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Wording and Etiquette for Vow Renewal Invitations

How Wedding and Vow Renewal Invitations Differ

Vow Renewal Invitations

Are you going for round-two with your one-and-only? There are many reasons to be planning for a vow renewal, such as cultural and familial obligations, and your vow renewal invitations differ only slightly from traditional wedding invites. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or planning a bigger to-do than your recent low-key nuptials, the etiquette for vow renewals and vow renewal invitations is relatively similar. When you’re choosing a design for your vow renewal invitations, go nuts! You have a vast selection of wedding invites to choose from, and they’re all appropriate. Remember that the tone and formality of your invites will dictate to your guests how they should dress and the formality they should expect.   The difference, however, between vow renewal invitations and wedding invitations, is in the wording on the invite itself. You are not inviting anyone to your wedding if you are holding a ceremony with someone you are already married to. What you are holding is a vow renewal, and your vow renewal invitations should reflect that. If you use the word “wedding” on your invite, some guests will feel tricked or lied to when they find out you’re already married. Though it’s an issue of semantics, it’s a bit of etiquette you should make sure to address on your vow renewal invitations.
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Designing your Anniversary Party Invitations

Versatility in Design for Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary Party Invitations

Just like wedding invitations, anniversary party invitations are diverse in both style and formality. Depending on the type of affair you’re hosting, you are not limited to just one string of cookie-cutter anniversary party invitations. Your invites will reflect the formality of your event, hopefully. Guests typically use invitations as a litmus test for how they should dress and what they should expect from a party. Make sure you think about this as you select the right anniversary party invitations for your gt-together. Not all anniversary party invitations are created equal – you should put just as much thought into them as you did your wedding invites! While there are specific templates available for anniversary party invitations, such as cards with big embossed numbers on the front (like “50” or “25”), don’t think that you’re limited to anniversary party invitations that are officially designated as such. You’ll find more range and versatility by opening yourself up to the templates and design options for wedding invitations as well. With the right design and a little creativity, all invitations and anniversary party invitations!
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