Customized Weddings For Your Perfect Day

Customized Weddings For Your Perfect Day

Customized Weddings For Your Perfect Day

Accessories for Personalized Weddings

For weddings that are both memorable and elegant, you need to find things to give provide that personal touch, allowing for both the bride and groom to be celebrated on their most joyous day. Customized weddings don't have to be expensive. In fact, there are unique wedding accessories, wedding cake toppers, and theme weddings that you can pull off without having to spend thousands more of your wedding budget. Here are some great and unique ideas for you to use on your big day. Top Off Unique Weddings With Special Wedding Cake Toppers Giving your wedding cake some extra charm is the perfect way to inexpensively customize your wedding celebration. Some ways many couples adorn their cake is through shared memories that have a special meaning to them. For example, the bride and groom on their first date, their first joint vacation, or even together at their favorite location. Toppers can be made to recreate just about anything, besides the normal traditional bride and groom figurines. Other ideas include:
  • -For "something old," vintage cake toppers can be used for those personal, close weddings that want a bit of a classic touch. This is especially great for customized weddings when the cake topper has been used throughout the family.
  • -For an updated vintage look, wedding cake toppers can be crafted by all sorts of crafting professionals. Retro-inspired patterns and designs can be implemented with a more modern look. Writing in, renowned wedding expert David Tutera, and the host of My Fair Wedding on We TV, encourages weaving special family heirlooms into your wedding.
  • -Instead of the classic bride and groom, why not transform yourselves into your favorite animals or a pair that can add a nice touch to quirky weddings? Birds, cats, dogs, and anything else can be used.
Customized Weddings for Your Perfect Day
Accessories for Personalized Weddings
Accessories can include name cards, gifts for the guests, and other little touches to bring everything together. To have an unforgettable wedding that is sure to please everyone who attends, here are some accessories with a unique twist:
  • -Instead of the normal guestbook, why not use small scrolls of paper so that the guests can wish all of the best for the happy new couple?
  • -Photo booths have been a huge trend in weddings, but why not go a step further and include all of the photos into the wedding real time? Let guests post their photos on social media with a special hashtag or even collect the photos for a picturesque guestbook.
  • -Go handmade with your party favors, showing everyone just how much you appreciate them being there during your special celebration.
  • -You can also customize the gifts you offer your wedding party. Bags, engraved accessories and monogrammed clothing items are all great ways to personalize your wedding.

Perfect Theme Wedding Ideas

What theme do you want for your wedding? This can be one of the hardest parts of planning the big day, but it can be a bit easier when you have some inspiration from other customized weddings. If you're looking to go with a certain theme with your wedding, check out these unique ways to make it yours:
  • If you're going for a more "rustic" or countryside wedding, go all the way with the right kind of bouquet and centerpieces. This means wild flowers and wheat included the wedding to bring out those natural, gorgeous earthy colors. Wedding maven Martha Stewart recommends picking a theme and carrying it throughout your wedding décor, reception, invitations—everything!

Themes for Perfect Weddings  

Perfect Beach Weddings

  • Beach weddings should be about a casual, intimate moment to express that beach side attitude. Flip-flops for the guests and including seashells, netting, and open centerpieces are perfect accessories for a beach-themed wedding.
  • It's time to go vintage shopping for those royal themed or vintage weddings. Adding touches of real vintage pieces throughout the decor will give it an authentic feel and the decor can be used in your home after the celebration or even given away to guests.
As you can see, weddings don't have to be frustrating to put together, even customized weddings. In fact, having a dream “personalized” wedding is not impossible for any couple anymore. Just have fun, be creative, and most of all, be yourselves.