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Wedding Survival Kit and Plan for Wedding Emergencies

Green Wedding Shoes Blog With so many pieces and players involved in a wedding, there are bound to be a few mishaps. Never fear! There's a wedding survival kit and plan to prepare for the "oops", "oh no", and "I forgot" wedding emergencies. Here's what you do:

First: Mental Preparation

The first thing you need isn't the wedding survival kit. You will want that, but first you have to  accept that in all likelihood something will go wrong. It could be something small; like a groomsmen might wear the wrong colored socks. Or it could be something big; like the caterer mistook your order and instead of bringing enough food for 500 people, they bring enough for 50. Either way, if you accept it now, even if it is stressful, it won't completely ruin your day. Though, a catering mishap like that would be completely understandable to freak out over!

Next: Make a list

Your Bridal Party is your first Wedding Survival Kit Delegate! I know some brides don't want to let go of the control, but it's in your best interest if you do. Take an evening with your groom and make a list of all the things you are most worried about. What do you think is going to go wrong? Then pick a person for each worry and put them in charge of making sure that it won't happen. Your bridal party members are perfect for this! However, if your big worry is that the best man will forget to pick up grammy from the airport, maybe assign someone else to remind him or to just take over that task for him!

Then: Make a contingency plan for the major details

This is along the same lines as number two, but with a focus on the BIG things and not so much on the little details. For example, if the catering mishap described at the beginning of the blog did happen, what would be your back up plan? Take a look at the biggest part of the wedding - your venue, caterer, photographer, entire floral delivery - and decide on back ups if they should somehow fall through.

Finally: Bring a Wedding Survival Kit

Now this is one that you can just buy, pack in your bag, and then just know you are covered! Get a "Personalized Vintage Clutch" survival kit here with emergency items, such as bobby pins and a sewing kit. Then, if anything should happen to your hair, your dress, your mother's dress - you know you got it covered! There are even some for the groom!

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Stress free wedding

It may be easier said than done but you need to avoid stress at all costs on your wedding. You cannot control everything. So it is better to let things take its own course. The best you can do is to pre plan as much as possible. Make sure that you have started planning for your wedding at least three to four months before hand. You must jot down every small detail in pen and paper. Make sure you have a checklist ready and you tick off the items that you complete. Choose your vendors wisely and have all the agreement in writing. Brief them about what you want before hand. Avoid making any last minute changes. You can even call up the vendors a week before your wedding to make sure that everything is fine. Keep reliable attendants to take care of the arrangements at your wedding. Divide the tasks before hand and give them a checklist they can follow. This way, you will not have to bother about the intricate details. Do not skip food on your wedding day. That is the biggest mistake you can commit. Empty stomach stresses you more. Above all stay happy as that is something that should come naturally to you on that day.
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