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A Wedding Cake Topper For EVERY Couple

A Wedding Cake Topper For Every Couple
Not every bride and groom come have the same tastes, the same interests, or come from the same background, so not every cake topper should look the same. Wedding Collectibles attempts to provide unique and individualized cake toppers that can give any couple a variety of choices no matter the difference in sexuality, ethnicity, or religion.  Crystal Romance Gay Wedding Cake TopperA Cake Topper for Same Sex Couples: Times are changing and more and more same sex couples are able to and are choosing to get married. Wedding Collectibles wants to help these couples to celebrate their big day by offering a wide selection of romantic same sex couple wedding cake toppers. We have both gay and lesbian couple cake toppers ranging from more traditionally styled and a mix and max selection
True Romance Couple Figurine -Dark Skin Tone One for Any Ethnicity: A majority of cake toppers only offer the variance of hair colors and many won't even offer that, so what do you do if you don't match that "mainstreamed" wedding cake topper look? Take a look at our mix and match cake toppers and our ethnic wedding cake toppers. You have a choice of all the various styles of cake toppers while also being able to find that little figuring that you feel best represents who you are.
Ty Wilson Hispanic Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper FigurineAnd One For Any Religion: If you are highly religious you may want to try and find a wedding cake topper the features that faith. The cake topper represented above includes a small rosary that adds a subtle and beautiful emphasis on the couple's Catholic religion. Adding an emphasis on a religion that is a part of your every day life would be a perfect touch to your big day!
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Variety and Style: Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers for Your Special Day!

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

As gay marriage becomes less and less of a hot-button issue and more and more a socially accepted union, wedding vendors are becoming increasingly accommodating. Gay wedding cake toppers are joining the ranks of increased variety among vendors, instead of couples relying on the old methods (buying two toppers and hot gluing the brides or grooms on the same stand). Brides or grooms for gay wedding cake toppers can still be purchased in a mix-and-match fashion, but gay and lesbian couples sharing warm embraces on their own gay wedding cake toppers isn’t so hard to find anymore. The fashions of gay wedding cake toppers are becoming more varied as well. If you’re not really a “poofy white dress” bride, but your future wife is, gay wedding cake toppers often feature a pant-suited bride embracing her more dolled-up partner (and every variation of such, including casual brides and dressed-up brides). There’s also good news for the men of gay wedding cake toppers: you don’t have to look like clones on your wedding day! Gay wedding cake toppers come in the same mix-and-match styles of their lesbian counterparts, featuring different suit cuts and tuxedos.
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