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Wording and Etiquette for Vow Renewal Invitations

 Are you going for round-two with your one-and-only? 
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Designing your Anniversary Party Invitations

 Just like wedding invitations, anniversary party invitations are diverse in both style and formality.
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Keep Well-Wishes in your Wedding Memory Box

Wedding Memory Box Ideas


Wedding Memory Box

  There are many long-lasting traditions that a couple will implement on their wedding day, but there’s always room for just one more (especially if it’s one that will last for years). A wedding memory box is a memento that more and more brides are using on their wedding day – and for obvious reasons. A wedding memory box is a lot like a guest book in that guests have the opportunity to write bits of wisdom and well-wishes for the couple. But instead of those notes being complied into a venue that the bride and groom will read immediately, the wedding memory box contains the well-wishes on cards that are reserved for future anniversaries.   The wedding memory box has a card for every anniversary from #1 all the way to #50, and it doesn’t have to be used just as a supplement or replacement to a guestbook. A couple could ask their closest friends and family to fill out the cards in the wedding memory box, or the couple themselves could fill the vessel with future hopes for their marriage. The wedding memory box is a great way to remind your future selves of how much support and love began your marriage.
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