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Eco Friendly Wedding Guestbooks

Spring and summer weddings are great for embodying renewal, exuberance, and passion and one thing you may be passionate about that will add to this embodiment is using environmentally friendly materials in your daily life (and now your wedding). There are a lot of things you can do to create an Eco friendly wedding, but one small place you can start is with that paper filled guestbook that may one day sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere in your home.

For a Spring Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding Collectibles - Tiger Lily Bouquet Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Spring time is one season that people tend to be more aware of their environment: We see trees regrowing, flowers blossoming, and there is just that vibe in the air that tells that everything is new. Not only is this a great concept to have alongside a wedding where you are entering excitedly into a new life as a married woman, but it also openly invites an Eco friendly wedding focus. Additionally, you will find a lot of Eco friendly products featuring floral or earthy tones that tend to fit best with a spring wedding.

Peach Rose Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Floral Eco friendly guestbooks and pens like the one featured above will help you help the environment and create that blossoming wedding of your dreams

If you are looking for a more summery look or a beach theme Wedding Collectibles also has beach themed Eco friendly guestbooks and pens! Hawaiian Beach Ocean Themed Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook   The above wonderfully unique beach themed and Eco friendly guest book is perfect for a summer beach themed wedding. The natural Thai mulberry (Saa) paper coloring is even reminiscent of those soft sandy shores.

Beach Palm Tree Natural Paper Wedding Pen- Yellow

And to top off that beachy and Eco friendly look, you can include a handmade palm tree pen made out of the same Eco friendly products as your guestbook. You could even include these cute palm tree pens as part of your wedding favors!

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Compiling a Breezy Summer Wedding Guestbook

Planning for a Summer Wedding Guestbook

Summer Wedding Guestbook

The summer wedding season is almost upon us, which means all of you eager summer brides and searching for just the right touches and accessories to make your affair stylish and memorable. One important piece of décor that is often forgot until the last minute is the summer wedding guestbook. While summer weddings are often just as formal and elegant as their other seasonal counterparts, there is an air of something more casual during the warmer moths. Sleeves are rolled up, feet are dipped into the fountain, and ice cream melts a little faster in the hands of eager ring bearers. You should definitively find a summer wedding guestbook that mirrors the whimsy of the season. A summer wedding guestbook should have the capacity for an abundance of guests who are using their summer vacation time, but should also match the look and feel of your event. Seashells and neutral tones are popular for a summer wedding guestbook, but really, anything goes. During the warmer months, some brides opt out of the summer wedding guestbook all together and use guestbook canvas or signing stones – something different, but still simple and charming. For outdoor weddings and afternoon engagements, avoid heavy colors and fabrics such as black velvet or satin. You want to keep things light and fun with your summer wedding guestbook!
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