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Functional and Fabulous: Wedding Handbags

Wedding Handbags Make Great Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding Handbags

As a bride, your wedding day will be full of running around and dashing from event to event, and your bridesmaids won't be far behind. You and your maids will likely be accompanying one another to hair appointments, last-minute rehearsals, mad dashes back to the hotel room for lost earrings or extra bobby pins. How should you keep everyone organized yet put-together? Treat yourself (and your dedicated girlfriends) to matching wedding handbags. Your wedding handbags should be simple and elegant, yet functional. There are more things to carry around on your wedding day than you might think, and wedding handbags will make the day flow easier. By purchasing wedding handbags for the entire wedding party (mom and grandma probably wouldn't mind being included, either), it will give your wedding a look of unity while allowing you to cart around emergency supplies (such as mascara and heel-protecting band-aids) without toting a clunky purse. Your maids will even be able to stand beside you at the altar with their matching wedding handbags without looking out of place. You could make the wedding handbags a gift for your bridesmaids and match them to their outfits, or select a statement color that will contrast nicely with their dresses (think red clutches for black-clad bridesmaids). Their wedding handbags would look especially nice in white, as to match the main attraction.
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