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3 Options For the Fantasy Wedding Cake Topper

Fantasy Wedding Cake Toppers

Fantasy Lovers Wedding Cake TopperA lot of people consider true love to be a dream and fantasy, so when that dream comes true, you may be thinking of developing a wedding theme surrounding that idea of fantasy in order to symbolize the fantastic nature of your true love reality. If so, you may want to consider the following cake topper options that emphasize a fairy tale world or storybook romance, as well as pinpoint people in history or characters in literature that can stand in for the crazy big and completely committed love that you and your fiance have! 

Paper Roses Fantasy Fairy Wedding Cake Topper

Fairy tale: Fairies and Princesses: Depending on what direction you are taking your fairy tale theme will determine whether you will want to go the fairy or princess route. If you are hoping to emphasize the ideas of magic, fantasy, and the spectacular, then you will probably want to direct your attention to fairy cake toppers. If you desire to capture that intense and immediate love that turns up in fairy tales about princesses, then you will want to go with a prince and princess wedding cake topper. Within the princess wedding cake topper option, you could also use a castle wedding cake topper. The castle is a classic symbol of that happily ever after and could act as a perfect example of your entering the ever after together. 

Marc Anthony and Cleopatra Wedding Cake Topper

Great Loves Through History: Perhaps you feel the best way to express the love you feel for you fiance is by comparing it to the great (although some are seen as tragic) loves throughout history. This lends to an exciting wedding theme with creative centerpieces, a rich connection to sentiment, and the immortalization of your love. It is almost like you would be creating a love hall of fame that includes you and your soon to be spouse. 

Lord of the Rings Aragorn & Arwen Cake Topper Figurine

Epic Loves in Literature: If you have a love of literature, this option is perfect for you! This would send a similar message as the historical cake toppers, but can also include the sense of immediacy and intensity as the fairy tale cake toppers. You could site the epic and classic loves of Romeo and Juliet, Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth, Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, or when entering the world of fantasy, the love of Aragorn and Arwen. 

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Cupcake Wedding Cake Toppers: Yes, It's a Thing

l-o-v-e cake topper Cupcake Wedding Cake Toppers A fun trend that brides who need to keep a lower budget or want to be a little less traditional with the wedding cake is to do wedding cupcakes. With cupcakes you could be sacrificing the use of a wedding cake topper -losing out on the seemingly tiny element that can add a sentimental and unique statement to your wedding - but you do not need to! This trend does not  negate the use of a cake topper! We have a wide selection of letter cupcake wedding cake toppers that you can choose from. You can decide to spell out the word love, forever, hitched or simply have your initials or Mr. and Mrs. All of these options can work for cupcake displays that are spread out on the table or mimic the shape of a cake by either going up the side or on that top row. If you are wanting a play on the traditional wedding cake, having a unique cake topper will be that perfect final element!   Another Option to Use For the Cupcake Wedding Cake Topper If you don't like the idea of having the cupcakes have a topper in them, then we would suggest that along side your cupcakes you include a small cake to be the centerpiece. A lot of couples will do this anyways in order to keep the tradition of cutting the cake or saving cake for the one year anniversary, so why not make a statement in the cake's design? Small doesn't mean it is a side note! The cake topper below has a very similar vibe as the above lettered cake toppers and can be a great addition to your wedding decor! You could display the cupcakes in a mock cake tower with the small cake at the top crowned with a unique and totally you wedding cake topper! true love banner cake topper Your Spin on the Wedding Cake Doesn't Involve Cupcakes? These cake toppers are adorable with cupcakes but can be used just as easily with the traditional cake or the not so traditional rising trend of wedding pie! You might be considering using a dessert like pie, cheesecake, or brownies if you are going for a shabby chic, vintage, or possibly country themed wedding. These hand-molded, pewter letter cake toppers would be a perfect addition to your wedding theme! 

hitched cake topper


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Choosing a Wedding Cake Topper Base

When designing your wedding cake there is a lot that goes into making it perfect. There is of course the flavor, the size, the frosting type and color, fondant designs, and then the crowning wedding cake topper. With that wedding cake topper there is one more selection that is sometimes forgotten; The Wedding Cake Topper Base. Cake toppers can be paired with a variety of base types, making that crowing element exactly what it is you want. 

