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Kitchen Wedding Favors: Useful and Fun

Guests Are Sure to Love Kitchen Wedding Favors

Kitchen Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are always an appreciated gesture at a reception. Along with a meal, dancing (and maybe an open bar), nothing says "thank you for attending" quite like a simple and elegant keepsake for your guests. The trouble is: what will guests be sure to use and enjoy? You wouldn't want to sink all of your extra money into a trinket that collects dust on a shadowed shelf for the next twenty years. How can you be sure to find a wedding favor that your guests will USE?   Consider purchasing kitchen wedding favors. Kitchen wedding favors are anything that will become a staple in your guests' kitchens. Kitchen wedding favors can be spatulas, salt and pepper shakers, honey pots, or anything else that will find itself being used repeatedly for as long as your guests continue to have kitchens. Kitchen wedding favors can also find their way out into the dining room as  little serving trays - such as olive-spreading kits. Your guests will love and use their kitchen wedding favors long after your wedding day, and you can be sure that no kitchen wedding favors will be left behind or forgotten on vacated reception tables.
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