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Top 3 Fashion Choices a Wedding Guest Should Avoid

Number One: No White.

Unless you a part of the wedding party and the Bride specifically puts you in white, as a guest, you should under no circumstances wear the color white because it is explicitly and traditionally reserved for the bride.  Even if the bride is wearing an nontraditional colored wedding dress, it would still be more respectful of you to not wear white. There are the exceptions of your dress being patterned where white is not the main color, but you just want to be careful. It would put a damper on the special day if your wardrobe choice caused the bride -who is already stressed out- to send you angry eye daggers for matching her on her big day.  This fashion don't may seem obvious, but it is surprisingly ignored or forgotten quite often. So, be the best guest you can be, and don't rain on your bride's white and lace parade. 

Lipsy Lace Dress with 3/4 Sleeve

Number Two: Don't dress for the club. 

Every guest wants to look their best, and for some, their best means looking smoking hot. We just suggest that you tone it down for the wedding. Avoid mini skirts, extremely low cut tops, cut-out dresses, and anything overtly flashy or head-to-toe sequinned. Even if the wedding reception is designed to have dancing and more of a party atmosphere, any wedding event asks for a more modest fashion choice in order to not 'steal the show'. This does not, of course, mean that you can't have a little spunk in your dress, just that your best party dress may be one step out of place at a wedding event. 

Cutout Fitted Dress

Number Three: Don't wear anything you are uncomfortable in.

Weddings involve a lot of time, even for the guest. You may be walking from the ceremony site to the reception site farther down, the parking may not be as close as you thought, or you may end up dancing -or the at the very least standing- most of the night. Whatever it is, you don't want to be caught in uncomfortable heels that you have never worn before. This "don't" could very easily be translated to "Don't wear new heels". It may be tempting to splurge on a new pair of heels that seem to start calling your name as soon as that invitation gets put up on the fridge, so if you do buy new pumps, break them in and don't save them for the wedding. Also, remember that whatever you wear, you are stuck in it. So avoid materials that itch and don't try and squeeze into anything that is too tight. It might look killer in the mirror, but if you are going to be scratching at yourself or fidgeting in it, then it might turn into a flop rather looking hot. 

 Summer gold high heels with red sole
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How Guests Can Dress Their Best for a Fall Wedding

How a Guest Can Dress Their Best As a guest, getting dressed up for an event like a wedding can be a little tricky. There are questions of how formal or casual the wedding will be; if it will be indoors or outdoors; if there is a specific theme that the bride wants people to adhere to; what colors should be avoided in order to not blend in with the wedding party; and even what the fashion trends are for the season. So, the question in this blog article is, what should guests wear to a fall wedding?

Warm Tones

Dressing warm for a fall wedding does not necessarily mean dressing to withstand cold weather. If the wedding is indoors, guests have a lot more wiggle room to show off their wedding ready bodies in elegant warm toned dresses, ties, and suites. A light strapped dress or even an elegant strapless gown can work in any fall wedding. The key for a strapless or thinly strapped dressed is keeping the color tone warm: Think maroon, custard, forest green, navy, rose, orange, brown, and black. Other elements that are trending this fall are mod and tea shaped dresses, as well as lace and crochet patterns. ABS Allen Schwartz Flair Lace Dress w/ Cutout Back Longer Lengths Knee length or floor length dresses are the ideal for a fall wedding. Not only do they work better for the colder weather, but the knee length ensures a classy look , and the floor length dress allows you to create a mixed look of formal and casual. With such a simple floor length dress like the one below, we would suggest a sparkling hair piece like a crystal comb or some large dazzling earrings. ABS Allen Schwartz Sleeveless Mesh Back Gown   Sassy and Classy If you want to wear something a little more vibrant, just stay away from the neon and highlighter colors that have been so popular the last few summers. Instead, go for a lively color that embodies the same intensity of the sun hitting fall leaves. You will want to pay attention to how formal the wedding style is when deciding between a mini skirt or a strapless knee length, but regardless you can still get that spunk from that perfect pop of color. Or, if you want to give yourself a little more edge, go for a dress with a gorgeous pattern on it! Patterns work great in the fall and will gladly say "I like to dance more than that monotone dress". A nice touch with these styles below could be a chic feathered head pieceRoxy Sea Siren Tube Maxi Dress - ZapposMuse    

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A Fashion Guide for the Nervous Wedding Guest

I've often found myself locked in some shaky department store dressing room when I hear something like the following conversation taking place right outside my door:   "Do you think this will work for the wedding on Saturday?" "I have no idea, but it seems like it might be a bit casual." "I'm just worried about the little white hearts on the edging. I don't know if it's too much white for a wedding."   It's a conversation that many of us have as we stare hopelessly into the full-length mirror in the days leading up to someone else's impending nuptials, especially if we don't go to weddings often. Most guests stress more than they have to, but here's a quick guide if you're still not sure about your outfit for someone's big day: 1. Wearing "White"
If you're wearing a dress, but you're not sure if the color counts as white, you might want to find something else. It doesn't matter if the tag says "off-white" or "bone" or "antique," you're still going to look like you wore a white dress to a wedding, and that's been a no-no since white became "it" in wedding wear. It's probably the only wedding fashion rule every other guest is sure to know about - so why risk looking like you missed the memo and you're trying to upstage the bride?
If you're wearing white pants with a navy top, or white pumps, or a white clutch, or a patterned dress with white flowers on it, you're totally fine. No one is expecting you do ignore the shade entirely, and no one is going to side-eye your fashion choices if you're wearing nice white pants with a yellow blouse and navy pumps. 2. The Invitation
For guests who are biting their nails about the formality of the wedding and the accompanying dress code, your first clue is the invitation (or Save-the-Date, if your hosts chose to use them). While most brides won't come right out and say how you should dress right on the invite, the formality of the paper goods sent to your house are an adequate marker for how formal the event will be. Also, snoop around on their wedding website and find a few links to the ceremony and reception spaces. If the wedding is in a swanky hotel at 8pm on a Saturday, you'll probably dress a little differently than a Tuesday afternoon backyard BBQ. 3. It Never Hurts to Ask There's probably no reason to bother the couple themselves about your selected wedding outfit (the bride is probably a little busy with her own), but if you're close with a family member or member of the bridal party, think about shooting them an email with a picture of your dress or outfit. This is a good way to find out if your outfit is shooting up any red flags that you may have missed, like you've accidentally selected something very similar to a bridesmaid dress, or plan on wearing shoes that will not be conducive to the wedding environment. Hopefully they'll include any hazardous terrain warnings on their wedding website, but it never hurts to check!   Good Luck!

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