The wedding cake topper base is a big choice when designing your wedding cake. What are the choices? Burgundy Antique Silk and Rhinestones DIY Cake Topper BaseJeweled Base: The jeweled base is an ideal choice for a simple, but dazzling addition to your wedding cake topper. You can have the shimmer of jewels be the focus or pair it with material in your wedding color.  Floral Base: A floral base works great with an outdoor, whimsical, or spring wedding (Or if you just like flowers!).  This is probably one of the more common bases that you will find. The flowers on the base could be a printed a, a beaded design, or they could be made of silk or paper. This allows a common type of base to have a variety of unique selections. Lace (or Doily) Base: When you hear the word lace or doily, you may start thinking old fashioned and of your grandma's house. However, in the wedding world, lace (when done right) is a word associated with classic beauty and romance. A lace base would be a perfect addition to a sweet Willow's Tree cake topper, such as "Love's Embrace"Shell Beach DIY Cake Topper BaseThemed Base: Having a themed wedding? Then select a base that coordinates with that wonderfully fun topper you have picked out. For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding then your base should emulate the sand, or perhaps be adorned with beautiful sea shells.  Calla Lily Arch DIY Cake Topper Base Arch Base: A base with an arched design is perfect when you are trying to create a beautiful, elegant, and romantic wedding cake topper. These are best paired with traditional or vintage cake topper set. They can be done in all white, or may include subtle color splashes,in a variety of flower styles. Additionally, these can include beads and jewels, making them the base that is most likely to include it all!
No Base: If you are not planning on using a figurine wedding cake topper, then you probably won't need a topper base. The most common would be if you are putting fresh flowers on your cake. Another would be if you are looking into a monogram cake topper because they are typically designed with a stake to put into your cake. So when deciding on your wedding cake topper, check if  it needs a base or if a base can be used to add that extra flare!    

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Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Cake

Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Cake Wedding Cake Accessories for Every Wedding Theme

Personalize Your Wedding Cake

One of the biggest parts of any wedding is going to be the wedding cake, regardless if the wedding happens to be small or large. The flavor, how big it is going to be, and the wedding cake topper are all important to help really immerse the guests into the theme. But, in order for the cake to be truly unique there are some things any couple should consider. For example, a cake that needs to be personalized for a destination wedding. Here are ten ways to customize the wedding cake. 1. Wedding Cake Topper
All wedding cakes need a topper that helps express the personalities of both the bride and groom while also tying together the theme and decor of the wedding. Because of this, there are many inexpensive types of traditional wedding cake toppers that can be absolutely perfect. 2. Wedding Cake Monograms
The wedding is a day of celebrating both the bride and groom, which means showing off their brand new monogram. Along with the wedding cake topper, the monogram can be incorporated into the customization of the cake as well. Beach Wedding Cake Topper 3. Wedding Cake Topper Bases
Since the wedding cake topper shouldn't have to be directly on the cake and potentially fall over or ruin the cake before it can be eaten, there is the need for a customized wedding cake topper base. It can add height to the wedding cake and a touch of personalization everyone expects from such a memorable day. 4. Wedding Cake Block Toppers If the couple prefers not to have the common type of wedding cake topper, there are always wedding cake glass block toppers that can be personalized with the couple's names, when they got engaged, or the actual date of the wedding. 5. Wedding Cake Animals
Speaking of not using the typical bride and groom as the wedding cake topper, why not change it up with couples of cats, dogs, birds, or even the couple's favorite animals to make it very personalized? All of these options can be very inexpensive and are perfect for a quirky destination wedding. 6. Destination Wedding Cake Toppers
Even the cake can be included into the decor and theme of a destination wedding, especially when there are destination wedding cake toppers that are affordable and can be highly customized for the perfect fit. Seashells, wild flowers, Fleur-de-lis, and other designs can be included. 7. Wedding Cake Photo Frames
What's more personalized than a wedding cake topper that shows the happy couple together in one of their favorite photos? A topper photo frame can be used for an intimate, personal wedding to really make the cake truly unique. 8. Disney Wedding Cake
For the couple still children at heart, there are inexpensive Disney themed wedding cake toppers that can be customized with monograms and other decorations for the perfect fit. Mickey, Minnie, and the Disney princesses are all available as toppers. 9. Engraved Wedding Cake
Make it truly last a lifetime with an engraved topper made out of gold or silver with the names of the couple and the date of their wedding. This can also be perfect as a wedding cake topper base with a customized topper. 10. Themed Wedding Cake
Is it going to be an all-out destination wedding to the beach or countryside? How about a wedding on Halloween or another special holiday? Regardless, a themed wedding cake topper can be created to really capture the moment. Just like the rest of the decorations and theme, the cake's design and topper need to be customized as well. Fortunately, these are all inexpensive ways to have an unforgettable and highly personalized wedding all the way down to the food and the star of the show, the wedding cake.
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Five Simple Ways To Create a Customized Wedding

