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Date Ideas to Celebrate Your 1st Anniversary

Your first wedding anniversary is a special one. You are still all extra lovey-dovey, you have made it through the first year of adjustment, and you are looking forward excitedly toward the future. So, how are you going to celebrate? Start the date out by getting ready is separate rooms. Have your sweet husband "pick you up" either at the front door or even at your bedroom door. Sometimes being married means that romance will get shuffled to the side, so it can be fun to encourage the night with the butterflies of anticipation. Romantic Boat Cruise What you go and do, is going to depend on you and your tastes, but I would suggest going out somewhere you either have never been or don't usually go to. This could be an expensive restaurant, something thrilling like rock climbing, renting out a boat and taking the romantic evening out to sea, or a weekend get away. The important thing is to do something that will break routines. Next, something else to make the night special is to fill it with surprises. This goes along with the idea to go do something different and fun, but adds in a sprinkle of gifts. You can do a series of small gifts throughout the night, or you can just give one (it doesn't even have to be expensive). As we discussed earlier this week, the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper. To see ideas of how to get creative with this gift read our blog, "1st Wedding Anniversary Traditions". Wedding Cake End the night by keeping with tradition and share that top layer of your wedding cake. If you looked ahead and saved your top tier for your anniversary, you will surely be rewarded with deliciousness and sentimentality (ie. lovey-dovey-ness). If you didn't save it, try and see if you can get a small cake like your wedding cake by the baker that worked your wedding. Some bakers actually offer making you a cake on your 1st anniversary as a part of your original purchase.  
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1st Wedding Anniversary Traditions

  Wedding Anniversary The Paper Anniversary If you didn't know yet, your first wedding anniversary is also known as the paper anniversary. Wedding anniversaries are known after what gift it is traditional to give your spouse, so the first anniversary is the paper anniversary because it is customary to gift each other with a paper gift. No, this does not mean hand your spouse a piece of printer paper and be done with it! The first year of marriage is considered the adjustment year. You are adjusting to living together, sharing bank accounts, responsibilities, budgets, etc. You may or may not be financially secure. The paper gift plays off of all of this. It may seem limiting, but this is where creativity can blossom...and it can help your better-half who may or may not have a clue what to do! A Few Gift Ideas...
  1. Print and Frame Your Wedding Vows:
    Paper Anniversary It is cute, simple, and cost efficient! This gift works best for couples that wrote their own vows for their wedding day. You can bring out the copies you had and get them reprinted with a more ornate design and frame them in your house. House guests will love seeing them up and it will be a great reminder to you and your children what it is to love.
  2. Create or Buy Paper Jewelry:
    Paper Jewelry This is a great option to give to your wife, but can work great for husbands too with cuff links and tie pins. You could also do key chains, but that may be prone to take on more damage than it can handle. A really great place to find these handmade gifts is on Etsy!
  3. A Nice Journal:
    Paper Anniversary  Gift What better way to mark your first anniversary than with a gift that encourages and allows you to write a history of thoughts, experiences, and the love you have to reminisce over in the years to come? Write in a sweet inscription inside on the front cover to make this gift extra special
  4. A Decorative World Map: 
    Anniversary Gift This can hang in your office or living room as a reminder to adventure together. You can even go so far as to include point pins and mark the spots on the map that you have been together, want to go together, and are in the process of planning to go together. (Blue, Red, Green?).
There really are endless possibilities, but just like with any gift, we encourage you to be creative and to think about what will put a smile on your spouses face.
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Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

 Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

Marriage is a commitment. Whether you see it as death till you part or for time and all eternity, marriage is a commitment of love, loyalty, sacrifice, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. While the wedding day is a huge and special event (as it creates a huge industry of wedding products and services), it is only the beginning. This realization is something many new brides relish in theory. It adds to the lofty romance. However, it creates a different kind of romance for couples that have been married for 15,25, and 50 years. Once you have been together for that long, and have lived that commitment, marriage and the promise of marriage takes a new meaning. Couples should never stop realizing how much they love each other and should never stop celebrating the life they have together. That is why Wedding Collectibles provides beautiful products for not only soon-to-be brides, but also for wedding anniversaries for those couples that are choosing to celebrate their love once again.

