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Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry

Start your wedding registry today using these tips! Have fun while you make your wedding registry! Rubber Duck bride and groom? Yes please! Get these cuties here

1) Keep it Balanced:

Some couples look at a wedding registry and think of it as an opportunity to get everything high end and others feel bad about asking their friends and family to spend money on them and register for the cheapest versions of everything they need.  The goal is to keep it balanced. Decide on what items you want to last and choose the better and more expensive version. Then, items that don't need to cost $50, like a toothbrush holder, maybe pick what is practical.

2) Be Specific:

It might be frustrating if your not sure what you want exactly or you might be trying to give your guests options, but being general or giving multiple options for the same product can be annoying. For example, you don't need to register for three toasters of three different prices. Just pick the one you want and if you don't get it, buy the one you can afford. Or, you may just end up with three toasters and no gift receipts.

3) Keep it Together:

This kind of goes along with number two in that you don't want to have your wedding guests trying to decipher your registry. So, if you have a very specific wish list from many different shops, then you''ll want to use a website our app that lets you have multiple shops on one registry. Imagine your registry insert listing ten different shops! No bueno! Also, just like with number two, don't put the same item on different registries. No need to worry about if your guests frequent one shop over the other. That's not a real turn off for gift buying for a special occasion.

4) Go Beyond the Kitchen:

Chances are, you have the basics for a college dorm and are going to need a lot in order to have a fully loaded kitchen with knives that don't rust after their first use. Furthermore, kitchen items add up fast, so you may be tempted to fill your registry with kitchen items and then you forget to thoughtfully decide on items for your living space, bathroom, bedroom and even your lifestyle. One example of a great forgotten gift due to the kitchenware mania board games! Board games are so seventh grade? Try hosting a night in with friends and twiddle your thumbs awkwardly after dinner.

What other tips would you give to a new bride and groom as they create their wedding registry? 

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Some interesting wedding gift ideas

Giving gifts to the newly wed is a part of a long tradition that conveys warmth and affection. You should give an apt wedding gift that befits the spirit of the occasion. You can anything you want as long as it is appropriate and classy. It will depend on how close you are to the couple and your budget. When you go out to buy a gift for the newly wedded couple, the first consideration that comes to your mind is durability and luxury. You will want to give a gift that will last long. You would want to give a gift that will make the couple remember you for a long time to come. One unique gift can be jewelry. All women love jewelry. The bride will be elated to get it. You can choose simple yet elegant pieces. Depending on your budget you can decide on the choice of metal – silver, gold, platinum. You can think of giving her diamonds, too. You might want to give her some amazing accessories like bags, makeup box and similar things. If you want to give something that will be handy to both the bride and the groom, you can opt for utility durables like microwave, washing machine etc.
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Ideas for Wedding Gifts

Nowadays you will see that couples are simplifying the gifting process for the guests. They usually set up a registry of gifts that they want to receive and let the guests choose from their list. That way the guests are sure that their gifts will be useful to the couple. But you can always not  choose from their list and gift them something unique of your choice. There are so many things that you can choose from. You can choose a painting or a piece of sculpture if you are aware that the couples are inclined towards such objects. You can also think of giving them cooking gadgets or modular kitchen sets if they are trying to set up their new house. You can also opt for some electrical appliances that may useful to them. In fact you can also get them tickets for their favorite local sports team depending on your budget. If the newly weds are sporty then they will really love this. You can choose anything that you want to. It is the wishes and blessings that really count. You can choose from the bridal registry or from your own creative ideas. After all you are showering your emotions on them and that will be treasured.
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