Five Simple Ways To Create a Customized Wedding

Fashionable Wedding Jewelry Offers a Distinctive Look For Your Customized Wedding

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers Put a Finishing Touch on Your Customized Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to fit the requirements for the wedding of her dreams, which can be entirely doable with the right kind of decorations, wedding accessories, and much more. Also, a dream wedding doesn't have to mean spending thousands and thousands of dollars when these five key inexpensive areas are personalized for the maximum impact. 1. Fashionable Wedding Jewelry
Freshwater pearls, diamonds, and gemstones don't have to be out of reach when it comes to destination weddings, theme weddings, or even a customized wedding. In fact, fashionable and elegant wedding jewelry is obtainable and can be created to be completely personalized by the bride's wishes inexpensively. Even necklace and earring sets can be made affordably for all of the brides maids, too. Personalization can be the bride's favorite gemstones, the wedding's theme colors, or even monograms of the happy couple. 2. Customized Guestbook
The guests want to remember this day just as much as the bride and groom, which is why it is important to personalize the guestbook in a way that is memorable. Wedding accessories such as the guestbook don't need to be expensive while still being personalized to fit into the wedding decor. Whether it's a destination wedding or a smaller ceremony, there are all sorts of ways to customize the guestbook and wedding stationery. Wedding Toast Goblets for a Customized Wedding 3. Toasting Flutes & Goblets
On top of the guestbook as something the couple will want to keep and cherish, there are also wedding accessories such as the toasting flutes or goblets that the bride and groom will want to have as keepsakes. Engravings, flute charms, and customized stems on the glasses all make for wonderfully personalized and inexpensive ways to a perfect and unique wedding. 4. Personalized Wedding Apparel
To really tie together the unity of a happy couple and bringing together their loved ones, personalized wedding apparel can really get the job done. Customized embroidered handkerchiefs for the brides maids, groomsmen, and even for close family members are all wonderful ways to truly make the wedding a memorable one. Not only can monograms be embroidered on the wedding apparel, but entire touching poems and words of love can be included too. 5. Unique Wedding Cake Toppers
Last, but not least, there is the wedding cake topper to really top things off. When it comes to the cake topper, there are nearly endless options to have it personalized. Whether it's for a quirky wedding, destination wedding, elegant wedding, or needs to be express the personalities of the bride and groom, there are many inexpensive options out there for the perfectly customized wedding cake topper. A customized wedding doesn't mean having to go over budget, everything can be personalized for the bride and groom so they can thoroughly enjoy their special day stress-free. Not only that, but their wedding will be remembered and cherished by all of their guests through all of these key areas which many couples forget can really tie together any sort of wedding. All it takes is a little inspiration and knowing where to find inexpensive wedding accessories, cake toppers, and more to complete your one-of-a-kind customized wedding.
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How to Customize Destination Weddings With Style & On Budget

Top 10 Ways to Customize Destination Weddings

Customize Everything For Destination Weddings, Including Accessories, Jewelry & Apparel

