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A Military Cake Topper for a Military Couple

If you or your soon to be spouse are in the military, then that means that your lives are going to be at a constant waist deep in that military world.
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Choosing a Wedding Cake Topper Base

When designing your wedding cake there is a lot that goes into making it perfect. There is of course the flavor, the size, the frosting type and color, fondant designs, and then the crowning wedding cake topper.
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Simplicity in your Wedding Cake Topper Base

Finding the Right Wedding Cake Topper Base

Wedding Cake Topper Base

  So – you’ve found the perfect wedding cake topper! How do you make sure that it doesn’t sink in to your $500 cake? Well, your first step will be a consultation with your baker, but then you’ll probably need a wedding cake topper base. Not only will a wedding cake topper base keep your perfect topper in place throughout your ceremony, it also adds a hint of elegance and charm to the entire cake package. You can find a wedding cake topper base to fit any kind of topper (except for a cake pick!) and they all add a little something special to the arrangement. Purchasing or using an antique/vintage cake topper? An antique wedding cake topper base can be arranged by finding something off-white with touches of beads and antiqued flowers. An antiqued wedding cake topper base will make the ensemble go together perfectly – it’s what ties the package together!   Your wedding cake topper base is also important when it comes to the eventual display of your cake topper. Whether you want to display it at the reception on the dessert table or on your mantle for the next twenty years, the right wedding cake topper base makes your topper fit in just right.   Keep it simple with the styling of your wedding cake topper base – you wouldn’t want it to outshine the topper itself!
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