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Diversity and Freedom: Mix and Match Cake Toppers

Mix and Match Cake Toppers Offer a Wider Range of Options

Mix and Match Cake Toppers

The problem with the traditional set of bride-and-groom cake toppers is that they rarely allow for a mix or clash of styles and diversity. Enter mix and match cake toppers. Mix and match cake toppers allow you to swap styles and outfits, accessories and themes, and skin tones and genders. Mix and match cake toppers are ideal for the gay or lesbian couple frustrated by the lack of same-sex options in the cake topper world, and/or an interracial couple who want more than the standard “ambiguous race” bride and groom on top of their cake.   Mix and match cake toppers are especially helpful for the bride and groom who want to showcase their various interests and hobbies on their wedding day without wearing a giant foam finger down the aisle. If you’re a big football fan and he’s not, nothing highlights that quirky disconnect better than a singular football swag-decked bride cheering in glee as the groom character plays on his cell phone behind her. Mix and match cake toppers let you swap styles, genders, hobbies, and accessories and give you a much wider range of options as you’re hunting down the perfect topper. Mix and match cake toppers fit any occasion, from weddings to vow renewals to anniversaries, and they give you the diversity and freedom you can’t always find in the world of static cake toppers.
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