Customized Destination Weddings Can Be Fun & Affordable

Adding a certain uniqueness to destination weddings can mean finding the right kinds of wedding accessories and other little odds and ends to make it absolutely perfect. There are all sorts of things, which can help add the certain "something" to any destination wedding. However, there are ten particular inexpensive ways that should be considered or even used as inspiration for creating that personalized touch. 1. Customized Wedding Cake Toppers
It might not seem like the most important thing, but even the cake topper can be customized for destination weddings. Whether the wedding is in Hawaii or the English countryside, take inspiration from the destination's surroundings and add them to the topper inexpensively. Destination Weddings Wedding Cake Topper   2. Personalized Wedding Apparel
When it comes to destination weddings, the bridesmaids and groomsmen can have inexpensive and personal wedding apparel, such as the beach side wedding with tasteful and decorative flip-flops. There is no need to go out to the dollar store and return home disappointed. 3. Unique Wedding Accessories
Speaking of customized apparel for destination weddings, there are also unique wedding accessories you can use to accent your special day without having to go overboard on a "theme" destination. Small touches such as handmade table cards or customized groom cufflinks are all ways to keep your wedding budget reasonable without having to sacrifice personalization. 4. Specialized Wedding Jewelry
There are options out there for gorgeous but affordable wedding jewelry that will match your wedding colors and theme perfectly, contrary to popular belief. Whether it needs to sparkle or be down to earth, there are endless options for elegant and tasteful jewelry and accessories for brides, Maids-of-Honor and bridesmaids taking part in destination weddings. 5. Memorable Wedding Invitations
The invitations don't need to be designed by a huge printing company in order to be memorable. In fact, invitations personally designed by the bride and groom can be much more unique and welcoming. Destination wedding invitations can tie into the overall theme, such as seashell mementos or scrolls with wax seals. 6. Affordable Wedding Stationery
The guestbook and other stationery should be something that the happy couple can cherish, which is why they are perfect to customize for a destination wedding. There are countless ways to remember the day instead of the common guestbook, too. 7. Customized Wedding Decor
Whether it's fresh flowers from the countryside, braided knots and anchors or something other unique item; customized wedding decor doesn't have to mean spending thousands on decorations. Also, the scenery of the destination can be great decor in itself. 8. Destination Weddings: Gifts
While the couple will be receiving many gifts, why not add a personal touch to party favors for the guests? Or better yet, to the close family attending the wedding. Each gift can be personalized for each person, making it all the more personal during this unforgettable occasion. 9. Cute Flower Girl Baskets
Since wedding accessories happen to be the easiest and most inexpensive to customize, here's another consideration for that perfect destination wedding: the flower girl basket. While flower girls are certainly more traditional, her flower basket doesn't have to be. 10. Individualized Wedding Candles
No matter what kind of wedding destinations are popular, one wedding accessory that will always be a staple are candles. They are affordable, can be easily customized, and don't always have to be the traditional white candles. Destination weddings are getaways first and foremost to your dream location, and having the right kind of customized wedding accessories, decor, apparel and more, can certainly be included in your special day without being so costly. All of these mementos and accessories become great inspirations for unforgettable and affordable destination weddings wherever they may take you!
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Customized Weddings For Your Perfect Day

Customized Weddings For Your Perfect Day

Accessories for Personalized Weddings

For weddings that are both memorable and elegant, you need to find things to give provide that personal touch, allowing for both the bride and groom to be celebrated on their most joyous day. Customized weddings don't have to be expensive. In fact, there are unique wedding accessories, wedding cake toppers, and theme weddings that you can pull off without having to spend thousands more of your wedding budget. Here are some great and unique ideas for you to use on your big day. Top Off Unique Weddings With Special Wedding Cake Toppers Giving your wedding cake some extra charm is the perfect way to inexpensively customize your wedding celebration. Some ways many couples adorn their cake is through shared memories that have a special meaning to them. For example, the bride and groom on their first date, their first joint vacation, or even together at their favorite location. Toppers can be made to recreate just about anything, besides the normal traditional bride and groom figurines. Other ideas include:
  • -For "something old," vintage cake toppers can be used for those personal, close weddings that want a bit of a classic touch. This is especially great for customized weddings when the cake topper has been used throughout the family.
  • -For an updated vintage look, wedding cake toppers can be crafted by all sorts of crafting professionals. Retro-inspired patterns and designs can be implemented with a more modern look. Writing in, renowned wedding expert David Tutera, and the host of My Fair Wedding on We TV, encourages weaving special family heirlooms into your wedding.
  • -Instead of the classic bride and groom, why not transform yourselves into your favorite animals or a pair that can add a nice touch to quirky weddings? Birds, cats, dogs, and anything else can be used.
Customized Weddings for Your Perfect Day
Accessories for Personalized Weddings
Accessories can include name cards, gifts for the guests, and other little touches to bring everything together. To have an unforgettable wedding that is sure to please everyone who attends, here are some accessories with a unique twist:
  • -Instead of the normal guestbook, why not use small scrolls of paper so that the guests can wish all of the best for the happy new couple?
  • -Photo booths have been a huge trend in weddings, but why not go a step further and include all of the photos into the wedding real time? Let guests post their photos on social media with a special hashtag or even collect the photos for a picturesque guestbook.
  • -Go handmade with your party favors, showing everyone just how much you appreciate them being there during your special celebration.
  • -You can also customize the gifts you offer your wedding party. Bags, engraved accessories and monogrammed clothing items are all great ways to personalize your wedding.

