While you want to be true to who you are (and the music that you care about), it often isn’t worth it to alienate your family with R&B hits that feature the word “booty” more than once. Consider alternatives such as string quartet versions of contemporary songs. You get the music you love, and your grandmother survives the ceremony. Does it mean something to you?
If the traditional wedding march really is your thing, by all means, set the harpist to work. But if you and your fiancé are choosing your own wedding march, don’t be afraid to pick a song that is meaningful to your relationship. Was the song you danced to at prom “Video Killed the Radio Star”? Did you catch him crying while listening to the theme music from “Up”? Nothing is cheesy if it’s meaningful – don’t let your family bully you into a decision if it isn’t something you really want to walk down the aisle to. After all, it’s the song you’ll probably remember forever. Do you really want it to be some Sarah Mc Lachlan song you’d only heard of the week of your wedding?   Do you have the budget?
Most venues can accommodate a mix CD and a walkman with few problems, so seriously consider how fancy you want to get with your musical choices after that. If you have your heart set on a live string duet but you would have to sacrifice a wedding cake, remember that quality recorded versions of string music exists, and your guests probably won’t throw their hands up in rage if they can’t see where the cellist is. Remember also that bands you hire for your reception are usually fine with showing up a little early for some ceremony mood music (for an extra fee – though it’s much smaller than hiring two separate musical performers).
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Wedding entertainment

Wedding entertainment is a critical decision. After all you will need to keep your guests amused. There are many options and you will be spoilt for choice. The only thing that you need to do is do thorough research. Here are the following tips that you must follow while booking your entertainment. •    The internet is a storehouse of knowledge. You can find a lot of information there. You will find detailed description, reviews and contact details on the net.
•     Money is a major deciding factor for most. We all have a budget in place and we would want to stay within limits. So you need to ask for the price. It is also important to decide how long the entertainer will perform.
•    If possible try and get a demo. This way, you will know what to expect on the D day. If you do not like the demo, you can always opt for an alternative.
•    Most entertainers will demand an advance. It is fine to pay them before hand. But make sure you get a receipt for it. Organizing wedding entertainment can be really stressful. But with a little research and time, you are sure to come out with great results.
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Speaker for your wedding music

Music is an important component for the wedding. Speakers are responsible for delivering the sound. You will need to have a good speaker to get the right feel of the music. A good speaker will deliver the sound like the way it is in the source file. It will not add anything to it. If it changes the sound in any way, then it will not be considered to be a good speaker. A good speaker is supposed to deliver the midrange without any harsh sound. A good way to judge whether the quality of the speaker is good or bad is to listen to the chorus songs. If it is a good quality speaker, then you will be able to distinguish between the basses and tenors. If the quality is not up to the mark, the voice will be blurred. Before buying the speaker, you need to check the centre channel carefully. There has to be a balance between the center and the front right and left speaker. It will be easier for you to distinguish between a good and a bad speaker if you are used to listening to the loudspeakers.
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Choosing Your Wedding Music

The ceremony music is the music that is played during the ceremony it includes the prelude, processional, recessional and postlude. Prelude music – It is played before the ceremony starts and while all the guests are comfortably seated.
Processional music – It is played just when the wedding party enters the place. Ceremony music – It is played when the ceremony takes place. Recessional music – It is played as and when the wedding party leaves the place. Postlude music – It is played when the guests start leaving the place. Before you actually sit down to decide which music should play when, it is necessary that you check out the policies of the venue pertaining to the music and the available instruments. If nothing is mentioned, then it is better to call up and ask. You can hire a band or you can also consider a friend and relative to sing for you. The music you play for your wedding helps set the atmosphere for your wedding and thus, needs to be planned with care. You can hire a DJ directly. This way, you will be able to save some money. If you have higher budget, then you can hire the services of an entertainment agency.
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