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How can you make your wedding day accessories special?

Wedding accessories become special if they suit your style and reflect your attitude - be it romantic, whimsical, simple, elegant, or funny. It is equally important that the selection jells well with the overall décor of your reception venue. In essence, you need to have something worth showing that gives an idea of your identity. For example, if you have made up your mind to go green on your wedding day, you may opt for a suitable nature-friendly theme. As a result, the whole wedding day celebration will get an environmentally friendly touch that your guests would sure appreciate. We recommend to you lovely pink rose natural paper wedding place cards. This is a truly beautiful and equally functional item because of its environmentally friendly nature. The place cards made from handmade natural, quality Thai mulberry (Saa) paper are deftly embellished with little pink roses. These will help you make an apt and elegant eco friendly statement on your reception and make it even more memorable. These cards come in a set of 12. Another item worth considering is Magnolia natural paper place cards for your wedding reception. These are also friendly towards nature. As the name suggest, they are embellished with cute magnolias. These also come in a set of 12. The above mentioned accessories pass a perfect message to your friends and relatives so that they become caring towards nature even while soaking in the wedding celebrations.
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