Perfect Theme Wedding Ideas

What theme do you want for your wedding? This can be one of the hardest parts of planning the big day, but it can be a bit easier when you have some inspiration from other customized weddings. If you're looking to go with a certain theme with your wedding, check out these unique ways to make it yours:
  • If you're going for a more "rustic" or countryside wedding, go all the way with the right kind of bouquet and centerpieces. This means wild flowers and wheat included the wedding to bring out those natural, gorgeous earthy colors. Wedding maven Martha Stewart recommends picking a theme and carrying it throughout your wedding décor, reception, invitations—everything!
Themes for Perfect Weddings   Perfect Beach Weddings
  • Beach weddings should be about a casual, intimate moment to express that beach side attitude. Flip-flops for the guests and including seashells, netting, and open centerpieces are perfect accessories for a beach-themed wedding.
  • It's time to go vintage shopping for those royal themed or vintage weddings. Adding touches of real vintage pieces throughout the decor will give it an authentic feel and the decor can be used in your home after the celebration or even given away to guests.
As you can see, weddings don't have to be frustrating to put together, even customized weddings. In fact, having a dream “personalized” wedding is not impossible for any couple anymore. Just have fun, be creative, and most of all, be yourselves.
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The Sweet Image of Bird Cake Toppers

Enjoy the Versatility of Bird Cake Toppers

Bird Cake Toppers

The image of the “love birds” is a prominent one in the world of weddings and the lore of love and affection, and for good reason. These delicate critters are light, joyful, oft mysterious, and look pretty fabulous on top of a cake. Bird cake toppers are as versatile and varied as the class itself. They’re the lovers of the sky, and the image of pairs of birds nestled together in fond embrace is one that many couples would like to mirror on top of their wedding cakes. Bird cake toppers range from the cartoony to the elegant, but the feelings is always the same: one of everlasting commitment to each other and the zest for life. Birds are creatures full of life, and bird cake toppers parrot that idea in their form and aesthetic.   Consider bird cake toppers for not only their aesthetic value and symbolism, but also their staying power. Bird cake toppers don’t ever look cheesy or out-of-place as home décor or as a beautiful addition to any other part of your wedding day – not just atop a cake. If you choose to forego the pastry, consider heading your sweetheart table with bird cake toppers, or even near your menu or seating chart. Bird cake toppers never go out of style and always look loving and relevant.
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Attention Wenches and Sirs! Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers!

Keep it Authentic with Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

Ren Faire Wedding Cake Toppers

This weekend marked the beginning of Faire season for many counties across the country, and dedicated Ren Faire patrons know that Faire doesn’t just end when the tents go down and the mead gets packed away. The Renaissance Faire is life for many dedicated goers, and nothing less than Ren Faire wedding cake toppers will satisfy them when the time comes to tie the knot. Poxy Boggards and Merry Wives of Windsor alike are likely to hold their actual wedding ceremony and reception at a local or high-profile Faire venue – why not top off the occasion with some genuine Ren Faire wedding cake toppers? Though vendors at Faire often carry goods as varied and diverse as genuine leather flagons and hand-blown crystal balls, Ren Faire wedding cake toppers are a rare sight, and patrons are not always likely to find what they really want. Start your search for Ren Faire wedding cake toppers early and often, and be sure to correspond with the seller before you commit. Are you getting genuine pewter and not painted aluminum? Now is a better time to find out than later!   Faire goers know that while some venues can be tough about what they’ll let you bring in to guest events, a Renaissance Faire wedding is incomplete without the Ren Faire wedding cake toppers. Owners of the property are unlikely to deny you that outside commodity, but you should ask first anyway!
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Thinking Honeymoon with a Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Miles Away with a Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Getaway Wedding Cake Topper

