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The Versatility and Class of Candle Party Favors

Stock up on these Candle Party Favors

Candle Party Favors

  Favors aren’t just for weddings; they’re a lovely addition to any elegant party, and they’re a wonderful way to thank your guests for their attendance. If you’re hosting any sort of get-together where favors would be a welcome and appropriate table addition (think showers, both bridal and baby, dinner parties, and engagement brunches), consider finding just the right candle party favors. Unlike many other favors, candle party favors have a hint of both practicality and style. More practical than other trinkets and a bit more elegant than most practical gifts, candle party favors will find a welcome home from almost any guest. Candle party favors are wonderful also because they don’t provide for a weighty burden if some guests leave them behind. Unlike some other small gifts, a stockpile of candle party favors are always useful! Candle party favors work for any age or gender makeup, which is especially helpful if you’re hosting a diverse group of friends any family. Unlike alcohol or other gifts that fit specific niches, candle party favors work for everyone! Candle party favors aren’t restricted to just wax and wick, either. Everyone loves a decorative holder or snuff in their candle party favors.
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Send Guests Home Grinning with Baby Shower Favors

Baby Shower Favors for an Elegant Party

Baby Shower Favors

A baby shower can be a great time for the friends and family of the expecting to gather together to dote on the unborn. With party games and activities that range from guessing the circumference of the mother to licking melted chocolate out of a diaper, a baby shower is an affair that can use all of the classing up it can get.
A great way to up the elegance of an event is to distribute baby shower favors. The right baby shower favors can make guests feel more like they’re at a classy party and less like they’re at a backyard barbecue. Baby shower favors lean on the side of unique in that they usually keep with the baby theme, but you don’t necessarily need to stick to the theme religiously. Baby shower favors are adorable when they’re egg timers (“Counting down until the baby comes!”) or teapots (“A baby is brewing!”), but a collection of votive candles or delicate soaps will always be appreciated. Also, don’t discount the allure of edible baby shower favors (but maybe skip sticking them in take-home diapers). Baby shower favors give your event the chance to shine!
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