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A Vacation of a Lifetime with Honeymoon Travel Gear

Honeymoon Travel Gear: Style and Practicality

Honeymoon Travel Gear

A "must" for every couple's post-wedding vacation is sweet honeymoon travel gear. Whether you're a friend or family member looking to purchase a unique and practical gift, or you're the happy couple looking for a way to distinguish yourselves from the baggage claim to the poolside, honeymoon travel gear is the way to go. Honeymoon travel gear is anything that sets you apart as newlyweds. You've just gotten married, why WOULDN'T you want to show off a little? Flaunt your honeymoon travel gear as a matching set of swimwear, passport covers, luggage tags, or anything else you can slap a "Mrs." and "Mr." (Or "Mr."/"Mr." or "Mrs."/"Mrs.") on. Honeymoon travel gear is also great for quick identification if something is lost or stolen. Too many couple start out with generic travel accessories and never see them again! Know that your gift (or smart purchase) will be worth more than aesthetics when you find distinguished honeymoon travel gear.   And who's to say the concierge won't see your honeymoon travel gear and know you deserve an upgrade upon check in! Anything is possible on the right vacation and with the right honeymoon travel gear!
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Honeymoon destination

Maui and Hawaii are the most popular island destination in US, according to surveys. You can choose them for your honeymoon destination. Maui is often called the "Valley Isle" as it is located between two volcanoes. The island is a popular choice among honeymooners. The weather is pleasant all the year round. It is better to book it with a local travel agent or online. You can stay on the either side of the island. The western side has most of the resorts locate there. The eastern side is quieter. And you can see rainforests and waterfalls. You can visit the historic town of Lahaina. You can swim and snorkel at Wailea beach. You can also opt for whale watching or join a fishing cruise. Evenings can be left to enjoy the river cruise and dinner and music. It is a perfect romantic setting for the honeymooners. After coming back to the island you can either relax in the open air bars or watch a fire dance. If you are fond of art, then you can visit the art galleries and buy something for home. You will also find souvenirs that you might want to get for friends or familiers.
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