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A Daisy Wedding: The Embodiment of Love & Loyalty

The Daisy is a symbol for loyal love, purity, patience and simplicity. 
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Can't wait to get the second order! - Bouquet Flower Cake Topper Review

I absolutely LOVE everything I received! I can't wait to get the second order!


Natalie – Southaven, Mississippi

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Bouquet Flower Cake Topper

Daisy Bouquet Wedding Cake Server Set


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A Seasonal Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

Subtlety and Class in an Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

Autumn Wedding Cake Serving Set

  Autumn is upon us, and that means finding the little last-minute details and items you need for your fall wedding. One of those is bound to be a serving set for your wedding cake (or other wedding dessert), why not make it an autumn wedding cake serving set? An autumn wedding cake serving set serves the general function of any other knife and server, but the theme will better reflect the look and feel of your wedding day. Even if you're not playing very heavily into the beauty of the season, any fall wedding can benefit from a timely autumn wedding cake serving set. An autumn wedding cake serving set reflects subtlety and class. You will never find cartoonish autumn leaves and turkeys on an autumn wedding cake serving set.   The keepsake value of a seasonal serving set (in this case, specifically an autumn wedding cake serving set) is not to be ignored either. An autumn wedding cake serving set will serve as a reminder to you and your spouse for years to come just what it looked, smelled, and felt like to be married during such a magical season. Find an autumn wedding cake serving set that fits the look of your day, and I promise it's not a decision you'll ever regret.
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Wedding Cake Servers that Radiate Bridal Beauty

The cutting of the wedding cake is a time-honored tradition that every couple looks forward to on their wedding day, especially since it’s the only time they’ll have to eat. 
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A comprehensive collectibles platform to double the joy of your wedding celebrations

It is understandable that you want your wedding celebrations to become memorable. 
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Wedding cake servers, unity candles and candle holders for an idealistic feel to your occasion

Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime and people often don’t mind to go an extra mile to make it a memorable one. Trivial of things are eyed for detail so as to make it special. Apart from the photographs, it is these efforts that gets captured and stored in our memories forever. The cake cutting ceremony at the wedding reception is the celebration of the life that will be shared by the couple together in the years to come. During the ceremony, generally the groom places his hand over the bride’s to show their unison and cut its first slice. Though the ceremony will be cherished by both, no matter what, but to add a dazzle to it, cake servers play a perfect role. Silk flowers or ribbons can also be added to these servers to adorn them even more. Besides, to create a romantic ambience, there is nothing better than beautiful candles that can be thought of. There are different designer wedding unity candles, specially made for the occasion of wedding that portrays the unity of the bride and the groom. Presented with gorgeous candle holders, they lighten up the whole occasion and give an idealistic feel to it.
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Make your wedding special with cake servers

There are various small things that can make your wedding day special and memorable. A wedding cake is one such thing that works as epitome of beautiful memories spent on that special day. And a wedding cake will not be complete without its accessories. The most important accessory for reception cake is the wedding cake server. Many couples engrave wedding date and their names on the servers and even on the wedding cake. Some of the popular wedding cake server sets that you can choose from include Cherub Angel Wedding Cake Server Set, Crystal Cut Wedding Cake Server Set, Crystal Wedding Cake Server Set, Foundations Wedding Cake Server Set, Mother of Pearl Wedding Cake Server Set and Pearl Elegance Wedding Cake Server Set. There is a wide variety of styles in wedding cake server such as glass, crystal or silver, and are available in multiplicity of sizes and shapes. Most of the servers are made up of stainless steel in order to keep them for long period of time. So, whether you are looking for elegant or classic, downright silly or charming Cinderella-style cake servers.
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