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Top 12 Fall Cake Toppers

Top 12 Fall Cake Toppers

Since it’s Fall we decided to put together a list of our top 12 favorite fall cake toppers and figurines for this season! Your cake is the main centerpiece at your wedding reception which is why you should meet with designers to create something that is personal, stylized, and creative. When it comes time to add the cake topper the one thing you don’t want to do is pick something generic or distracting! The cake topper should compliment the cake’s design, and it’s one more way to tell your love story or the theme during the reception. So what kind of cake topper should you pick? When you decide on the cake topper you’ll want to consider your overall theme, the design, and the shape of the cake. There are five basic categories for cake toppers:

Cake topper types

When selecting a cake topper you should consider things you love, look outside the traditional wedding themes, and find something that truly represents you. We love some of the offbeat choices during the Fall season.

Top 12 Wedding Fall Cake Toppers

Traditional and seasonally influenced is a no brainer! Our favorite this season is the couple kissing under the umbrella. It’s the traditional bride and groom but it is customizable, and it’s a unique pose that tells us a story. We love the little detail of her rain boots under her dress. It captures the romantic nature of Autumn with a kiss in the rain. fun fall cake toppers Links: Add charm and warmth to any wedding cake with a rustic topper! A popular theme during the Fall for weddings is the warm and rustic theme, which typically feature elements inspired by nature. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize your creativity and DIY skills. If you don’t have a crafty hand, there are some amazing craftsman out there with ready-made toppers with customizable rustic flair options.
Wedding Collectibles 5 Star Reviews! Personalized Rustic Cake Topper I did receive my package and it is perfect! Love the smell of the wood too. 09-27-2018 by Katherine Johnson
woodland cake toppers Links:

Cake toppers with spunk!

Everyone enjoys a quirky bride that goes with her gut and takes advantage of this season to choose a more offbeat wedding theme! We love this classic script cake topper with the quirky saying. Perhaps our favorite thing about cake toppers is that it gives you a romantic keepsake to bring home after the big day. These cake toppers will all be great in a frame or on a shelf as a reminder of your wedding and the “mutual weirdness” that makes your relationship so fun! Halloween fall cake toppers Links: Depending on your style and design of the cake, you may opt out of a cake topper entirely. Or, you may want to go with something more fresh or natural for the season. Whatever the case, couples that choose fall cake toppers that are unique to them are the ones that are most memorable. Head over to Wedding Collectibles to start your search for the perfect cake topper today!
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Pros and Cons of a Naked Wedding Cake

Annie and Julius' stunning botanical inspired wedding by Sara and Rocky | Naked cakes came into the wedding scene and has seemed to steal the show of wedding cakes. They are defiantly trendy and despite their nakedness there is a lot of room for creativity. BUT, are they "practically perfect in every way?" Not necessarily. On Wedding Bee they asked on their board, "Would you go with a Naked Wedding Cake?" and while the votes are on a smaller scale, it is still a good place to start. 23% of voters answered no, citing that they don't like the way the naked cake looks and 5% said no because it wasn't traditional enough. Then, 72% said they LOVED the idea. So when it comes to the appearance of naked cakes, most people seem to like the idea and if that is all you are concerned about, you shouldn't really be concerned about what other people think. Your wedding is about your love and what you believe is beautiful. Here are some other things to consider about the pro's and con's of a naked wedding cake:

1 Non-traditional take on a a Wedding Cake (PRO and CON)

sehr schön mit Früchten beladen aber nur eine Sahneschicht macht die Torte auf dem Teller etwas uninteressant. Depending on your goals or preference, this could be a pro or a con. We here at wedding collectibles lean toward the pro! Wedding traditions are the best, but it is always fun to take a traditional idea and give it a twist.

2 Opportunity for a unique look (PRO)

naked cake with strawberry pink buttercream filling! This is defiantly a pro. Even though naked cakes didn't show up just yesterday, they are still fairly new and their possibilities haven't even come close to reaching their limitations. Naked cakes might work better with some wedding themes over others, but having this as an option really gives you the opportunity to create a wedding cake unique to your vision.

3 Dry Out Easily (CON)

Stunning naked wedding cake with organic edible flowers from Cake made by Photography by Ria Beth Photography. Wedding of the lovely Abiee and Tom Thank you all! Here is a big con. Without the frosting, the naked wedding cake will very likely dry out by the time it is time to eat it. This is where it is important to have a baker that knows how to handle naked cakes and what can be done to prevent this. Now, if you don't really care if the cake is dried out, then I guess this con doesn't really matter. Your wedding guests may not be very happy about it though!

4 Can be less stable (CON)

Naked Wedding Cake - set to be a huge trend for Weddings this year! Again, the frosting plays a role here! Without it you are likely to get crumbs or more falling a part. If you really want a naked cake, make sure to shop around and talk to multiple bakeries that can prevent this common problem!

5 Not at much/ No frosting (CON or PRO)

From classic white cakes, trendy colourful confections, rustic naked cakes to more creative and modern designs, here our our favourite wedding cake trends... Now, if you HATE frosting this is a pro, but if you are a normal human being, then this is definitely another con. Some may even say that a cake without frosting isn't even a cake at all! This con may be fixed by having other deserts alongside your wedding cake that have a little more going on for taste.

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