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Choosing a Wedding Cake Topper Base

When designing your wedding cake there is a lot that goes into making it perfect. There is of course the flavor, the size, the frosting type and color, fondant designs, and then the crowning wedding cake topper. With that wedding cake topper there is one more selection that is sometimes forgotten; The Wedding Cake Topper Base. Cake toppers can be paired with a variety of base types, making that crowing element exactly what it is you want. 

The wedding cake topper base is a big choice when designing your wedding cake. What are the choices? Burgundy Antique Silk and Rhinestones DIY Cake Topper BaseJeweled Base: The jeweled base is an ideal choice for a simple, but dazzling addition to your wedding cake topper. You can have the shimmer of jewels be the focus or pair it with material in your wedding color.  Floral Base: A floral base works great with an outdoor, whimsical, or spring wedding (Or if you just like flowers!).  This is probably one of the more common bases that you will find. The flowers on the base could be a printed a, a beaded design, or they could be made of silk or paper. This allows a common type of base to have a variety of unique selections. Lace (or Doily) Base: When you hear the word lace or doily, you may start thinking old fashioned and of your grandma's house. However, in the wedding world, lace (when done right) is a word associated with classic beauty and romance. A lace base would be a perfect addition to a sweet Willow's Tree cake topper, such as "Love's Embrace"Shell Beach DIY Cake Topper BaseThemed Base: Having a themed wedding? Then select a base that coordinates with that wonderfully fun topper you have picked out. For example, if you are having a beach themed wedding then your base should emulate the sand, or perhaps be adorned with beautiful sea shells.  Calla Lily Arch DIY Cake Topper Base Arch Base: A base with an arched design is perfect when you are trying to create a beautiful, elegant, and romantic wedding cake topper. These are best paired with traditional or vintage cake topper set. They can be done in all white, or may include subtle color splashes,in a variety of flower styles. Additionally, these can include beads and jewels, making them the base that is most likely to include it all!
No Base: If you are not planning on using a figurine wedding cake topper, then you probably won't need a topper base. The most common would be if you are putting fresh flowers on your cake. Another would be if you are looking into a monogram cake topper because they are typically designed with a stake to put into your cake. So when deciding on your wedding cake topper, check if  it needs a base or if a base can be used to add that extra flare!    

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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers: What to Choose?

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers It might be seen as a small touch in the grand scheme of wedding decor, but unique wedding cake toppers will make a big impression. Think about it. Those little figurines, monogrammed letters, or love birds, are standing in for you and your groom. Plus, the wedding cake is often a central point of focus during the reception, and that puts a spot light on whatever it is you have displayed on top of that fondant frosting.  Vintage Style Wedding Cake Topper Figurine  So, what is it that you want that cake topper to say? Will it be traditional? A sweet vintage set? A sassy sexy set? One with flowers, doves, lace, or glittering monogrammed letters? Traditional for the Traditional Bride Paper Roses Wedding Cake Topper - Custom Hair Colors! If you have been dreaming of a white wedding with those ruby red roses since you discovered that white fluffy wedding dress in your mother's closet, then a traditional set may be what your heart is set on. Traditional, however, doesn't mean plain Jane. There are a lot of sets that offer customization of hair color and ethnicity. Additionally, there are so many selections of topper bases that can include lace, handmade flowers, flower arches, and a variety of subtle (or not) touches of color.   Sweet, Adorable, and a Little Bit Vintage Are you one of those couples that when people ask how you met or are witness to your googly-eyed gazing, they are swept  away by how adorably in love you are (or gag because they just can't handle your lovey dovey cuteness? If so, you need an adorable cake topper to match. Some suggestions of sugary-sweet toppers are old-time vintage porcelain figurines. These may be the type of figurines that are in your grandmother's fine china cabinet, but when placed on top of a cake at your wedding, you can be sure to get an "awww" and "how precious!"  "I'll Love U 4 EVER" Car Wedding Cake Topper Another gag-me-adorable unique wedding cake topper style would be to find one that is as googly-eyed gazing as you and your groom! Try our almost too cute "A Kiss Above" cake topper, or the just as adorable "I'll Love U 4 EVER" Car Wedding Cake Topper! Sassy and Sexy for a Bride with a Spunky Attitude So, maybe you don't want your unique wedding cake topper to be overtly gushy or perhaps you want to mix it up more than what a traditional cake topper can give you. In that case, why not just GO FOR IT!  "Super Sexy Dancing" Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine There is such a huge variety of unique wedding cake toppers available, that range from the kind your grandparents used, to those that might make a conservative bride blush. Or if you want to stay away from the super sexy and just go for something fun and spunky, try looking into something like our Gone Fishing Mix & Match Cake Toppers, and guarantee some playful conversations and laughs at the reception.  Unique Wedding Cake Toppers truly are that one piece of wedding decor that make a decided statement about you and your wedding. And most importantly, all that matters is what you want.  Will you be traditional, sweet, or a little more on the sassy side?
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The Proud Pumpkin: A Wedding’s Most Versatile Vegetable

It’s hard to find a way around pumpkin in autumn, no matter how unseasonable the weather gets. I wait for weeks with bated breath for pumpkin spice lattes to hit the shelves no matter how much it still feels like summer, and nothing puts a smile on my face faster than a trip to my neighborhood pumpkin patch. The orange gourd’s versatility makes them great decorating tools, and there aren’t many of my favorite dishes that can’t be improved with a little pumpkin spicing. So, for your impending autumn wedding, you might want to use pumpkins…

To Welcome your Guests This is a bit of décor that scales up or down on the difficulty scale depending on the amount of energy you want to dedicate to finding and carving the perfect set of pumpkins. Set up a pumpkin(s) to spell out a personal welcome message for your guests as they arrive to your ceremony/reception. If your wedding falls around dusk, think about setting up the pumpkins at the ceremony space and having them transported to your reception venue with a candle or candles to add a little after-sunset illumination. If you want something that will last a little longer (and you aren’t so confident concerning your carving abilities), some craft stores (such as Michael’s) offer imitation pumpkins with personalized messages. To Imbibe Make pumpkin patches a little more adult-friendly by adding a little orange to your signature cocktails. The subtle nod of the cocktail allows you a more grown-up take on the familiar flavor, while the more conspicuous decorative additions, such as candy corn or black licorice, help take these cocktails to the next level around Halloween. Think about including such famous delicious brews as “Pumpkin Spice” or the “Pumpkin Margarita,” or you can ask your bartender what his or her favorite pumpkin delights are around this glorious season.

To Show Guests to Their Seats Though mini pumpkins are often ignored at pumpkin patches by excited and optimistic youth, decoration gurus know how indispensable the mini gourd can be for holiday displays. If you aren’t a florist, building your own overfilled cornucopia or elaborate centerpiece might be a bit of a challenge. I recommend using mini pumpkins as place cards instead, either at each place setting for a small affair or at an escort card table. The mini pumpkins double as take-home favors when you hollow them out and fill them with goodies. Attach hand-written or hand-stamped cards to the stem of the pumpkin with twine to add a little touch of autumn authenticity to your event tables.

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