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Pairing Desserts with Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Finding the Right Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Summer Wedding Cake Toppers

Summer is here and it's in full swing! It's no wonder that this season is the most popular for weddings; it's warm, beautiful, and everyone is prepared to cash in vacation time. What you need to crown your perfect summer wedding are a few summer wedding cake toppers. Summer wedding cake toppers differ from your traditional cake toppers in a few ways. You might find some summer wedding cake toppers that feature the happy couple in some warm weather-friendly wear (if your wedding is outside, I can only hope you're not putting your groom in a stuffy suit). You may decide that tropical summer wedding cake toppers are more your style (picture starfish, seashells, and everything in between). Or you might find that the summer wedding cake toppers that really fit the bill are ones that follow a light, fun summer wedding color scheme. You can't go wrong with your selection of summer wedding cake toppers, and don't feel like you have to conform to traditional wedding cake for your warm weather event either. Many couple like to pair their summer wedding cake toppers with lighter refreshments for their guests. Have your summer wedding cake toppers crown a table filled with light pastries: think canoles, sweet bread, or even ice cream! No one will say no to an orange dreamsicle or fudge pop on a hot summer day, especially if they don't have to miss out on some beautiful summer wedding cake toppers!
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