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Unexpected Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for their attendance, though finding something that hasn’t graced a thousand other rented lavender table linens can be tough. What sort of wedding favors will guests actually USE after the reception, and what can you guarantee won’t be tossed into a drawer and forgotten about after the drive home? If you’re going to shell out a few extra hundred bucks on something special for your guests, how can you be sure it’s something they’ll enjoy? Here are a few ways to create memorable wedding favors for your guests:   Edible Favors
This doesn’t just mean another bag of bulk chocolate peanuts – try something a little different for your reception. Did you and your fiancé split a bag of Hershey’s Kisses on your first date? Fill an elegant paper bag with these romantic sweeties and be sure to print up an explanation for their existence on the side. Your guests will love the sentiment, and who doesn’t love Kisses?
This is also a great option if you want to make something special for your guests. Many couples choose to jar their own homemade jam or package mom’s winning chocolate chip cookies. Mix delicious with meaningful for favors that will whet your guests’ appetites.
Useful Favors
It’s not that symbolic wedding favors are terrible  – it’s just that you might be left with ten or twenty unclaimed boxes from couples who can’t bring themselves to shelve another knick knack. Instead of landing your guests with something they’ll have to keep on their mantle, try something new – something useful. Tea infusers, honey pot wands – they don’t have to match mini fridges or hedge trimmers in practicality, but they should be something that has a purpose other than “taking up space.” Wacky Favors
These favors are great for events that are little more casual (or at least informal). Your guests don’t need to go home with gold wristwatches for your generosity to be appreciated, so think about doing something a little unexpected. This is a great time to hand out fun props on the dance floor, bubbles and sparklers for the big exit, or even water guns. Again, this is not something I would try to pull off in a grand painted ballroom, but might be better suited for a laid-back park reception. The pictures will be wonderful, and you can be sure that your guests won’t forget about your favors!

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