Most couples dream of the honeymoon that follows a wedding, no matter the size. A chance for a truly beautiful adventure and a moment to “get away from it all” after the hectic nature of a party as chaotic and time-consuming as a wedding is undoubtedly alluring. So why not share that yearning and excitement on the day of your wedding with a getaway wedding cake topper as relaxed and tranquil as your honeymoon will surely be? A getaway wedding cake topper could feature a road-tripping couple, a scene on a tranquil beach in the tropics, or even just a mention of the destination on some custom engraving. The point of a getaway wedding cake topper is to mirror the laid-back fun that is surely awaiting you after the cake has been cut and the bouquet tossed. Don’t wait for the honeymoon to get into the “getaway” state of mind. Start with a getaway wedding cake topper during your reception! A getaway wedding cake topper will become a wonderful memento for a shelf full of wedding and honeymoon memories. Imagine how perfect a getaway wedding cake topper will look beside a photo of the for-real getaway couple!
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Dance through Life Together with Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

The Spontaneity and Grace of Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for a truly unique cake topper for your wedding day that radiates your fun and spontaneous personality as a couple, consider browsing a few dancing wedding cake toppers. You don’t need to be an expert in the tango or the foxtrot to appreciate and use dancing wedding cake toppers, though it can’t hurt. Dancing wedding cake toppers are for any couple who are beyond excited to be spending the rest of their lives together. After all, it’s a wedding! Who ISN’T dancing? Your dancing wedding cake toppers can mirror your love for dance, sure, but the spirit of dance is that of joy, spontaneity, and the rhythm and sync of two people who are desperately in love. Dance symbolizing harmony; working together. Any couple can appreciate that kind of imagery from dancing wedding cake toppers.   Display one on the top of your cake, sure, but that isn’t the only place you could set dancing wedding cake toppers on your wedding day. These accessories look wonderful on your sweetheart table, among your assorted desserts, and even guarding the table with all of your gifts. Everywhere is the right place for dancing wedding cake toppers, and they’ll look right at home on your mantle, beside all of the other pictures of you dancing through life!
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A Dr. Who Wedding for the Whole Family

Dr. Who is one of the most popular and longest-running science fiction television shows in the entire world, with a fan base more dedicated and loving than most marriages. It seems so very obvious then that so many couples would want to use elements from the show within their nuptials, usually in the form of cake toppers, garters, photo booths, and other wedding reception goodies. So how can you include your love for the doctor in the most important social gathering of your relationship without alienating those you love in the flurry of Dr. Who gadgets and memorabilia? The answer is subtlety, as it is with anything, especially when you’re dealing with wedding elements outside of your wedding reception. Here are my thoughts and recommendations for your special day: The Ceremony
The ceremony is possibly the best place for some beautiful Dr. Who inclusions. Aside from the color scheme and the attire (everyone loves a fez and bow tie), think of including some personal touches within the wording and accessories of the ceremony itself. My favorite touches for a ceremony? Have the parents of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) “consent and gladly give” their children away to replace the traditional bride hand-off, or have the officiant perform the marriage ceremony out of a replica TARDIS diary, inspired by Dr. River Song. Again, keep your Whovian accessories accessible! Your fandom is important, but you don’t want to lose the attention of those you love most in the middle of the ceremony. If necessary, explain why little things have been changed in the ceremony program you provide for your guests. The Paper Goods
Dr. Who invites are very easy to come by and to make, with various degrees of subtlety. As “Tardis Blue” is now an actual color that items can be purchased in, despite the resistance of Crayola, it isn’t difficult to create a Dr. Who-inspired set of stationary to send off to all of your closest friends and relatives. Consider police box-shaped backing and TARDIS blue envelopes. Some dedicated fans have even signed off on their mailings with the doctor’s famous catchphrases. Consider such gems as “Hope to see you there – Allons-y!” or “Bow ties are optional, but you should wear one. Bow ties are cool!” As with any usage of fan culture in wedding accessories, it’s important that you try to make these little inclusions accessible. Don’t write the address in Gallifreyan or list your names as “the future Rory and Amy Pond.” Have fun, but keep up the subtlety!
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