50th Pearl Rose Cake Top

Just like for newlyweds, there is a large selection of anniversary wedding cake toppers that can please any celebrating couple. The above is the "50th Pearl Rose Cake Topper" and it helps create that romantic and classy look that easily represents the kind of timeless love a couple of 50 years would recognize.

Crystal Florette Accented Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper - Custom Colors!

Another option for anniversary couples is a monogram or number cake topper. These are simple and very flexible for whatever year mark you would be celebrating. With these cake toppers there is a wide selection of fonts, colors, and decorative accents that will work nicely with any themed party.

Hippie Cake Topper Figurine

For spunky couples it might be more fun to celebrate with a more quirky cake topper that matches your couple personality. This option works great for couples that have been married for several years because the couples personality is more fully developed or has gone through many transformations. Plus, if you are a couple that had a more traditional wedding, a more spunky anniversary party may be a better option. You have been married for so long; You deserve to celebrate in style!

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Wording and Etiquette for Vow Renewal Invitations

How Wedding and Vow Renewal Invitations Differ

Vow Renewal Invitations

Are you going for round-two with your one-and-only? There are many reasons to be planning for a vow renewal, such as cultural and familial obligations, and your vow renewal invitations differ only slightly from traditional wedding invites. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or planning a bigger to-do than your recent low-key nuptials, the etiquette for vow renewals and vow renewal invitations is relatively similar. When you’re choosing a design for your vow renewal invitations, go nuts! You have a vast selection of wedding invites to choose from, and they’re all appropriate. Remember that the tone and formality of your invites will dictate to your guests how they should dress and the formality they should expect.   The difference, however, between vow renewal invitations and wedding invitations, is in the wording on the invite itself. You are not inviting anyone to your wedding if you are holding a ceremony with someone you are already married to. What you are holding is a vow renewal, and your vow renewal invitations should reflect that. If you use the word “wedding” on your invite, some guests will feel tricked or lied to when they find out you’re already married. Though it’s an issue of semantics, it’s a bit of etiquette you should make sure to address on your vow renewal invitations.
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Designing your Anniversary Party Invitations

Versatility in Design for Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary Party Invitations

Just like wedding invitations, anniversary party invitations are diverse in both style and formality. Depending on the type of affair you’re hosting, you are not limited to just one string of cookie-cutter anniversary party invitations. Your invites will reflect the formality of your event, hopefully. Guests typically use invitations as a litmus test for how they should dress and what they should expect from a party. Make sure you think about this as you select the right anniversary party invitations for your gt-together. Not all anniversary party invitations are created equal – you should put just as much thought into them as you did your wedding invites! While there are specific templates available for anniversary party invitations, such as cards with big embossed numbers on the front (like “50” or “25”), don’t think that you’re limited to anniversary party invitations that are officially designated as such. You’ll find more range and versatility by opening yourself up to the templates and design options for wedding invitations as well. With the right design and a little creativity, all invitations and anniversary party invitations!
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Keep Well-Wishes in your Wedding Memory Box

Wedding Memory Box Ideas


Wedding Memory Box

  There are many long-lasting traditions that a couple will implement on their wedding day, but there’s always room for just one more (especially if it’s one that will last for years). A wedding memory box is a memento that more and more brides are using on their wedding day – and for obvious reasons. A wedding memory box is a lot like a guest book in that guests have the opportunity to write bits of wisdom and well-wishes for the couple. But instead of those notes being complied into a venue that the bride and groom will read immediately, the wedding memory box contains the well-wishes on cards that are reserved for future anniversaries.   The wedding memory box has a card for every anniversary from #1 all the way to #50, and it doesn’t have to be used just as a supplement or replacement to a guestbook. A couple could ask their closest friends and family to fill out the cards in the wedding memory box, or the couple themselves could fill the vessel with future hopes for their marriage. The wedding memory box is a great way to remind your future selves of how much support and love began your marriage.
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