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Using Several Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers in your Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers: Don’t Limit your Creativity

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re crafting a beautiful wedding with a vintage feel, you know already how important the little things are to creating the right look. Vintage doesn’t mean that all of the pieces need to be found in someone’s attic either. For example, the right vintage wedding cake toppers should have the vintage aesthetic (often porcelain, trimmed in gold, plenty of blossoms lining the base), but you don’t need to dig around in antique shops for months to find them. Vintage wedding cake toppers are there to add to the feel of your party. Your guests won’t know the difference, but the few hours (and dollars) you save by finding modern vintage wedding cake toppers can be put toward designing and developing the overall look of your day.   If you love the look of vintage wedding cake toppers, remember that you aren’t limited to just one. Use vintage wedding cake toppers as a part of your centerpieces or on your dessert table. The little pieces are what really make a wonderful and elegant vintage wedding. Plus, an excess of vintage wedding cake toppers means you have just that much more to decorate your new home with! Use your vintage wedding cake toppers as highlights in shadowboxes, or just line them on your mantle!
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Old and New: Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Have it Both Ways with a Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Vintage Wedding Accessory Set

Finding a vintage guest book or set of toasting glasses on your own is a mean feat. The chances of finding a vintage lace garter (that isn’t yellow and crumbling away at the ties) that you can wear to your chic vintage wedding is just as unlikely. So what are you to do? You’ve got the doily centerpieces and upcycled bath tub of ice and refreshments – how will you manage to scrape together a vintage wedding accessory set? Well, the trick is to get one fresh and new. There is a lot of appeal in old things with their own bit of history, but a vintage wedding accessory set is the time to skip authenticity in favor of aesthetics. Find a vintage wedding accessory set that fits the look and feel of your wedding – there’s no need to find every bit of your wedding in the corner of an antique store. A wedding is a combination of “something old” and “something new”; a time to start a new chapter in your life as a unit with your one-and-only. Your guestbook, your flower girl basket, your toasting glasses, your garter – these are all parts of a vintage wedding accessory set that can be purchased fresh and new: symbols of both your love of vintage appeal and the new part of your life. A vintage wedding accessory set can be both!
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